Marie Jane Wilson

F, b. 1809, d. 1879
     Marie Jane Wilson married Robert Axford, son of John A Axford and Lydia Cooper. Marie Jane Wilson was born in 1809. She died in 1879.
     They had 6 children but only 4 reached adulthood. Married name: Axford.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Marie Jane Wilson and Robert Axford

Mary Anne Wilson

     Mary Anne Wilson married Abner Wynkoop, son of Isaac Wynkoop and Anne Winder.
     Mary Anne Wilson lived at Cossmantown, TX. Married name: Wynkoop.

Mary E Wilson

     Mary E Wilson married Harry Loop.
     Married name: Loop.

Child of Mary E Wilson and Harry Loop

O'Bertie Wilson

     O'Bertie Wilson married George Douglas, son of James Harvey Douglas and Jennie DeWitt, on 11 August 1892.
     Married name: Douglas.

Permelia A Wilson

F, b. 12 February 1802
     Permelia A Wilson was born on 12 February 1802 at England. She married Jacob G Ryerson, son of George Ryerson and Lena Tice, on 10 April 1879 at Greenwood Lake.
     Married name: Ryerson. Name variation: Millie Wilson.

Child of Permelia A Wilson and Jacob G Ryerson

Peter Wilson

     Peter Wilson was born at New York (He was of Columbia College). He married Catherine Duryea, daughter of Joost Duryea and Catherine Schenck.
     Name variation: Professor.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peter Wilson and Catherine Duryea

  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Margaret Wilson
  • Phebe Wilson
  • Christina Cowenhoven Wilson

Philetus Wilson

M, b. 11 March 1809, d. 10 February 1876
FatherAndrew Wilson
MotherMary Lobden
     Philetus Wilson was born on 11 March 1809 near Deckertown, NY. He married Clarissa Wilson, daughter of Andrew Wilson and Miriam DeWitt, on 25 December 1835. Philetus Wilson died on 10 February 1876 at age 66.

Child of Philetus Wilson and Clarissa Wilson

Reenee R Wilson

     Reenee R Wilson married Daniel Van Winkle, son of John George Van Winkle and Abigail Yeomen, in 1868.
     Married name: Van Winkle. Name variation: Rena Wilson.

Richard Wilson


Child of Richard Wilson

Roy Wilson

     Roy Wilson married Harriet Smith, daughter of John Axford Smith and Mary Catherine Cramer.

Samuel Wilson

     Samuel Wilson married Experience Trowbridge, daughter of James Trowbridge and Margaret Atherton.

Sarah Wilson

     Sarah Wilson married John A Vreeland, son of Abraham G Vreeland and Lydia Vreeland, on 12 June 1864.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Sarah Wilson and John A Vreeland

Sarah Wilson

     Sarah Wilson married Benjamin Slelton, son of Samuel Slelton and Ellen Clements.
     Married name: Slelton.

Child of Sarah Wilson and Benjamin Slelton

Sarah Hulme Wilson

FatherHarved? Wilson
MotherMary Elizabeth Livingston Sanders
     Sarah Hulme Wilson married William Ten Broeck Mynderse, son of Barent A Mynderse and Albertina Sanders Ten Broeck, on 7 September 1905 at Clermont, NY.
     Married name: Mynderse.

Child of Sarah Hulme Wilson and William Ten Broeck Mynderse

  • Helen Livingston Mynderse b. 2 Feb 1914

Sevya Wilson

F, b. 24 October 1781
FatherGeorge Wilson
MotherAnnaetje Vreeland b. 23 Nov 1761
     Sevya Wilson was born on 24 October 1781. She was born on 2 December 1781 at Old Dutch Church, Totowa, NJ.

Viola Wilson

F, b. circa 1857
     Viola Wilson married Byron Edgar Nelson, son of Isaac Nelson and Hilea Daley. Viola Wilson was born circa 1857.
     Married name: Nelson.

William Wilson

     William Wilson married Margaret.

Child of William Wilson and Margaret

Winthrop Wilson

     Winthrop Wilson married Lucinda Vreeland, daughter of John Vreeland and Hester Demarest.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Winthrop Wilson and Lucinda Vreeland

  • Hester Wilson
  • Euphemia Wilson
  • Douglas Wilson
  • Ella Wilson

Deborah Wilsye

FatherTheunis Wilsye
     Deborah Wilsye married Thomas Laurence before 1753. Deborah Wilsye married Jan Boeckhout, son of Mathys Boeckhout and Lysbeth Ellsworth, in September 1753.
     Married name: Laurence. Married name: Boeckhout.

Theunis Wilsye


Child of Theunis Wilsye

Deborah Wilsze

F, b. 1709
FatherTheunis Wilsze
MotherDeborah Lubberts
     Deborah Wilsze was baptized in 1709. She married Thomas Lawrence, son of John Lawrence and Deborah Woodhull, on 5 January 1730.
     Married name: Lawrence.

Child of Deborah Wilsze and Thomas Lawrence

Theunis Wilsze

     Theunis Wilsze married Deborah Lubberts.

Child of Theunis Wilsze and Deborah Lubberts

William Wilt

     William Wilt married Tina Barnes, daughter of Joseph Albert Barnes and Ella Heskett.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Wilt and Tina Barnes

  • Stanley Wilt
  • Philip Wilt
  • Sylvia Wilt

Sophia Wilts

     Sophia Wilts married Adrian Onderdonk.
     Married name: Onderdonk. Name variation: Sophia Wiltze.

Child of Sophia Wilts and Adrian Onderdonk

Hendrick Martenson Wiltse

     Hendrick Martenson Wiltse married an unknown person.

Child of Hendrick Martenson Wiltse

Jannetje Hendrickse Wiltse

F, b. 7 January 1663
FatherHendrick Martenson Wiltse
     Jannetje Hendrickse Wiltse was born on 7 January 1663 at Kings County, NY. She married Myndert Hendricksen Hogencamp, son of Hendrick von Hogencampen Hogencamp, on 23 April 1681 at New Amsterdam, NY. Jannetje Hendrickse Wiltse married John DePew in 1701.
     Married name: DePew. Married name: Hogencamp.

Child of Jannetje Hendrickse Wiltse and Myndert Hendricksen Hogencamp

Henry Wiltsie LD

     Henry Wiltsie LD married Maria Stockholm.

Child of Henry Wiltsie LD and Maria Stockholm

  • Andries Wiltsie b. 19 Apr 1761

John Wiltsie

     John Wiltsie married Neeltje Stockholm, daughter of Andrew Stockholm and Neeltje Nagel.
     Name variation: Johannes Wiltsie.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Wiltsie and Neeltje Stockholm

  • Elizabeth Wiltsie b. 1 Aug 1762
  • Henrick Wiltsie b. 20 Feb 1765

Nancy Wiltsie

     Nancy Wiltsie married Josiah DuBois, son of Cornelius DuBois Jr. and Gertrude Bruyn, at Fishkill, NY.
     Married name: DuBois.

Anna Rosina Wimmer

F, b. 4 March 1871
     Anna Rosina Wimmer married Johann Daniel Haase on 13 February 1804 at Falkenburg, Germany. Anna Rosina Wimmer was born on 4 March 1871 at Oppeln, Germany.
     Married name: Haase.

Child of Anna Rosina Wimmer and Johann Daniel Haase