Helen May Snyder

F, b. 6 January 1904, d. 6 October 1975
FatherJohn Felter Snyder b. 16 Sep 1876, d. 13 Jan 1963
MotherAnna May Terwilliger b. 12 Sep 1882, d. 9 Nov 1938
     Helen May Snyder was born on 6 January 1904 at Glen Rock, Bergen County, NJ. She married George Hopper, son of James Henry Hopper and Delia Van Voorhis, on 30 June 1925 at Glen Rock, Bergen County, NJ. Helen May Snyder died on 6 October 1975 at Saddle Brook, Bergen County, NJ, at age 71.
     Married name: Hopper.

Hendrick Janszen Snyder

     Hendrick Janszen Snyder married Geertje Scheerhirch?
     Hendrick Janszen Snyder was a tailor.

Child of Hendrick Janszen Snyder and Geertje Scheerhirch?

Henrietta Snyder

F, b. 1820, d. 1894
FatherTunis (Antoni) Snyder b. 1799
MotherSarah (Sally) Decker b. 1798
     Henrietta Snyder was born in 1820. She married Jacob H. Decker, son of Patrick Decker and Dorothy Shaver, circa 1843. Henrietta Snyder died in 1894.
     Married name: Decker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Henrietta Snyder and Jacob H. Decker

J J Snyder

     J J Snyder married Maria Schoonmaker, daughter of Stephen Bassett Schoonmaker and Catrina Schoonmaker.

Jacob Snyder

     Jacob Snyder married Eliza Kinney.

Child of Jacob Snyder and Eliza Kinney

Johannes Snyder

     Johannes Snyder married Rachel Sevan?

Child of Johannes Snyder and Rachel Sevan?

John Snyder

     John Snyder married Sarah Jane Felter.

Child of John Snyder and Sarah Jane Felter

John Snyder

     John Snyder married Jannetje Quackenbush, daughter of Reynier Quackenbush and Catharine Waldron, on 9 February 1792 at Dutch Reformed Church, Tappan, NY.

John Snyder

M, b. 1824
     John Snyder married an unknown person. He was born in 1824 at Germany.

Child of John Snyder

John Felter Snyder

M, b. 16 September 1876, d. 13 January 1963
FatherJohn Snyder
MotherSarah Jane Felter b. 1855, d. 1924
     John Felter Snyder was born on 16 September 1876 at Paramus, Bergen County, NJ. He married Anna May Terwilliger, daughter of James Terwilliger and Charity Ellen Snyder, on 14 April 1900 at Waldwick, Bergen County, NJ. John Felter Snyder died on 13 January 1963 at Bergen Pines Hospital, Paramus, Bergen County, NJ, at age 86.

Child of John Felter Snyder and Anna May Terwilliger

John Henry Snyder

M, b. 4 January 1865, d. 18 February 1946
     John Henry Snyder was born on 4 January 1865. He married Katie May Haring, daughter of Albert Casper Haring and Catherine Maria Ackerman, on 24 February 1917. John Henry Snyder died on 18 February 1946 at age 81.

Leonard Snyder

M, b. 1923
FatherByron Snyder b. 1897
MotherLillian Allen b. 1905
     Leonard Snyder married Mary Youngfleisch. Leonard Snyder was born in 1923.

Margaret Snyder

F, b. 1854
FatherGarret Snyder
MotherEliza Mowerson
     Margaret Snyder was born in 1854. She married Herman Terhune Hopper, son of John Eckerson Hopper and Elizabeth Terhune, on 15 November 1876 (with no children.).
     Married name: Hopper. Margaret Snyder and Herman Terhune Hopper lived at the house on the corner of Lake St. and West Saddle River Rd.

Maria Snyder

FatherAdam Snyder
     Maria Snyder married John Potter.
     Married name: Potter. Name variation: Maria Snyder.

Child of Maria Snyder and John Potter

Mary Ann Snyder

F, d. 7 July 1944
     Mary Ann Snyder married Edgar Elias Vreeland, son of Albert T. Vreeland and Matilda L. Lydecker, on 23 November 1881. Mary Ann Snyder married Henry Riley on 10 December 1915. Mary Ann Snyder died on 7 July 1944. She died on 7 July 1944.
     Married name: Riley. Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Ann Snyder and Edgar Elias Vreeland

Minnie Snyder

F, b. April 1861
FatherJohn Snyder b. 1824
     Minnie Snyder married Joseph Flate. Minnie Snyder was born in April 1861.
     Name variation: Minnie Flate.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Minnie Snyder and Joseph Flate

Nathaniel Snyder


Child of Nathaniel Snyder

Paul Longyear Snyder

M, b. 28 October 1901
FatherEdward Pratt Snyder
MotherCornelia Elizabeth Longyear
     Paul Longyear Snyder was born on 28 October 1901 at Kingston, NY.
     He was a Methodist minister. He lived at Williamsville, VT. Desc of Jacob Longyear; p. 297? Name variation: Rev. He was Methodist.

Peter Snyder

     Peter Snyder married Sarah Osterhoudt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peter Snyder and Sarah Osterhoudt

Richard Snyder


Child of Richard Snyder

Ruth Snyder

     Ruth Snyder married Lyman I McDowell, son of Frank O McDowell and Cornelia Schoonmaker Hasbrouck.
     Married name: McDowell.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ruth Snyder and Lyman I McDowell

  • Sandra Ann McDowell
  • Edward Frank McDowell

Sarah Snyder

FatherGeorge Snyder
     Sarah Snyder married Daniel Willford, son of Joseph Willford and Mary Campbell.
     Married name: Willford.

Child of Sarah Snyder and Daniel Willford

Sarah E Snyder

     Sarah E Snyder married Henry F Devoe, son of John Devoe and Rachel DeWitt.
     They had 2 children. Married name: Devoe.

Theodocy Snyder

FatherRichard Snyder
     Theodocy Snyder married Hartman C Vreeland, son of Cornelius Vreeland and Elizabeth Vreeland.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Theodocy Snyder and Hartman C Vreeland

Tunis (Antoni) Snyder

M, b. 1799
     Tunis (Antoni) Snyder was born in 1799. He married Sarah (Sally) Decker, daughter of Lourenz Decker and Hannah Washman, circa 1819.

Child of Tunis (Antoni) Snyder and Sarah (Sally) Decker

Viola Snyder

F, b. 27 November 1919
MotherFrances Wrightman b. 5 Sep 1892, d. 28 Jul 1964
     Viola Snyder married Elmer Clinton Rome, son of Robert Elmer Rome and Agnes Mae Sisco. Viola Snyder was born on 27 November 1919 at Branchville, NJ.
     Married name: Rome.

Zuma Leah Snyder

FatherNathaniel Snyder
     Zuma Leah Snyder married Charles Howard DeWitt, son of Winfield Scott DeWitt and Alma Cleora Leonard, on 3 August 1907 at Clarksfield, OH.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Zuma Leah Snyder and Charles Howard DeWitt

Catalyntje Snyers

FatherHendrick Janszen Snyder
MotherGeertje Scheerhirch?
     Catalyntje Snyers married Isaac Hendricksen Kip, son of Hendrick Kip Sr. and Tryntie Lubberts, on 8 February 1653.
     Married name: Kip. Name variation: Catalyntje Snyder.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catalyntje Snyers and Isaac Hendricksen Kip

  • Catalyntje Kip
  • Hendrick Kip b. 8 Feb 1654
  • Tryntje Kip b. 13 Sep 1656
  • Abraham Kip b. 3 Sep 1659
  • Isaac Kip b. 15 Jan 1662
  • Jacob Kip b. 19 Nov 1664
  • Jacob Kip b. 29 Aug 1666
  • Johannes Kip b. 20 Jan 1669

John Soboslay

M, b. 1928, d. 1998
     John Soboslay was born in 1928. He married Betty Vander Brink, daughter of Jacob Andrew Vander Brink and Elizabeth Cook. John Soboslay died in 1998.

Matthew Soden

     Matthew Soden married Rebecca Bogert Morrow, daughter of William Bogert Morrow and Margaret Louise Corby.

Child of Matthew Soden and Rebecca Bogert Morrow

  • Soden