Peter S Bayler

     Peter S Bayler married Sophia Elizabeth Vreeland, daughter of Nicholas S Vreeland and Ellen Jane Van Ripen, on 6 October 1875.
     Name variation: Peter Sowers.

Jonathan Bayles

     Jonathan Bayles married Nancy Storm, daughter of Nicholas Storm and Helena Davids.
     Jonathan Bayles and Nancy Storm were Type: Children at least two.

Asel Bayless


Child of Asel Bayless

  • Samuel Bayless

Elizabeth Bayless

F, b. 22 April 1781, d. 21 December 1832
FatherSamuel Bayless b. 1736, d. 1808
MotherElizabeth b. 1739, d. 1808
     Elizabeth Bayless was born on 22 April 1781. She married Gershom Silver, son of Benjamin Silver and Euphemia Smith, on 29 January 1803. Elizabeth Bayless died on 21 December 1832 at age 51.
     Married name: Silver.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Bayless and Gershom Silver

Samuel Bayless

M, b. 1736, d. 1808
FatherSamuel Bayless b. b 1706, d. 1779
MotherPhoebe Platt b. 1710, d. 4 Oct 1755
     Samuel Bayless was born in 1736. He married Elizabeth on 22 April 1754. Samuel Bayless died in 1808.

Child of Samuel Bayless and Elizabeth

Samuel Bayless

M, b. before 1706, d. 1779
     Samuel Bayless was born before 1706. He married Phoebe Platt, daughter of Jonas Platt, on 11 January 1731. Samuel Bayless married Abigail Concklin on 1 May 1757. Samuel Bayless died in 1779.
     Samuel descends from a Dr. Baylas, who was from a Norman family in France.

Child of Samuel Bayless and Phoebe Platt

John Bayley

     John Bayley married Mary Backus, daughter of William Backus and Sarah Charles.

John Bayley


Sarah Bayley?

     Sarah Bayley? married John Lake, son of John Lake and Martinah.
     Married name: Lake.

Hannah Baylis

F, b. circa 1640, d. circa 1730
     Hannah Baylis married Edward Earle Sr. Hannah Baylis was born circa 1640 at England. She died circa 1730 at Secaucus, NJ.
     Married name: Earle.

Child of Hannah Baylis and Edward Earle Sr.

Rebeca Baylis

     Rebeca Baylis married Nicholas Stilwell.
     Married name: Stilwell.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebeca Baylis and Nicholas Stilwell

Agnes Bayrstow

F, b. August 1557
     Agnes Bayrstow married William Lome, son of John Lome. Agnes Bayrstow was born in August 1557 at England.
     Married name: Lome.

Child of Agnes Bayrstow and William Lome

Marie Francoise Bazin

     Marie Francoise Bazin married Joseph LaCasse, son of Antoine Casse and Francoise Pilois, on 27 June 1691 at Lauzon, Levis, Quebec, Canada.
     Married name: LaCasse.

Child of Marie Francoise Bazin and Joseph LaCasse


     Beach married Griffith, daughter of David Griffith and Sara Kool.

Anna Beach

     Anna Beach married John Axford.
     Married name: Axford. Anna Beach lived before 1725 at Bucks County, PA.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anna Beach and John Axford

Ashbel Beach

     Ashbel Beach married Anna Bellamy, daughter of Samuel Bellamy and Mary Jones, on 13 November 1783.

Bessie Beach

     Bessie Beach married Levi Hasbrouck, son of George Hasbrouck and Maria Jensen.
     Married name: Hasbrouck.

Esther Beach


Child of Esther Beach and Jabez Bradley

Florence Beach

F, b. 13 October 1911
FatherWilkes Beach
MotherElizabeth M Galloway b. 29 May 1866
     Florence Beach married John Stiebig. Florence Beach married Charles Yates. Florence Beach was born on 13 October 1911.
     Married name: Yates. Married name: Stiebig.

John Beach

     John Beach married Susan Eveline Armstrong, daughter of Thomas Armstrong and Martha Britton.
     Name variation: Dr.

John Beach

     John Beach was born at Hanover, NJ. He married Elizabeth Courter, daughter of Elias Coerten and Unknown.

Mary Ann Beach

     Mary Ann Beach married William C. Courter, son of John Edwards Courter and Elizabeth Cook.
     Married name: Courter.

Rachel Beach

F, b. 29 January 1818, d. 6 March 1887
     Rachel Beach married Cornelius Delos Vreeland, son of Michael C Vreeland and Dolly Snyder. Rachel Beach was born on 29 January 1818. She died on 6 March 1887 at age 69. She was buried on 9 March 1887 at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, NJ.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Beach and Cornelius Delos Vreeland

Susan J Beach

F, b. 8 August 1816, d. 29 May 1893
     Susan J Beach married Archibald H Foster. Susan J Beach was born on 8 August 1816. She died on 29 May 1893 at age 76. She was buried in June 1893 at Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, Essex County, NJ, (Lot 48, Sec. M).
     Married name: Foster.

Child of Susan J Beach and Archibald H Foster

Wilkes Beach

     Wilkes Beach married Elizabeth M Galloway, daughter of Silas Galloway and Margaret Raymond.

Child of Wilkes Beach and Elizabeth M Galloway

Mary Ann Beakes

F, b. 1775, d. 7 February 1849
     Mary Ann Beakes married William Murray. Mary Ann Beakes was buried at Minisink Cemetery, Minisink, NY. She was born in 1775. She died on 7 February 1849.
     Married name: Murray.

Child of Mary Ann Beakes and William Murray

Hannah Beal

F, d. 20 January 1786
FatherThomas Beal
     Hannah Beal married William Holden, son of Samuel Holden and Susanna Shattuck. Hannah Beal died on 20 January 1786.
     Married name: Holden.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hannah Beal and William Holden

Lazarus Beal

     Lazarus Beal married Susanna Eaton.

Martha Beal

F, b. 2 August 1646
FatherNathaniel Beal
     Martha Beal was baptized on 2 August 1646 at Hingham, MA. She married John Chubbuck, son of Thomas Chubbuck and Alice, in December 1688? Martha Beal married Samuel Stodder on 12 January 1698/99.
     Married name: Stodder. Married name: Chubbuck.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Martha Beal and John Chubbuck

  • Thomas Chubbuck
  • John Chubbuck
  • Jonathan Chubbuck
  • Nathaniel Chubbuck
  • Martha Chubbuck b. 31 Jan 1669/70, d. 30 Jan 1698/99
  • Alice Chubbuck b. 14 Dec 1671, d. 9 Jul 1745

Nathaniel Beal

     Nathaniel Beal married Martha.

Child of Nathaniel Beal and Martha