Lora Burt

F, b. 6 August 1901
     Lora Burt was born on 6 August 1901. She married Alfred Merle Palmer, son of William Orson Palmer and Linnie May Fisher, on 16 December 1921.
     Married name: Palmer.

Phoebe Burt

     Phoebe Burt married Charles S McDonald, son of Benjamin McDonald and Eleanor Duncan.
     Married name: McDonald.

Sarah Burt

     Sarah Burt married Benjamin Edsall.
     Married name: Edsall.

Child of Sarah Burt and Benjamin Edsall

Elizabeth Sigourney Burtham

     Elizabeth Sigourney Burtham married DeWitt Clinton, son of Dr. Alexander Clinton and Adeline Arden Hamilton.
     Married name: Clinton. Name variation: Elizabeth Bentham.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Sigourney Burtham and DeWitt Clinton

  • DeWitt Clinton
  • Roland B Clinton

Mary Burtis

     Mary Burtis married Peter Burdette, son of Peter Burdette and Rachel Bush, in 1802 at New York City, NY.
     Married name: Burdette.

Child of Mary Burtis and Peter Burdette

Annie Burton

     Annie Burton married David Laird, son of James Laird and Mary Patullo.
     Married name: Laird.

Charles Pierce Burton

     Charles Pierce Burton married Cora Lena Vreeland, daughter of Jacob Edwin Vreeland and Anna C L Barnes, on 25 May 1887.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Charles Pierce Burton and Cora Lena Vreeland

  • Lawrence Vreeland Burton b. 15 Apr 1889
  • Alice Gertrude Burton b. 24 May 1891
  • Malcolm Burton b. 23 Apr 1896

Fred Burton

M, b. 25 October 1919, d. 2003
FatherJoseph Burton b. 5 Oct 1889, d. 1935
MotherElizabeth Ann Hunt b. 29 May 1883, d. 1950
     Fred Burton was born on 25 October 1919 at Heath St Winston. He died in 2003 at Melbourne, Australia.

George Burton

     George Burton married Mary Orange at Manchester, England.

Child of George Burton and Mary Orange

Joseph Burton

M, b. 3 April 1817, d. 1897
FatherGeorge Burton
MotherMary Orange
     Joseph Burton married Ann Court. Joseph Burton was born on 3 April 1817 at Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1897 at Batavia, IL.

Child of Joseph Burton and Ann Court

Joseph Burton

M, b. 5 October 1889, d. 1935
     Joseph Burton was born on 5 October 1889 at St. Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England. He married Elizabeth Ann Hunt, daughter of Thomas Dyke and Lydia Elizabeth Banner, in 1915. Joseph Burton died in 1935.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Joseph Burton and Elizabeth Ann Hunt

Judson Burton


Child of Judson Burton and Eunice Lewis

Len Burton

     Len Burton married Suanne Galbraith, daughter of Edmund William Galbraith and Grace Bullen Harris.

Lois Maltby Burton

F, b. 24 July 1897
FatherThomas Henry Burton b. 14 Aug 1854, d. 13 Jun 1945
MotherLena Grace Maltby b. 8 Sep 1869, d. 16 Jan 1955
     Lois Maltby Burton was born on 24 July 1897 at Batavia, IL. She married Bird Spencer Newman, son of Howard Harvey Newman and Florence May Hagerman, on 2 February 1918 at Anniston, AL.
     Married name: Newman.

Child of Lois Maltby Burton and Bird Spencer Newman

Rose Burton

F, b. 27 February 1916, d. 1996
FatherJoseph Burton b. 5 Oct 1889, d. 1935
MotherElizabeth Ann Hunt b. 29 May 1883, d. 1950
     Rose Burton was born on 27 February 1916 at Worcestershire, England. She married Eric Wilfred Holmes on 16 April 1938. Rose Burton died in 1996.
     Name variation: Rose Holmes.

Child of Rose Burton and Eric Wilfred Holmes

Ruth Burton

FatherJudson Burton
MotherEunice Lewis
     Ruth Burton married Josiah Hawley, son of Nathaniel Hawley and Mary Ufford, on 20 April 1759.
     Married name: Hawley.

Thomas Henry Burton

M, b. 14 August 1854, d. 13 June 1945
FatherJoseph Burton b. 3 Apr 1817, d. 1897
MotherAnn Court
     Thomas Henry Burton was born on 14 August 1854 at Batavia, IL. He married Lena Grace Maltby, daughter of Albert Alexander Maltby and Amelia Estella Walworth, on 17 June 1894 at Pulaski, NY. Thomas Henry Burton died on 13 June 1945 at Bellows Falls, VT, at age 90.

Child of Thomas Henry Burton and Lena Grace Maltby

Ezra Burvee

     Ezra Burvee married Sarepta Davis, daughter of Joseph Davis and Elizabeth Hallock, on 30 January 1843 at Norway, Herkimer County, NY.

Charles Newton Burwell

M, b. 20 September 1892
     Charles Newton Burwell was born on 20 September 1892. He married Ida Maria Harding, daughter of Alva Harding and Jeannette Amelia Davis, on 13 October 1917.

Mary Eliza Burwell

FatherRobert J Burwell
     Mary Eliza Burwell married Daniel Niles Freeland, son of David Stansbury Freeland and Hannah Niles Millar, on 21 September 1848 at Rahway, NJ.
     Married name: Freeland. Name variation: Mary E Borweld.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Eliza Burwell and Daniel Niles Freeland

Robert J Burwell


Child of Robert J Burwell

John Busby

     John Busby married Rachel Stagg, daughter of Richard Stagg and Sara Ackerman, on 21 April 1832 at Dutch Reformed Church, Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ.

Edward William Busch

M, b. 21 July 1902, d. 21 April 1904
FatherPhilip John Busch b. 1 Sep 1881, d. 10 May 1953
MotherMaria Theresa Lorch b. 11 Sep 1882, d. 11 Mar 1957
     Edward William Busch was born on 21 July 1902 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. He died on 21 April 1904 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, at age 1.

Ethel Mae Busch

F, b. 11 December 1906, d. 29 July 1946
FatherPhilip John Busch b. 1 Sep 1881, d. 10 May 1953
MotherMaria Theresa Lorch b. 11 Sep 1882, d. 11 Mar 1957
     Ethel Mae Busch was born on 11 December 1906 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. She married John Clarence Emerson, son of Clarence John Emerson and Sarah Lutitia Willis, on 23 November 1927 at Lynbrook, Nassau County, NY. Ethel Mae Busch died on 29 July 1946 at East Rockaway, Nassau County, NY, at age 39. She was buried on 1 August 1946 at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead, Nassau County, NY.
     Married name: Emerson.

Hendric Busch

M, d. 1877
     Hendric Busch was born at Seneca, NY. He married Elizabeth DeWitt. Hendric Busch died in 1877 at Rose, MI.
     Wawarsing Ch. Rec.
The children may actually be siblings of Hendrick based on birth dates (JBIII).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hendric Busch and Elizabeth DeWitt

  • Maria Busch b. 3 Dec 1797
  • Hendrick Busch b. 13 Dec 1798
  • Catrina Busch b. 11 Oct 1801

John A Busch

     John A Busch married Caroline K Utz.

Child of John A Busch and Caroline K Utz

Philip John Busch

M, b. 1 September 1881, d. 10 May 1953
FatherJohn A Busch
MotherCaroline K Utz
     Philip John Busch was buried at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead, Nassau County, NY. He was born on 1 September 1881 at 96 Willett St., New York City, NY. He married Maria Theresa Lorch, daughter of John Henry Lorch and Mary Cecelia Herrmann, on 22 January 1902 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. Philip John Busch died on 10 May 1953 at age 71.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Philip John Busch and Maria Theresa Lorch


     Bush married Jannetje Vreeland, daughter of Johannis E Vreeland and Antje Van Blercum.

Aaron Bush

M, b. circa 1760
FatherHendrick Bush Jr.
MotherDina Kierstead b. 8 May 1731
     Aaron Bush was born circa 1760. He married Elizabeth Cadmus on 15 June 1784. Aaron Bush married Cynthia Mowersie, daughter of Jacob Mowersie and Margaret Kiersted, on 9 June 1792 at Acquackanonk Dutch Reformed Church, Passaic County, NJ.
     Aaron Bush lived at Fairfield, NJ.

Aaron Bush

M, b. circa 1778
FatherRichard Bush b. bt 7 Feb 1756 - 17 Feb 1756, d. bt 1815 - 1820
MotherAnn Stagg b. 17 Aug 1758
     Aaron Bush married Priscilla Outwater. Aaron Bush was born circa 1778.