Frank Lester Vreeland


Child of Frank Lester Vreeland

Frank P Vreeland

M, b. circa 1870, d. 23 February 1942
     Frank P Vreeland married Cecelia. Frank P Vreeland was born circa 1870. He died on 23 February 1942.
     He left a will. (# 43219 E-2 P.Pr. 427 D-5 Will 330 Z-5 Rel 280). He lived in 1942 at Wayne, Passaic County, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frank P Vreeland and Cecelia

Frank Stryker Vreeland

M, b. 25 July 1865
FatherPeter Demarest Vreeland b. 31 Aug 1830
MotherAuley Lavina Frederick
     Frank Stryker Vreeland married Lucy E Herben. Frank Stryker Vreeland was born on 25 July 1865.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frank Stryker Vreeland and Lucy E Herben

Frankie Vreeland

FatherElias E Vreeland b. c Apr 1849, d. 1 Oct 1892
     Frankie Vreeland died Y at the age of 8 years.

Franklin Vreeland

M, b. 15 December 1877, d. 14 December 1945
FatherGarret Vreeland b. 19 Dec 1837, d. Dec 1907
MotherHannah Vreeland b. 20 May 1839, d. 1 Sep 1913
     Franklin Vreeland married Alice Conway Hutchinson. Franklin Vreeland was born on 15 December 1877 at Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. He died on 14 December 1945 at Tyler, TX, at age 67.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Franklin Vreeland and Alice Conway Hutchinson

Fred Ross Vreeland

M, b. 8 February 1894, d. 22 December 1962
FatherJohn Vreeland b. 13 Dec 1856, d. 3 Apr 1927
MotherHattie Jane Atkins b. 8 Feb 1863, d. 6 Dec 1932
     Fred Ross Vreeland was born on 8 February 1894 at Ellenburg, Clinton County, NY. He died on 22 December 1962 at Ellenburg, Clinton County, NY, at age 68.

Fred T Vreeland

M, d. 8 March 1942
FatherIsaac C Vreeland b. Apr 1823, d. 13 Aug 1891
MotherCharlotte E b. 1836, d. 1906
     Fred T Vreeland died on 8 March 1942.
     He lived in 1891 at Newark, Essex County, NJ. He lived in 1942 at Madison, NJ.

Freddie Vreeland

M, b. 1867, d. 1872
FatherTheodore Vreeland b. 9 Sep 1845, d. 15 Aug 1917
MotherMary C. b. 1847, d. 2 Apr 1898
     Freddie Vreeland was born in 1867. He died in 1872. He was buried on 25 April 1872 at Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, Essex County, NJ, (Lot 153, Sec. M).

Frederick Vreeland

M, b. 12 April 1874
FatherGarret Vreeland b. 25 Oct 1841, d. 11 Dec 1895
MotherMatilda Drew b. 1840, d. 1914
     Frederick Vreeland married Annie Baxter. Frederick Vreeland was born on 12 April 1874.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frederick Vreeland and Annie Baxter

Frederick Vreeland

M, b. 5 August 1908, d. 1908
FatherJohn H Vreeland
MotherMinnie Worth
     Frederick Vreeland died in 1908. He was born on 5 August 1908.

Frederick Vreeland

M, b. circa 1866
FatherDavid E Vreeland b. 4 Jul 1842, d. 22 Feb 1892
MotherEmilie b. c 1846
     Frederick Vreeland married Margaret Vance. Frederick Vreeland was born circa 1866 at New Jersey.
     He lived in 1919 at Butler, Morris County, NJ.

Frederick B Vreeland

FatherAnderson Vreeland b. 1846, d. 30 Mar 1918
MotherAnnie E b. 1845, d. 8 Apr 1922
     Frederick B Vreeland lived in 1922 at Paterson, Passaic County, NJ.

Frederick Britten Vreeland

M, b. September 1873
FatherWilliam Henry Vreeland b. 12 May 1846, d. 15 Nov 1912
MotherMary Edith Britten b. 5 Nov 1851, d. 18 Nov 1925
     Frederick Britten Vreeland was born in September 1873. He married Edith M. Grimm, daughter of Matthew Grimm, on 20 June 1900 at Newark, Essex County, NJ.
     Fred lived more than 20 years in Keuka Park, NY. Before going to Keuka Park, he held a pastorate at Westfield, NY. He became widely known, according to his obituary in the New York Times, as an evangelist throughout central NY and occasionally supplied at pulpits of nearby Baptist churches. Fred was stricken aboard a bus and died in a Richmond, VA hospital on his way to visit his daughter in Miami Beach, FL. Fred and Edith were married in the North Baptist Church by the Reverend Alexander MacGeorge and the Reverend Fred Taylor. Their reception was held at Association Hall and sponsored by the local Y.M.C.A. Name variation: Rev.

Child of Frederick Britten Vreeland and Edith M. Grimm

Frederick Britten Vreeland Jr.

FatherFrederick Britten Vreeland b. Sep 1873
MotherEdith M. Grimm
     Fred Jr, was pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Trenton, NJ. Name variation: Rev.

Frederick E Vreeland

M, b. 7 September 1876
FatherJacob T Vreeland b. 1 Aug 1850
MotherJane Daughman
     Frederick E Vreeland married Nettie Burart. Frederick E Vreeland was born on 7 September 1876.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frederick E Vreeland and Nettie Burart

  • Cornelius Vreeland b. 7 Jul 1901
  • Lytha Vreeland b. 5 Feb 1904

Frederick G Vreeland

M, b. 1879
FatherJeremiah Vreeland b. 1843, d. 31 Jul 1925
MotherSarah M
     Frederick G Vreeland was born in 1879. He was buried on 14 April 1928 at Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ, (Lot 40 Sec. L).
     He left a will at Essex County, NJ. (# 2811K).

Frederick Irving Vreeland

M, b. 1909
FatherArthur Reeves Vreeland b. 19 Jul 1873, d. 29 May 1947
MotherMinnie B Drew b. c 1874, d. 27 May 1926
     Frederick Irving Vreeland was born in 1909.
     He lived at 14 So. Munn Ave, East Orange, NJ. He lived at 62 Meadowbrook Rd., Short Hills, NJ.

Frederick John Vreeland

M, b. 10 May 1891, d. 10 July 1966
FatherNehemiah Vreeland b. 7 Feb 1856, d. 23 May 1945
MotherLouise F Klein b. c 1859, d. 28 May 1943
     Frederick John Vreeland was born on 10 May 1891. He married Eleanor R Pfister on 19 September 1915. Frederick John Vreeland died on 10 July 1966 at age 75.
     He left a will. (#85720 Z 14 W 194). He lived in 1945 at 415 15th Ave, Paterson, NJ.

Frederick King Vreeland

M, b. 4 March 1874, d. 24 September 1964
FatherJohn Van Buskirk Vreeland b. 6 Sep 1845, d. 22 Aug 1903
MotherMary Amelia Taylor
     Frederick King Vreeland was born on 4 March 1874 at Bergen, NJ. He married Elizabeth Leonore Wilder, daughter of Robert Parmelee Wilder, on 25 February 1922 at Montclair, Essex County, NJ. Frederick King Vreeland died on 24 September 1964 at San Rafael, CA, at age 90.
     He left a will at Essex County, NJ. (#663 N L Adm H 324 App 12 p277 Ren 6 p272). Frederick graduated from Stevens Institute in 1895 and received an M.A. in 1909 from Columbia U. Frederick became a foremost inventor in the radio field and organized the Vreeland Apparatus Co. in New York to manufacture his inventions. He was president of the company from iuts inception until the end of his life. His inventions included oscillators, amplifiers, spectroscope, and multiplexors. His hobby was exploring and Mount Vreeland in British Columbia was named for him. He lived in 1903 at PO Box 1877, New York City, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frederick King Vreeland and Elizabeth Leonore Wilder

  • Robert Wilder Vreeland
  • Elizabeth Gale Vreeland
  • Frederick Van Buskirk Vreeland
  • Peter Wilson Vreeland

Frederick N Vreeland

M, b. 26 August 1870, d. 13 March 1957
FatherPeter D Vreeland b. 1828, d. 7 Sep 1908
MotherElecta DeMont b. 1833, d. 1924
     Frederick N Vreeland was buried at Methodist Church Cemetery, Newfoundland, NJ. He married Ada M Winters, daughter of Jacob Winters and Jennie. Frederick N Vreeland was born on 26 August 1870. He died on 13 March 1957 at age 86.
     He left a will on 23 July 1940 at Passaic County, NJ. (#64355. Compl. for probate H-9 Will 15). He lived in 1957 at Reeve Ave, Bloomingdale, NJ.

Child of Frederick N Vreeland and Ada M Winters

Fytje Vreeland

     Fytje Vreeland married Johannis Vreeland, son of Dirck Vreeland and Margriete Banta, on 22 December 1743.
     Name variation: Fytje Vreeland. Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Fytje Vreeland and Johannis Vreeland

  • John J Vreeland+
  • Margareta Vreeland b. 3 May 1750
  • Anna Vreeland b. 29 Mar 1753
  • Anna Vreeland b. 17 Apr 1755
  • Rachel Vreeland b. 12 Jan 1758
  • Sophia Vreeland b. 1760

Garret Vreeland

M, d. 8 February 1784
FatherMichiel Hartmansen Vreeland b. 26 Dec 1695, d. 6 Apr 1766
MotherElysbet Gerrits Van Ripen b. 29 May 1694, d. 18 Nov 1767
     Garret Vreeland died on 8 February 1784.
     He lived at Gemoemepa (Communipaw), NJ. He left a will on 16 June 1766. It was proved 23 Mar 1784 (Abstr. of Wills Vol VI p 422). Gerrit, in his will, devised property to Elizabeth, the daughter of his sister Elizabeth.

Garret Vreeland

M, d. 8 April 1806
FatherJohannes Vreeland d. 1795
MotherMetje Jurraense Van Riper b. 22 Jul 1711
     Garret Vreeland died on 8 April 1806 intestate; Abst. of Wills, vol 11, page 358.

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 20 November 1801, d. 6 December 1881
FatherJacob Vreeland b. 25 Jun 1781, d. 12 Jan 1863
MotherCathlyntje Brinkerhoff b. 13 Jul 1784
     Garret Vreeland was buried at Blawenburg Cemetery. He was born on 20 November 1801. He married Jane Vreeland, daughter of Cornelius Vreeland and Elizabeth Van Buskirk, on 19 December 1822 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. Garret Vreeland died on 6 December 1881 at age 80.
     Winfield describes others in this family.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Garret Vreeland and Jane Vreeland

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 17 June 1811
FatherJohannes Vreeland b. 14 Nov 1770
MotherMartha Bogert
     Garret Vreeland was born on 17 June 1811 at Stone House Plains.

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 14 August 1832, d. 8 June 1889
FatherHenry P Vreeland b. 9 Oct 1799
MotherElizabeth Van Ness
     Garret Vreeland was baptized on 14 August 1832 at First Reformed Church, Pompton Plains, NJ. He died on 8 June 1889 at age 56.

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 22 February 1824, d. circa 23 February 1903
FatherIsaac Vreeland b. 21 Sep 1796, d. 17 Mar 1878
MotherMargaret Master
     Garret Vreeland was buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery, Upper Montclair, Essex County, NJ, (Section F, Lot 3). He was born on 22 February 1824. He died circa 23 February 1903.
     He left a will at Passaic County, NJ. (#14453 G P.Pr 39, Z Will 290 W. INV 558 V Rel 7).

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 25 October 1841, d. 11 December 1895
FatherAbraham G Vreeland b. 13 Dec 1801, d. 26 Mar 1881
MotherLydia Vreeland b. 1 Feb 1803, d. 9 Feb 1876
     Garret Vreeland was born on 25 October 1841. He married Matilda Drew on 26 June 1864. Garret Vreeland died on 11 December 1895 at age 54. He was buried on 13 December 1905 at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa Borough, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Garret Vreeland and Matilda Drew

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 26 June 1803, d. 1852
FatherGeorge Vreeland b. 31 Jan 1762, d. 19 Jul 1824
MotherJane Brinkerhoff
     Garret Vreeland was born on 26 June 1803. He married Mary Smith on 15 May 1824 at Old Bergen Church, Jersey City, NJ. Garret Vreeland died in 1852.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Garret Vreeland and Mary Smith

Garret Vreeland

M, b. 21 October 1836
FatherHenry Vreeland b. 11 Oct 1797
MotherLucinda Jerolamon b. 1800, d. 1879
     Garret Vreeland married Rebecca Jane McFarlane. Garret Vreeland was born on 21 October 1836. He was baptized on 22 January 1837 at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ. He married Isabella Darling on 2 March 1858 at Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Garret Vreeland and Rebecca Jane McFarlane

Children (not necessarily in order) of Garret Vreeland and Isabella Darling

  • Thomas G Vreeland b. 23 Feb 1862
  • Charles S Vreeland b. 14 Jan 1864
  • Madeline Vreeland b. 8 Jun 1866