Esther Tilton

F, b. 5 August 1678, d. before 1704
FatherPeter Tilton
MotherRebecca Brazier?
     Esther Tilton married Richard Stout, son of John Stout and Elizabeth. Esther Tilton was born on 5 August 1678. She died before 1704.
     Married name: Stout.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Esther Tilton and Richard Stout

  • Esther Stout b. c 1699
  • John Stout b. 1701
  • Jonathan Stout b. 26 Mar 1702, d. 27 Apr 1773

John Tilton

     John Tilton married Mary.

Child of John Tilton and Mary

Mary Tilton

F, b. 2 February 1681
FatherPeter Tilton
MotherRebecca Brazier?
     Mary Tilton married Richard Stout, son of John Stout and Elizabeth. Mary Tilton was born on 2 February 1681.
     Married name: Stout.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Tilton and Richard Stout

Orick Tilton

     Orick Tilton lived at Midland Park, NJ.

Child of Orick Tilton

Otterson Tilton

     Otterson Tilton married Zilpha Clayton, daughter of Corlies Clayton and Sarah Margaret Irons.

Peter Tilton

     Peter Tilton married Rebecca Brazier?

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peter Tilton and Rebecca Brazier?

Sarah Tilton

     Sarah Tilton married Jonathan Aliee, son of Abraham Aliee and Mary Raymond.
     Married name: Aliee.

Thomas Tilton

     Thomas Tilton married Sabrah Aliee, daughter of Abraham Aliee and Mary Raymond.

William Tilton

     William Tilton married Margaret Richie Lawrence.

Child of William Tilton and Margaret Richie Lawrence

Elizabeth Timmes

F, b. circa 1860
     Elizabeth Timmes was born circa 1860 at New York. She married Alpheus Bogert circa 1879.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Timmes and Alpheus Bogert

George Tincknell

     George Tincknell married Betsey Roper.

Child of George Tincknell and Betsey Roper

Mary Ann Tincknell

F, b. 5 October 1854, d. 17 April 1902
FatherGeorge Tincknell
MotherBetsey Roper
     Mary Ann Tincknell was baptized at Methodist Church. She was buried at Alta, IA. She was born on 5 October 1854 at Dubuque, IA. She married William Sloan Van Buskirk, son of Samuel Van Buskirk and Mary Ann McNeal, on 1 March 1873 at Dyersville, IA. Mary Ann Tincknell died on 17 April 1902 at Alta, IA, at age 47.
     Married name: Van Buskirk.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Ann Tincknell and William Sloan Van Buskirk

Ellen Douglas Tingley

F, b. 24 November 1835
FatherHartford Tingley
MotherFreelove Backus
     Ellen Douglas Tingley was born on 24 November 1835 at Windham, CT. She married Henry A DeWitt in September 1853.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ellen Douglas Tingley and Henry A DeWitt

Hartford Tingley

FatherNathan Tingley
MotherLucy Barrows
     Hartford Tingley married Freelove Backus.

Child of Hartford Tingley and Freelove Backus

Keith Tingley 1


Nathan Tingley

FatherTimothy Tingley
MotherRuth Partridge
     Nathan Tingley married Lucy Barrows.

Child of Nathan Tingley and Lucy Barrows

Palmer Tingley

     Palmer Tingley married Anna Fosdick.

Child of Palmer Tingley and Anna Fosdick

Samuel Tingley

FatherPalmer Tingley
MotherAnna Fosdick
     Samuel Tingley married Elizabeth Call.

Child of Samuel Tingley and Elizabeth Call

Thomas Tingley

FatherSamuel Tingley
MotherElizabeth Call
     Thomas Tingley married Ester Stevens.

Child of Thomas Tingley and Ester Stevens

Timothy Tingley

FatherThomas Tingley
MotherEster Stevens
     Timothy Tingley married Ruth Partridge.

Child of Timothy Tingley and Ruth Partridge

Patience Tinkham

     Patience Tinkham married Samuel Eaton, son of Barnabas Eaton and Mehitable Alden.
     Married name: Eaton.

Child of Patience Tinkham and Samuel Eaton

Esther Tinkler

     Esther Tinkler married George Collin, son of Thomas Collin Jr. and Ruth Winskell, on 28 March 1844.
     Married name: Collin.

Mary Dorothy Tinsley

     Mary Dorothy Tinsley was born at Olgethorpe, GA.
     Married name: Darley.

Child of Mary Dorothy Tinsley

Anna Tintle

F, b. 27 September 1887, d. 1 September 1979
     Anna Tintle married Howard Tintle. Anna Tintle was born on 27 September 1887 at The Netherlands. She died on 1 September 1979 at Bergen Pines Hospital, Paramus, Bergen County, NJ, at age 91. She was buried on 4 September 1979 at Preakness Cemetery, Wayne, Passaic County, NJ.
     She lived at Fair Lawn, Bergen County, NJ, for 56 years. She is survived by a daughter Ann (Marshall) of Fair Lawn. Married name: Tintle. She immigrated in 1895 in 1895. She and Howard Tintle appeared on the census of 1920 at Barclay Street (#37), Paterson City (Ward 8), Passaic County, NJ.

Howard Tintle

M, b. 1885, d. 1965
     Howard Tintle married Anna Tintle. Howard Tintle was born in 1885 at New Jersey. He died in 1965.
     He was a chauffeur. He appeared on the census of 1910 at Pompton Road (#9), Wayne Twp, Passaic County, NJ. with his parents: Chas. H. (56, b. NJ) and Lydia (52, B. NY), and siblings: Herbert (22), Charles H. Jr. (19), Ethel (17), Ruth (15) and Robert (7). The father is a farmer, Howard a milk dealer, and Herbert and Charles Jr. are farm laborers. He and Anna Tintle appeared on the census of 1920 at Barclay Street (#37), Paterson City (Ward 8), Passaic County, NJ.

George Tippet

M, b. 1638, d. 29 September 1675
     George Tippet married Mehitabel Betts, daughter of William Betts and Alice. George Tippet was born in 1638. He died on 29 September 1675.

Child of George Tippet and Mehitabel Betts

Mehitabel Tippet

FatherGeorge Tippet b. 1638, d. 29 Sep 1675
MotherMehitabel Betts
     Mehitabel Tippet married Joseph Hadley, son of George Hadley and Proctor.
     Married name: Hadley.

Child of Mehitabel Tippet and Joseph Hadley

Clarence DeWitt Tise

M, b. 15 April 1883, d. 15 November 1962
FatherWilliam Henry Tise Sr. b. 5 May 1837, d. 18 May 1918
MotherSusan Ann Shepherd b. 6 Aug 1840, d. 9 Jul 1911
     Clarence DeWitt Tise was born on 15 April 1883. He married Lulu May Courtes on 5 September 1906. Clarence DeWitt Tise died on 15 November 1962 at age 79 from Parkinson's disease.

Elizabeth Tise

FatherJohn Tise
MotherCatherine Newkirk
     Elizabeth Tise married T Merselas. Elizabeth Tise married George Wilson.
     Married name: Wilson. Married name: Merselas.

Child of Elizabeth Tise and George Wilson

  • Mabel Wilson

Child of Elizabeth Tise and T Merselas

  • Jacob Merselas

George Tise

     The Tise Family were one of the original settlers of Bergen County. George Tise was owner of the Tise Tavern, on the corner of Bergen and Glenwood Aves. in Jersey City. The tavern was originally owned by Peter Stuyvesant (not the New Amsterdam Peter) and Mr. Tice rebuilt it in 1829. In the middle of the nineteenth century Mr. Tise sold the tavern to George Percy, a Scotsman, who converted it into a residence.

Child of George Tise