Samuel Holbert Rhodes

     Samuel Holbert Rhodes married Phoebe Ann Edsall, daughter of Richard Burt Edsall and Anna Roe Wisner, on 21 September 1838.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Samuel Holbert Rhodes and Phoebe Ann Edsall

Thomas Rhodes

M, b. 1646/47, d. 1737/38
     Thomas Rhodes was born in 1646/47. He married Mary Thompson, daughter of Miles Thompson and Ann Tetherly. Thomas Rhodes died in 1737/38.

Child of Thomas Rhodes and Mary Thompson

Laura Rhorer

     Laura Rhorer married Nathan Abbott.
     Married name: Abbott.

Mary Rhymer

     Married name: Meyer.

Grace Marie Riar

F, b. 3 January 1917, d. 21 April 1994
     Grace Marie Riar was born on 3 January 1917. She died on 21 April 1994 at age 77.
     Name variation: Grace Marie Sylvester.

Anthony Ribble


Child of Anthony Ribble

George Ribble Jr.

M, d. circa 1794
FatherAnthony Ribble
     George Ribble Jr. was born at Germany. He married Maria Banghart. George Ribble Jr. died circa 1794.

William H Riblet

     William H Riblet married Anna? May Smith, daughter of Abraham Smith and Margaret Van Gaasbeek.


     Rice married Rebecca Fitzgerald, daughter of John Fitzgerald and Harriet Potter.
     Rices live in Portland, OR.

Adonijah Rice

     Adonijah Rice married Persis Gates, daughter of Jonathan Gates and Persis.

Alice Rice

F, b. 1847, d. 1934
     Alice Rice was born in 1847. She married Homer Decker, son of George Decker and Nancy Hannah McLean, before 1878. Alice Rice died in 1934.
     Married name: Decker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Alice Rice and Homer Decker

Anna Margaret Rice

F, b. 13 September 1908
FatherHenry Edward Rice
MotherMargaret Singer
     Anna Margaret Rice died Y. She married John Jacob Dorr. Anna Margaret Rice was born on 13 September 1908 at Bronx, Bronx County, NY. She married Paul Raymond Dooley, son of Richard Dooley and Anna McDermott, on 20 August 1929 (St. Thomas Aquinas, Bronx, Bronx Co., NY).
     Married name: Dorr. Married name: Dooley.

Charles Rice

     Charles Rice married Ruth Hawkins, daughter of Joseph Hawkins and Ruth Hulse.

Hannah Rice

F, b. circa 1727, d. 1822
     Hannah Rice was born circa 1727. She married Thomas Kendall, son of Eliazer Kendall and Hannah Rowe, on 27 March 1751. Hannah Rice died in 1822.
     Married name: Kendall.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hannah Rice and Thomas Kendall

Harry W. Rice

     Harry W. Rice married Eva Bechtold.

Henry Edward Rice

     Henry Edward Rice died Y. He married Margaret Singer.

Child of Henry Edward Rice and Margaret Singer

Mary Rice

     Mary Rice married Luther Kendall, son of Nathan Kendall and Betsey Richards.
     Married name: Kendall. Name variation: Widow.

Peter Rice

     Peter Rice married Ruth Trowbridge, daughter of John Trowbridge and Mehetabel Eaton, at Framingham, MA.

Priscilla Rice

     Priscilla Rice married Caleb Barnum.
     Married name: Barnum.

Child of Priscilla Rice and Caleb Barnum

Samuel Rice

     Samuel Rice married Elizabeth Vreeland, daughter of Michael Vreeland and Margaret Van Riper, on 21 January 1862.

Uriah Rice

     Uriah Rice married Rachel Kendall, daughter of Eliazer Kendall and Hannah Rowe.

Violata Rice

     Violata Rice married John Gates, son of Jonathan Gates and Persis.
     Married name: Gates.

William F Rice

     William F Rice was buried at NY Cemetery (Maple Grove), Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ.
     He was a veteran of the Civil War serving in Company L. 25th NY Cavalry.

Archer Ricer

     Archer Ricer married Helen Galloway, daughter of Archer James Galloway and Rachel Colwell.


     Rich married Jane Oates.
     Rich was a miller.

Audrey Carmen Rich

F, b. 26 January 1905
     Audrey Carmen Rich was born on 26 January 1905. She married Willard Fisher Ellsworth, son of Frank Blair Ellsworth and Minnie Jane Fisher, on 22 June 1927.
     Married name: Ellsworth.

Hannah Rich

     Hannah Rich married James Cobb, son of James Cobb and Elizabeth Hallett.
     Married name: Cobb.

John Rich

     John Rich married Mercy Chipman, daughter of William Chipman and Martha Treat.
     Name variation: Capt.

Daniel Richanco

     Daniel Richanco married Catherine Van der Beek, daughter of Paulus Van der Beek and Maria Thomas Badie, in 1661.
     Name variation: Daniel Ruychon.

Stephen Richard

     Stephen Richard married Maria Van Brugh, daughter of Johannes Pietersen Van Brugh and Catherine Roelofsen Jans.