Dorothy Elizabeth Welch

F, b. 30 January 1907
     Dorothy Elizabeth Welch was born on 30 January 1907. She married Clinton Montgomery Vernon, son of Russell Montgomery Vernon and Elizabeth Gill, on 9 April 1927.
     Married name: Vernon.

Elizabeth Welch

FatherWilliam Welsh Jr.
     Elizabeth Welch married David Miller.
     Married name: Miller.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Welch and David Miller

Hannah Welch

F, b. 1668/69, d. after 1751/52
     Hannah Welch was born in 1668/69 at Eastham, Barnstable County, MA, (She was of Eastham). She married Josiah Harding, son of Joseph Harding and Bethia Cook, circa 1689/90 at Eastham, Barnstable County, MA. Hannah Welch died after 1751/52.
     Married name: Harding.

Child of Hannah Welch and Josiah Harding

Alice Madglyn Weldon

     Alice Madglyn Weldon married La Fern Ulysses Whaley.
     Married name: Whaley.

Catharine Weldon

     Catharine Weldon married Henry Couwenhoven.
     Married name: Couwenhoven.

Child of Catharine Weldon and Henry Couwenhoven

Catherine Weldon

     Catherine was the sister of Mary and also from New Jersey.

Mary Weldon

     Mary was from New Jersey.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Weldon and David Hawley

  • Annette Hawley
  • Adelia Hawley
  • Hawley
  • Ada Hawley
  • Augusta Hawley

Frederic Weller

     Frederic Weller married Elizabeth Bastiaanse, daughter of John Jacob Bastiaanse and Catharina Reynhart.

Hirem Weller

     Hirem Weller married Sarah Moore, daughter of Samuel Moore and Anna Bogart.

Regina Weller

F, d. after 7 September 1808
     Regina Weller was born at Germany. She married Johann Gottfried Meinlin on 17 August 1806 at Tirschendorf, Saxony, Germany. Regina Weller died after 7 September 1808 at Germany.
     Married name: Meinlin.

Child of Regina Weller and Johann Gottfried Meinlin

Ann Welles

FatherThomas Welles

Child of Ann Welles and Thomas Thompson

Thomas Welles


Child of Thomas Welles

Euphelia Welling

F, d. 1881
FatherThomas Welling b. 8 Jul 1786
MotherAnna Coleman
     Euphelia Welling married Richard Wisner, son of Jeffrey Wisner and Elizabeth Armstrong, on 20 December 1853. Euphelia Welling died in 1881.
     Married name: Wisner.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Euphelia Welling and Richard Wisner

  • Charles E Wisner
  • Anne E Wisner
  • Mary Euphelia Wisner

Martha Welling

     Martha Welling married Clinton Wheeler Wisner, son of Jeffrey Amherst Wisner and Mary Wheeler, in October 1879.
     Married name: Wisner.

Thomas Welling

M, b. 8 July 1786
     Thomas Welling married Anna Coleman. Thomas Welling was born on 8 July 1786.

Child of Thomas Welling and Anna Coleman

Benjamin Wellington

     Benjamin Wellington married Elizabeth Sweetman.

Child of Benjamin Wellington and Elizabeth Sweetman

Elizabeth Wellington

F, b. 29 December 1673, d. 8 March 1729
FatherBenjamin Wellington
MotherElizabeth Sweetman
     Elizabeth Wellington was born on 29 December 1673. She married John Fay, son of John Fay and Mary Brigham, before 1693. Elizabeth Wellington died on 8 March 1729 at age 55.
     Married name: Fay.

Child of Elizabeth Wellington and John Fay

Abijah Wells

M, b. 1793, d. 1861
     Abijah Wells was born in 1793. He married Martha Holbert, daughter of Peter Holbert and Rosanna Durland, on 27 February 1813. Abijah Wells died in 1861.

Child of Abijah Wells and Martha Holbert

Bertha Thorpe Wells

F, b. 1 March 1891, d. 14 March 1919
     Bertha Thorpe Wells was born on 1 March 1891. She married Alfred Merle Palmer, son of William Orson Palmer and Linnie May Fisher, on 12 June 1912. Bertha Thorpe Wells died on 14 March 1919 at age 28.
     Married name: Palmer.

Bethia Wells

     Bethia Wells married Jonothan Horton, son of Barnabas Horton, in 1671/72.
     Married name: Horton.

Child of Bethia Wells and Jonothan Horton

Elizabeth Betsy Wells

     Elizabeth Betsy Wells married Whalen Durland, son of Charles Durland and Mary McConnell, in 1839 at Minisink, Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Durland.

Etta N Wells

F, b. circa 1879
FatherJohn Wells
MotherMary Root
     Etta N Wells was born circa 1879. She married George F Dow, son of Charles E Dow and Mary DeWitt, on 22 June 1913.
     Married name: Dow.

Frances Wells

F, b. 17 December 1811
     Frances Wells was born on 17 December 1811 at Goshen, Orange County, NY. She married Adrian Holbert, son of Peter Holbert and Rosanna Durland, on 22 December 1870.
     Married name: Holbert. Frances Wells lived in 1877 at Goshen, Orange County, NY.

Grace M Wells

F, b. 1886
     Grace M Wells was born in 1886. She married Elmer Leon Mapes, son of Samuel Curtis Mapes and Finelia Mapes, on 27 June 1907.
     Married name: Mapes.

Child of Grace M Wells and Elmer Leon Mapes

  • Erdean Harriet Mapes b. 13 Jun 1908

Joannah Wells

     Joannah Wells married Isaac Le Fevre.
     Joannah Wells lived at Churubusco, Whitley County, IN. Married name: Le Fevre.

Child of Joannah Wells and Isaac Le Fevre

John Wells

     Name variation: Hon.

Child of John Wells and Elizabeth Bourne

John Wells

     John Wells married Mary Root.

Child of John Wells and Mary Root

Julie Anna Wells

F, b. 6 May 1820, d. 1873
FatherAbijah Wells b. 1793, d. 1861
MotherMartha Holbert
     Julie Anna Wells was born on 6 May 1820. She married John Howell Roberts on 30 April 1836. Julie Anna Wells died in 1873.
     Married name: Roberts.

Child of Julie Anna Wells and John Howell Roberts

Keziah Wells

F, b. 11 January 1813, d. 3 September 1860
     Keziah Wells was born on 11 January 1813. She married James Reed. Keziah Wells died on 3 September 1860 at age 47.
     Married name: Reed.

Child of Keziah Wells and James Reed

Marion Wells

F, b. 7 October 1905, d. 2 March 1992
     Marion Wells was born on 7 October 1905. She married Fred J. Warman, son of John Watson Warman and Phoebe Pomeroy, on 20 June 1934 at New Milford, CT. Marion Wells died on 2 March 1992 at New Milford, CT, at age 86.
     Married name: Warman.