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Bergen County Diaries and Diarists

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GSBC General Meeting Recap (Updated January 2015)

On 26 November 2012, Maria Hopper, CG, gave a talk about "Bergen County Diaries and their Diarists." Apart from being treasure troves of information on the writer, diaries can also provide details on community, events, family, neighbors, schoolmates — everyone and everything that touched the diarists' lives. Following are some online resources for viewing some of the diaries covered in her talk.

Bergen County Diaries Online

Martha Ann Zabriskie’s and Charity Ackerman's Memorandum Book
A transcription of Martha Ann Zabriskie's and Charity Ackerman's memorandum books were published in The Archivist, in the following issues:

Archivist Publication Years 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
Martha Ann Zabriskie
(writing 1829-1838) and

Adaline Zabriskie Esler
(writing 1838-1841)
1829-1834  1834-1838  1838-1841 1841-1844 1845-1849  —
Charity Ackerman  — 1836-1838 1838-1841

Introduction to the Diarists
The following PDF contains only the introductions to the diarists and biographical information about Martha Ann Zabriskie, Charity Ackerman, Martha Ferdon, Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) Campbell, Lavinia Hopper Dater and a list of Deaths recorded in the diaries that are not found in the NJ Death Records.

GSBC Archivist — Introduction to the Diarists (PDF, 140KB)

Introduction to the Diarists + Full Transcripts of Martha Ann Zabriskie and Charity Ackerman Journals
For your convenience, a single PDF of all the pages containing the transcriptions, corrections, and additions is available for download (24MB). This download includes all pages as originally published and the introduction to the lives of the diarists by Pat Wardell.

GSBC Archivist — Zabriskie-Ackerman Diaries ALL (PDF, 24 MB)

The Diaries of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann Campbell
Published in The Archivist in 2000 to 2002, and 2006 (some years were not transcribed). What was transcribed has been collected into a clean document. A complete copy of this file is also available at the Bolger Heritage Center (Ridgewood Public Library).

GSBC Archivist — Transcription of the Diaries of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann Campbell (PDF, 140KB)

Marie Ferdon Journals
Marie Ferdon's journals are available online at Bergen County Historical Society's website:

Maria Ferdon Journals | Bergen County Historical Society