John Waugh

FatherDavid Waugh
MotherSarah Lent b. 17 Feb 1775, d. 7 Aug 1851
     John Waugh married Augusta Badgley.
     They had three children.

Jan Waushaer?

M, d. before 1677
     Jan Waushaer? married Baetje Kip, daughter of Hendrick Kip Sr. and Tryntie Lubberts. Jan Waushaer? died before 1677.

Jan Waushaer?

     Jan Waushaer? married Tryntie Lubberts.

Egbert Wauters

     Egbert Wauters married Jane Van Ripen, daughter of Dirk Van Ripen and Jenneke Vreeland, on 17 January 1828.

Garret Wauters

     Garret Wauters married Cornelia Vreeland, daughter of Stephen Vreeland and Jenneke Vreeland, on 29 January 1825 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.

Child of Garret Wauters

Gerritse Wauters

     Gerritse Wauters married Ariantje Joralemon, daughter of Jacobus Janse Joralemon and Pieterje Claes, before 1735.
     Name variation: Gerritse Wouterse. Name variation: Gerard Walters.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Gerritse Wauters and Ariantje Joralemon

John G Wauters

FatherGarret Wauters
     John G Wauters married Abigail Post Vreeland, daughter of Michael D Vreeland and Rachael Sturges, on 13 December 1854 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.

Elsie L Way

     Elsie L Way married George E Shuart, son of David F Shuart and Catherine Maria Goetschius, on 17 September 1902.
     Married name: Shuart.

Jewel Marie Way

F, b. 16 May 1946, d. 18 January 1951
FatherWellington Lyman Way b. 1906, d. 1991
MotherLillian Ruth Holley b. 25 Dec 1908, d. 9 Feb 1990
     Jewel Marie Way was born on 16 May 1946 at Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, LA. She died on 18 January 1951 at age 4.

Thomas James Way

M, b. 10 December 1835
     Thomas James Way was born on 10 December 1835. He was buried at NY Cemetery (Maple Grove), Hackensack, NJ, (Plot 89-A).
     He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Wellington Lyman Way

M, b. 1906, d. 1991
     Wellington Lyman Way was born in 1906 at Hammond, LA. He married Lillian Ruth Holley, daughter of William Uptegrove Holley and Emily Calistia Pettingill, on 21 February 1930 at Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, LA. Wellington Lyman Way died in 1991 at Louisiana.

Child of Wellington Lyman Way and Lillian Ruth Holley

Anna Wayne

F, b. 6 February 1768, d. 10 October 1842
FatherJacob Wayne b. c 6 Feb 1739, d. Jan 1814
MotherPhoenix Clark b. Sep 1747, d. Dec 1822
     Anna Wayne was born on 6 February 1768 at Sheffield, MA. She married Thaddius Mason, son of Rufus Mason, on 23 October 1794 at Sheffield, MA. Anna Wayne died on 10 October 1842 at Vermilion Township, Eire County, OH, at age 74.
     Married name: Mason.

Child of Anna Wayne and Thaddius Mason

Jacob Wayne

M, b. circa 6 February 1739, d. January 1814
FatherStephen Wayne b. c 1700
     Jacob Wayne married Phoenix Clark, daughter of David Clark and Mercy Adams. Jacob Wayne was born circa 6 February 1739 at Westfield, MA. He died in January 1814 at Sheffield, MA.

Child of Jacob Wayne and Phoenix Clark

Stephen Wayne

M, b. circa 1700
FatherThomas Wayne b. c 1652, d. 15 May 1722
MotherMary Lord
     Stephen Wayne was born circa 1700 (The relationship between Jacob and Stephen is tenuous).

Child of Stephen Wayne

Stephen Wayne

M, d. circa 1700
     Stephen Wayne was born at Plymouth, Devonshire, England. He died circa 1700.

Child of Stephen Wayne

Thomas Wayne

M, b. circa 1652, d. 15 May 1722
FatherStephen Wayne d. c 1700
     Thomas Wayne was born circa 1652. He married Mary Lord. Thomas Wayne died on 15 May 1722 at Perth Amboy, NJ.
     He was one of the 24 proprietors of New Jersey.

Child of Thomas Wayne and Mary Lord

Caroline Weatherbee

F, b. 23 November 1842
     Caroline Weatherbee was born on 23 November 1842 at Atlas, Pike County, IL. She married John Daley Andrus, son of Milo Andrus and Abigail Jane Daley, in 1863.
     Married name: Andrus.

Child of Caroline Weatherbee and John Daley Andrus

Elizabeth Weatherly

     Elizabeth Weatherly married Titus DeWitt, son of Barent DeWitt and Sara Van Tassel.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Weatherly and Titus DeWitt

Thomas Weatherston

     Thomas Weatherston married Sarah Ann Axford, daughter of Wellington Axford and Catherine Fonger, on 27 April 1904.
     Thomas Weatherston lived at Buffalo, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Weatherston and Sarah Ann Axford

  • Catherine Weatherston
  • Alice Weatherston
  • Margaret Weatherston

Amelia Weaver

     Amelia Weaver married James Brockleyhurst Van Houten, son of James D Van Houten and Susan Ann Harrison, on 3 July 1870 at Morrow County, OH.
     Married name: Van Houten.

Beatrice Weaver

     Beatrice Weaver married Charles F Schultz.
     Married name: Schultz.

Carl Augusta Weaver Sr.

M, b. 27 August 1908, d. 14 December 1997
FatherWilliam Edwin George Weaver b. 1 May 1879 or 1880, d. 12 Jul 1961
MotherAnna Evelyn Bartsch b. 4 Sep 1878, d. 21 Aug 1947
     Carl Augusta Weaver Sr. was born on 27 August 1908 at Brooklyn, NY. He married Ruth Virginia Schovner on 9 November 1935 at New Baltimore, Greene County, NY. Carl Augusta Weaver Sr. married Dorothy. Carl Augusta Weaver Sr. died on 14 December 1997 at Port Charlotte, Charlotte County, FL, at age 89.

Christine Weaver

     Christine Weaver married Gerrit van der Hoef, son of Gijsbert van der Hoef and Margaret Vreeland.
     Married name: van der Hoef.

Edith Augusta Weaver

F, b. 6 February 1875, d. June 1916
FatherGeorge Augustus Weaver b. 15 Jan 1852, d. 31 Jan 1946
MotherMargaretta Veldran b. 10 Oct 1851, d. 10 Mar 1905
     Edith Augusta Weaver was born on 6 February 1875 at New York. She married Frank Botzong. Edith Augusta Weaver married Wallace Hamlin Shaw on 24 June 1903 at Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ. Edith Augusta Weaver died in June 1916 at Brooklyn, NY, at age 41.
     Married name: Shaw. Married name: Botzong.

Child of Edith Augusta Weaver and Frank Botzong

Elizabeth Weaver

     Elizabeth Weaver married John Luke at Martha's Vineyard, MA.
     Married name: Luke.

Child of Elizabeth Weaver and John Luke

Evelyn Rose Weaver

F, b. 18 October 1903, d. 17 February 1973
FatherWilliam Edwin George Weaver b. 1 May 1879 or 1880, d. 12 Jul 1961
MotherAnna Evelyn Bartsch b. 4 Sep 1878, d. 21 Aug 1947
     Evelyn Rose Weaver was born on 18 October 1903 at Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ. She married Ralph Henry Chapman on 29 September 1945 at New York, NY. Evelyn Rose Weaver died on 17 February 1973 at Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, MI, at age 69.
     Married name: Chapman.

Frank Weaver

M, b. May 1862
     Frank Weaver was born in May 1862 at England. He married Lavinnia Titus, daughter of Charles Henry Titus and Susan Galloway, circa 1883.
     Frank Weaver immigrated on 5 July 1869 to New York City, NY, on board the ship 'City of Paris.'

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frank Weaver and Lavinnia Titus

George Augustus Weaver

M, b. 15 January 1852, d. 31 January 1946
     George Augustus Weaver was born on 15 January 1852 at Philadelphia, Delaware County, PA. He married Margaretta Veldran, daughter of William Samuel Veldran and Margaretta Gaston Duyckinck, on 9 April 1874 at Rutherford Park, Bergen County, NJ. George Augustus Weaver died on 31 January 1946 at Myers Sanitarium, Park Ridge, Bergen County, NJ, at age 94.

Children (not necessarily in order) of George Augustus Weaver and Margaretta Veldran

Harry G Weaver

M, b. 21 April 1885, d. 28 December 1885 or 30 December 1885
FatherGeorge Augustus Weaver b. 15 Jan 1852, d. 31 Jan 1946
MotherMargaretta Veldran b. 10 Oct 1851, d. 10 Mar 1905
     Harry G Weaver was born on 21 April 1885 at New York. He died on 28 December 1885 or 30 December 1885.

Hazel K Weaver

F, b. between 1884 and 1885, d. 1969
FatherFrank Weaver b. May 1862
MotherLavinnia Titus b. c 3 May 1862, d. 1921
     Hazel K Weaver married John M O'Connor. Hazel K Weaver was born between 1884 and 1885 at Indiana. She died in 1969.
     Married name: O'Connor. She lived in 1920 at Center Twp, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. She lived in 1930 at Speedway, Marion County, IN.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hazel K Weaver and John M O'Connor