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16 September 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Ridgewood Public Library
125 No. Maple Ave. Ridgewood
NJ 07450
Roberta Panjwani
201-670-5600 x132

Monday, September 16, 2019 @ 7pm
Author Event: Amy Stewart—Kopp Sisters on the March

Join author Amy Stewart as she returns to the Ridgewood Public Library to talk about her newest installment in the Kopp sisters saga, Kopp Sisters on the March!

This is the fifth book on the Kopp sisters, based on the real-life experiences of Bergen's own Kopp sisters—who worked as private detectives in a time where women could not even vote!

Stewart became fascinated with the Kopp sisters after discovering a newspaper article about them. (Her books were based on research provided by GSBC's Trustee Emeritus, Ree Hopper.) From the publisher:

"In the fifth installment of Amy Stewart’s clever and original Kopp Sisters series, the sisters learn some military discipline—whether they’re ready or not—as the U.S. prepares to enter World War I.


It’s the spring of 1917 and change is in the air. American women have done something remarkable: they’ve banded together to create military-style training camps for women who want to serve. These so-called National Service Schools prove irresistible to the Kopp sisters, who leave their farm in New Jersey to join up.


When an accident befalls the matron, Constance reluctantly agrees to oversee the camp—much to the alarm of the Kopps’ tent-mate, the real-life Beulah Binford, who is seeking refuge from her own scandalous past under the cover of a false identity. Will she be denied a second chance? And after notoriety, can a woman’s life ever be her own again?


In Kopp Sisters on the March, the women of Camp Chevy Chase face down the skepticism of the War Department, the double standards of a scornful public, and the very real perils of war. Once again, Amy Stewart has brilliantly brought a little-known moment in history to light with her fearless and funny Kopp sisters novels."

Stewart's talks and book-readings are always a fun and interesting event—don't miss it!

Pre-order books for signing at Ridgewood's Bookends.