Catherine Skillman

     Catherine Skillman married Michael Vreeland, son of Michael Vreeland and Ann Vreeland.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catherine Skillman and Michael Vreeland

  • Mary Anetta Vreeland b. 22 Feb 1865
  • Cornelius Vreeland b. 31 May 1870

Charles L Skinner

     Charles L Skinner married Lois Ann DeWitt, daughter of Abraham DeWitt and Jane W Fairbanks.

Child of Charles L Skinner and Lois Ann DeWitt

  • Lois DeWitt Skinner

Eugene Augustus Skinner

M, b. 4 October 1884, d. 23 June 1966
     Eugene Augustus Skinner was born on 4 October 1884. He married Bertha Leonard Garrison, daughter of Leonard Renfro Garrison and Anna Laura Hunter, on 17 June 1914. Eugene Augustus Skinner died on 23 June 1966 at age 81.

Jeff Skinner

     Jeff Skinner married Lisa Pope, daughter of Evan Harrison Pope and Dotty Jo Alley.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jeff Skinner and Lisa Pope

  • Taylor Wayne Skinner
  • Riley Jeff Skinner

May Skinner

     May Skinner married Cornelius Vreeland, son of Cornelius M Vreeland and Catherine Newkirk, at Saugatuck, MI.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Ruth Skinner

F, b. 9 March 1739, d. 21 September 1820
FatherTimothy Skinner
MotherRuth Colton
     Ruth Skinner married Nathaniel Hooker. Ruth Skinner married Thomas Goodman. Ruth Skinner was born on 9 March 1739. She married Fisher Gay, son of John Gay and Lydia Colver, on 2 September 1773. Ruth Skinner died on 21 September 1820 at age 81.
     Married name: Goodman. Married name: Hooker. Married name: Gay.

Timothy Skinner

     Timothy Skinner married Ruth Colton.

Child of Timothy Skinner and Ruth Colton

Jan Sklar

     Jan Sklar was born at Zdechov.

Child of Jan Sklar

Mariana Sklarova

FatherJan Sklar
     Mariana Sklarova was born at Zdechova. She married Matous Obadal.
     Married name: Obadal.

Child of Mariana Sklarova and Matous Obadal

Elizabeth Slade

F, b. circa 1603
     Elizabeth Slade was born circa 1603. She married John Upham, son of Richard Upham and Maria, on 1 November 1626 at Bicton, Devonshire, England.
     Married name: Upham.

Child of Elizabeth Slade and John Upham


     Slagboon married Hendrick De Boog.
     Married name: De Boog.

Child of Slagboon and Hendrick De Boog

Charles Slaigh

     Charles Slaigh married Annatje Van Vorst.
     Name variation: Charles Slead. Name variation: Charles Sleaigh.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Charles Slaigh and Annatje Van Vorst

  • Charles Slaigh b. 3 Jul 1717
  • Johanna Slaigh b. 29 Mar 1719
  • Johannes Slaigh b. 15 Mar 1721
  • Sara Slaigh b. 24 Jul 1723
  • Maria Slaigh b. 20 Feb 1726

Eunice Slasson

F, b. 18 April 1834
FatherWilliam Slasson
MotherJulia Ann DeWitt
     Eunice Slasson was born on 18 April 1834. She married Charles Howard Van Name on 1 January 1856.
     Married name: Van Name.

William Slasson

     William Slasson married Julia Ann DeWitt.
     William Slasson was Type: Source Ogden Fam. p.285.

Child of William Slasson and Julia Ann DeWitt

Catherine Slater

     Catherine Slater married Andrew W Axford, son of Robert Axford and Marie Jane Wilson, on 27 August 1870.
     Married name: Axford.

Child of Catherine Slater and Andrew W Axford

Elizabeth Slater

     Elizabeth Slater married Ezekial Freer, son of Garret Freer and Maria Freer.
     Married name: Freer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Slater and Ezekial Freer

  • Ezekial Freer
  • Gerritt Freer
  • John E Freer
  • Jonas E Freer
  • Samuel D Freer

Lena Mae Slater

F, b. 2 August 1900, d. 26 December 1967
FatherWilliam Harrison Slater b. 1 Nov 1864, d. 1931
MotherCatherine Lucinda Courtright b. 5 Feb 1870, d. 7 Jun 1948
     Lena Mae Slater was born on 2 August 1900 at Pine Brook, NJ. She was born on 2 August 1900 at Pine Brook, NJ. She married Wilbur Chauncey Beemer, son of Merritt Carpenter Beemer and Alice Viola Post. Lena Mae Slater died on 26 December 1967 at Sussex County, NJ, at age 67. She died on 26 December 1967 at Sussex County, NJ, at age 67.
     Info from OCGS 24: 31, 1994. Married name: Beemer. Name variation: Lena Mae Slater.

Child of Lena Mae Slater and Wilbur Chauncey Beemer

Robert Slater Sr


Children (not necessarily in order) of Robert Slater Sr

  • Scott Slater
  • Robert Slater Jr
  • Richard Slater
  • Karen Slater

Susan Eleanor Slater

F, b. 1832, d. 1914
     Susan Eleanor Slater was born in 1832. She married Isaac Newton Basye in 1857. Susan Eleanor Slater died in 1914.
     Married name: Basye.

Child of Susan Eleanor Slater and Isaac Newton Basye

William Harrison Slater

M, b. 1 November 1864, d. 1931
     William Harrison Slater married Catherine Lucinda Courtright, daughter of John Courtright and Mary Elizabeth Robeson. William Harrison Slater was born on 1 November 1864 at Frankford Twp, NJ. He died in 1931 at Colesville, NJ.
     Info from OCGS 24: 31, 1994.

Child of William Harrison Slater and Catherine Lucinda Courtright

Margaret Slattery

F, b. 11 June 1842, d. 25 December
     Margaret Slattery married John Joseph Slavin, son of Michael Slavin. Margaret Slattery died on 25 December. She was born on 11 June 1842.
     Married name: Slavin. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

John Slaughter

     John Slaughter married Mary Crispell on 28 February 1799.

John Slauson

     John Slauson was born at Stamford, CT, (He was of Stamford). He married Elizabeth Benedict, daughter of Thomas Benedict and Mary Bridgum, after 1676 (as his second wife).

John Slauson

     John Slauson married Temperance Ann Wisner, daughter of John Wisner and Eliza Bertholf.

George W. Slavens

     George W. Slavens married Matilda Collins.

Child of George W. Slavens and Matilda Collins

Louissa Ellen Slavens

F, b. 22 July 1856, d. 12 October 1936
FatherGeorge W. Slavens
MotherMatilda Collins
     Louissa Ellen Slavens was born on 22 July 1856 at Wayne County, IA. She married Thomas Newton Fields, son of Thomas Fields and Rebecca Riggs, on 7 December 1871. Louissa Ellen Slavens died on 12 October 1936 at Boise, ID, at age 80.
     Married name: Fields.

Child of Louissa Ellen Slavens and Thomas Newton Fields

John Joseph Slavin

M, b. 12 August 1864, d. 2 June 1908
FatherMichael Slavin b. 1 Nov 1834, d. 5 Aug 1904
     John Joseph Slavin married Margaret Slattery. John Joseph Slavin was born on 12 August 1864. He died on 2 June 1908 at age 43.
     He was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Mary Catherine Slavin

F, b. 1859, d. 1934
FatherMichael Slavin b. 1 Nov 1834, d. 5 Aug 1904
     Mary Catherine Slavin married John Paul Singleton. Mary Catherine Slavin was born in 1859. She died in 1934 at Baltimore, MD.
     Married name: Singleton. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Child of Mary Catherine Slavin and John Paul Singleton

Michael Slavin

M, b. 1 November 1834, d. 5 August 1904
     Michael Slavin was born on 1 November 1834. He died on 5 August 1904 at age 69.
     He was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Michael Slavin

Abram Slecht

FatherHendrick Cornelis Slecht
MotherElsje Barens
     Abram Slecht married Jannetje Van der Hoeve.
     Name variation: Abraham Slegt.

Child of Abram Slecht and Jannetje Van der Hoeve

  • Hendrick Slecht b. 17 May 1704