Janet Russell

FatherJames Russell
MotherJane Hasbrouck
     Janet Russell married James Ostrander.
     Married name: Ostrander.

Child of Janet Russell and James Ostrander

Joseph Russell

     Joseph Russell married Jane Kendall, daughter of Thomas Kendall and Ruth Blodgett, in 1712.

Linda Russell

     Married name: Stagg.

Mary Russell

F, d. after 1663
     Mary Russell died after 1663. She married John Jacobs, son of Nicholas Jacobs and Mary Gilman, before 1665.
     Married name: Jacobs.

Nelson Russell

     Nelson Russell married Ethel Clinton, daughter of Spencer Clinton and Sarah Reilly.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Nelson Russell and Ethel Clinton

  • Russell
  • Russell
  • Russell

Samuel Russell

     Samuel Russell married Rebecca Kendall, daughter of Samuel Kendall and Mary Locke.

Sydney D Russell

M, d. 1938
     Sydney D Russell married Margaret Elizabeth Curtright, daughter of Robert Armstrong Dawson Curtright and Emily Frances Hocker, on 2 November 1936. Sydney D Russell died in 1938.

William Russell

     William Russell married Elizabeth Chase, daughter of John Chase and Abigail Chase, after 1719 (supposedly married 1725, probably NH.).

Charles Rust

     Charles Rust married Hannah Allison, daughter of Henry Allison and Hannah Jackson.

Elizabeth Rust

F, b. 1782
     Elizabeth Rust married William Bowling, son of Alexander Bowling and Susan Gray. Elizabeth Rust was born in 1782 at Virginia.
     Married name: Bowling.

Child of Elizabeth Rust and William Bowling

Daisy Rusticus

     Daisy Rusticus married Pieter Kuiken, son of Tymen Kuiken and Sadie Burrie.

Charles Ruston

     Charles Ruston married Elizabeth Purdy, daughter of Richard Eisenbert Purdy and Sarah Lounsbury.


     Rutan married Catherine Rutan?

Abraham Rutan I

M, b. circa 1655, d. 1712/13
     Abraham Rutan I was born circa 1655. He married Marie Petilion circa 1683. Abraham Rutan I died in 1712/13.
     Abraham, progenitor of the American Rutans, was a native of France, probably Metz in Lorraine. He was a Huguenot and escaped from France to the Palatinate. He came to America from Mannheim, Germany by way of Rotterdam and Boston to New Paltz about 1674. Before 1699 the Rutans resided in New Paltz settlement of Huguenots. In 1699 Abraham bought a farm or plantation called Rosendaal in New Barbadoes where David Desmarest had founded a colony of Huguenots and a French Church. Name variation: Abraham Rutemps.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Rutan I and Marie Petilion

Abraham Rutan II

FatherAbraham Rutan I b. c 1655, d. 1712/13
MotherMarie Petilion

Child of Abraham Rutan II

Abraham Rutan II

M, b. circa 1736
FatherPeter Rutan
     Abraham Rutan II was born circa 1736.
     He lived at New Providence, NJ.

Child of Abraham Rutan II

Charles Rutan

M, b. after 1733
     Charles Rutan was born after 1733.

Conrad Rutan

M, b. 1731, d. 1815
FatherConrad Lein II b. 1703, d. 1763
MotherCatherine Rutan?
     Conrad Rutan was buried at Pennsylvania. He was born in 1731. He married Claertje Van Houten on 8 January 1758 at Acquackanonk, NJ. Conrad Rutan died in 1815.
     Name variation: Conrad Lein III. He lived in 1731 at Pompton, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Conrad Rutan and Claertje Van Houten

Cornelius Rutan

     Cornelius Rutan married Hester Valleau, daughter of Isaiah Valleau and Mary Moore.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelius Rutan and Hester Valleau

  • Margaret Rutan
  • Rachel Rutan
  • Cornelius J Rutan

Daniel Rutan

M, b. 1684
FatherAbraham Rutan I b. c 1655, d. 1712/13
MotherMarie Petilion
     Daniel Rutan was born in 1684 at Isopus, Ulster County, NY. He married Heremptje Spier, daughter of Tryntjie, on 19 March 1710.
     Daniel Rutan lived circa 1709 at Acquggenock, NJ. He lived on a farm near his father.

Daniel Rutan

     Daniel Rutan married Jane Brower.

Child of Daniel Rutan and Jane Brower

Daniel Rutan

     Daniel Rutan was born at Paramus, NJ.

Child of Daniel Rutan

David Rutan

FatherJohn Rutan
MotherCatherine Jones
     David Rutan married Esther.
     David succeeded to the Blooming Rose farm after the death of his mother. In 1845 he sold the last of it to John Slicer and left Maryland. Only Mary, of all the siblings, remained in MD.

Davide Rutan

M, b. 1688
FatherAbraham Rutan I b. c 1655, d. 1712/13
MotherMarie Petilion
     Davide Rutan was born in 1688.
     He lived at New Barbadoes, NJ.

Child of Davide Rutan

Hendrick (Henry) Rutan

M, b. 4 March 1748/49, d. 1834
     Hendrick (Henry) Rutan was born on 4 March 1748/49 at Spring Garden, NJ. He married Annatje Toers, daughter of Gerrit Toers and Magritie Van Winkle, in 1774 at New Jersey. Hendrick (Henry) Rutan married Fransyntie (Syntje) Toers, daughter of Gerrit Toers and Magritie Van Winkle, before 1795. Hendrick (Henry) Rutan died in 1834.
     According to Rutan genealogists, Henry first married Annatje, sister of Francis, but it may have actually been her cousin, Annatie, daughter of Nicholas Toers and Janet Van Rypen.

He moved at some point from Belleville, NJ to Staten Island, NY according to the Descendants of Claudin Ruttan, page 10, Part1.

Child of Hendrick (Henry) Rutan and Annatje Toers

Isaac Rutan

FatherJohn Rutan
MotherCatherine Jones
     Isaac Rutan married Hannah Pearson.

John Rutan

FatherAbraham Rutan II
     John Rutan was born at New Jersey. He married Catherine Jones in 1774. His estate was probated on 13 March 1839.
     John Rutan lived in 1787 at Blooming Rose Neighborhood, MD. He lived in 1790 at Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland County, PA.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Rutan and Catherine Jones

John Rutan

M, b. circa 1756, d. 1839
FatherAbraham Rutan II b. c 1736
     John Rutan was born circa 1756 at New Jersey. He died in 1839 at Blooming Rose, MD.

Lea Rutan

FatherDaniel Rutan
     Lea Rutan married Jan W Van Voorhees, son of William Albertse Van Voorhees and Maria Van Gelder.
     Married name: Van Voorhees.

Child of Lea Rutan and Jan W Van Voorhees

Letty B Rutan

F, b. 2 February 1782, d. 6 October 1861 or 6 November 1861
FatherDaniel Rutan
MotherJane Brower
     Letty B Rutan married Roelof Romeyn, son of Benjamin Romeyn and Ragel Vander Linde. Letty B Rutan was born on 2 February 1782. She died on 6 October 1861 or 6 November 1861.
     Married name: Romeyn. Name variation: Lottie Rutan.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Letty B Rutan and Roelof Romeyn