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GSBC Publications Overview

The GSBC and its members regularly published their research for the benefit of other members and family historians, Some of these publications are original, others are updates to previously published materials.

Immigration Guide

An excellent, timeless, guide to immigration authored by past GSBC president, Arnold Lang. Updated by current GSBC board member, Barbara Ellman. [READ MORE]

September 2014 GSBC General Meeting — Civil War Research with Laura Congleton [NEW!]

To help those who missed the program, the GSBC has posted a comprehensive overview of information from the evening. [READ MORE] 

A copy of the handout from the evening, compiled by the presenter, is available for pickup at the Bolger Heritage Center at the Ridgewood public Library. (Due to our agreement with the presenter, we cannot e-mail this handout.) We are also planning additional articles about this area of research in the next few issues of the Archivist — in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the close of the war.

If you are interested in this area of research, please let us know [ ]. Should we receive enough support for this topic, we will add additional programming in the spring schedule and/or invite Ms. Congleton back to speak again. Thank you for your understanding.

"Family Tree" of Bergen County Municipalities

Originally published in The Archivist, written by past GSBC president, Arnold Lang, this publication contains a wealth of information towards understanding the deep and complex history of the boundaries of Bergen County and its 70 boroughs, villages, towns, and cities. (UPDATE COMING SOON! Note that a new, expanded version of this topicis currently being prepared for publication in early-2015. PDF format.) [READ MORE]

New Jersey’s “Birth Certificate” (1664)

Transcription of the Duke of York’s Release to John Lord Berkeley, and Sir George Carteret, 24th of June, 1664 [READ MORE]

New Jersey at 350 — A Short History of NJ Land Records

On 24 June 1664, New Jersey was “born” when James, Duke of York (brother of the English King Charles II, and later crowned James II) granted the land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, and between New England and Maryland, to two English noblemen, Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley. 2014 marks the 350th anniversary of the Charter which established New Jersey as a Royal Province after the takeover of the New Netherland colony from the Dutch. The original Charter, colloquially known as the “birth certificate for New Jersey,” is currently on display in the Rotunda of the NJ State Capitol building in Trenton. [READ MORE]

The Archivist, GSBC Quarterly Newsletter

The Archivist is published four times a year and contains summaries of GSBC monthly programs and events, original transcriptions, research, and family histories, articles relating to research in Bergen County, as well as useful information on other societies and special events. Members have the option to receive a mailed copy of the newsletter (black and white) or a digital copy (full-color PDF with hyperlinks).

Back-issues of The Archivist (published between 1973 and 2007) are available to the public.

Newer editions of The Archivist (published 2008 to present) are available in the Members’ section: Members’ Login > Archivist

GSBC Speaker's Bureau

The GSBC has an array of expert speakers available to talk on a variety of subjects for your next event! [READ MORE]