Postmasters in Bergen County

The GSBC is in possession of microfilm copies of ledger pages of the Post Office Department record of Appointment of Postmasters. The records run from c. 1832 until c. 1930. This index is prepared from those microfilm copies. In addition some data from Harold D Perry's "A Postal History of Bergen County" (Hackensack, NJ: Hackensack Philatelic Society, 1940) have been added.

The official title is "Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832 - September 30, 1971, and is microfilmed as National Archives microfilm publication M841.

These records are part of Records of the Post Office Department, Record Group (RG) 28. New Jersey is covered by Roll 82: Atlantic - Mercer Counties and Roll 83: Middlesex - Warren Counties.
This record was prepared in the office of the Junior Assistant to the Postmaster General from 1832 to January 2, 1835; Second Assistant Postmaster General from July 2, 1836, to 1851; First Assistant Postmaster General from 1851 to 1950; and the Bureau of Post Office Operations from 1950 to September 30, 1971.

This index contains the names of the postoffices, the year of their establishment, the date of discontinuance or name change, the postoffice to which mail was send after discontinuance (if given), previous name, and dates for which an entry in the Postal Bulletin exists, and the names of the postmasters, with the earliest date of their appointment. Dates of Approval by the President and/or Confirmation by the Senate are not separately mentioned. If, in the earlier records, the names of the bondsmen and the amount of the surity, is given, this is noted in the index.
In addition there is an alphabetical listing of Postmasters, and a chronological listing of Bergen County Post Offices in the Postal Bulletin, a publication of the Post Office Department. Prior to 1919 this was called the Daily Bulletin. Copies of these publications are in the Reference Library of the Post Office Department, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives Building.

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