Wilhelmus Schoonmaker

M, b. 15 January 1744, d. before 1800
FatherJohannes Schoonmaker b. 1697
MotherAriaentje Hoogteling b. 10 Sep 1704
     Wilhelmus Schoonmaker married Catharine Louw. Wilhelmus Schoonmaker was baptized on 15 January 1744. He died before 1800.

Wyntje Schoonmaker

F, b. 13 June 1761, d. before 1803
FatherFrederick Schoonmaker Jr. b. 13 Jan 1740, d. 2 Dec 1819
MotherElizabeth Schoonmaker b. 1738, d. 7 Sep 1818
     Wyntje Schoonmaker was born on 13 June 1761. She married Levi DeWitt, son of Andries DeWitt and Bredgen Nottingham, circa 1780. Wyntje Schoonmaker died before 1803.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Wyntje Schoonmaker and Levi DeWitt

  • Andries Roosa DeWitt
  • Thomas DeWitt
  • Frederick DeWitt+ b. 30 Nov 1781, d. 7 Oct 1865

Wyntjen Schoonmaker

F, b. 14 January 1733, d. circa 1811
FatherJoachem Schoonmaker b. 12 Oct 1710
MotherLidea Rosekrans b. 3 May 1713, d. 30 Dec 1778
     Wyntjen Schoonmaker was baptized on 14 January 1733 at Kingston, NY. She married Thomas Schoonmaker, son of Frederick Schoonmaker and Eva Swarthout, on 14 September 1753. Wyntjen Schoonmaker died circa 1811.
     Married name: Schoonmaker.

Zara Schoonmaker

F, b. 15 January 1715, d. before 1753
FatherHendrick Jochemse Schoonmaker b. 16 Aug 1683, d. a 1730
MotherHeyltje Gerritse Decker b. 10 Jan 1686, d. 1773
     Zara Schoonmaker was baptized on 15 January 1715. She married Andries Cool before 1739. Zara Schoonmaker died before 1753.
     Married name: Cool.

Deborah Schoonover

     Deborah Schoonover married Philippus Swartwout, son of Jacobus James Swartwout and Antjen Anna Guimar, circa 1764.
     Married name: Swartwout.

Child of Deborah Schoonover and Philippus Swartwout

John Schoonover

     John Schoonover married Elizabeth Kortrecht, daughter of Johannes Cortright and Margaret Dennemarken.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Schoonover and Elizabeth Kortrecht

Lodewyck Schop

M, b. 28 February 1775, d. 17 September 1860
     Lodewyck Schop was born on 28 February 1775. He married Catharine Burhans, daughter of Richard Burhans and Maria Langendyck, on 14 August 1798 at Saugerties, NY. Lodewyck Schop died on 17 September 1860 at age 85.

Mary A Schor

     Mary A Schor married John I Vreeland, son of Isaac R Vreeland and Gertrude Edsall.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary A Schor and John I Vreeland

Andries Schouten

     Andries Schouten married Sara Freer, daughter of Abraham Freer and Aagien Tietsorte.

Anneken Schouten

F, b. 17 March 1666
     Anneken Schouten was born on 17 March 1666. She married Theunis Dirckesen Dey, son of Dirck Dey and Jannetje Theunis, on 4 February 1685. Anneken Schouten married Joris Martenzen Reyerson on 11 August 1691.
     Married name: Reyerson. Married name: Dey. Name variation: Hannah Schouten.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anneken Schouten and Theunis Dirckesen Dey

Arnold Schouten

M, b. 9 December 1769
FatherSimon Schouten
MotherMaria Stockholm
     Arnold Schouten was born on 9 December 1769. He was baptized on 20 January 1770.

Maritie Schouten

F, b. 6 May 1703
FatherSymon Schouten
MotherYpse Janae Valentyn
     Maritie Schouten was baptized on 6 May 1703 at Cortland Manor, NY. She married Adolf Bancker, son of Laurens Mattyse Bancker and Jannetje Hendrickse, on 16 January 1724/25.
     Married name: Bancker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maritie Schouten and Adolf Bancker

Simon Schouten

     Simon Schouten married Maria Stockholm between 28 September 1766 and 22 October 1766.

Child of Simon Schouten and Maria Stockholm

Symen Schouten

     Symen Schouten married Jannetje Freer, daughter of Abraham Freer and Aagien Tietsorte.

Symon Schouten

     Symon Schouten married Ypse Janae Valentyn.

Child of Symon Schouten and Ypse Janae Valentyn

Ruth Virginia Schovner

F, b. 5 October 1912, d. 7 January 1982
     Ruth Virginia Schovner was born on 5 October 1912 at Buffalo, Erie County, NY. She married Carl Augusta Weaver Sr., son of William Edwin George Weaver and Anna Evelyn Bartsch, on 9 November 1935 at New Baltimore, Greene County, NY. Ruth Virginia Schovner died on 7 January 1982 at Port Charlotte, Charlotte County, FL, at age 69.

Arley Arlena Schram

F, b. 3 September 1901, d. 27 April 1949
     Arley Arlena Schram was buried at St. Thomas Memorial Cemetery, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, (Sec. 8 lot 12 1/2). She was born on 3 September 1901 at Charlotteville, Ontario, Canada. She married Clifton Claude Berdan, son of Albert Alfonzo Berdan and Drusilla Archer, on 16 July 1918 at Baptist Church, New Sarum, Ontario, Canada. Arley Arlena Schram died on 27 April 1949 at St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, at age 47.
     Married name: Berdan.

Gertrude Schram

F, b. 1753
FatherWilliam Schram
MotherCatherine Lehman
     Gertrude Schram was born in 1753. She married Jacob Van Buskirk, son of Andries Thomas Van Buskirk and Annetje Verway, in 1768.
     Married name: Van Buskirk.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Gertrude Schram and Jacob Van Buskirk

William Schram

     William Schram married Catherine Lehman.

Child of William Schram and Catherine Lehman

John Erwin Schranz


Elizabeth Schraud

     Elizabeth Schraud married William Bishop.
     Married name: Bishop.

Bertha Schreder

     Bertha Schreder married Wilson Grant Cortright, son of John Wesley Kortright and Mary A Seitz, on 3 November 1899.
     Married name: Cortright.

Child of Bertha Schreder and Wilson Grant Cortright

  • Ruth Mary Cortright b. 16 Sep 1910

Anna Maria Schrem(s)

F, b. 29 April 1849, d. 26 September 1879
FatherAndreas Schrems b. 1 Jun 1805, d. 10 Jun 1859
MotherAnna Maria Riedl b. 20 Jan 1810, d. 8 Apr 1889
     Anna Maria Schrem(s) was born on 29 April 1849 at Weilach, Bavaria, Germany. She married Xavier Kneissl, son of Raimund Kneissl and Regina Zobinger, on 26 May 1868. Anna Maria Schrem(s) died on 26 September 1879 at Weilach, Bavaria, Germany, at age 30.
     She was Type: Identifier Number 13. Born in 1849, the year of the California gold rush. Married name: Kneissl. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anna Maria Schrem(s) and Xavier Kneissl

Andreas Schrems

M, b. 1 June 1805, d. 10 June 1859
     Andreas Schrems was born on 1 June 1805. He married Anna Maria Riedl, daughter of Sebastian Riedl and Magdalena Spielberger, on 22 November 1831 (Weilach, Bavaria, G). Andreas Schrems died on 10 June 1859 at Weilach, Bavaria, Germany, at age 54. He was buried on 12 June 1859.
     He was Type: Identifier Number 26. Birthdate estimated from death information
Augsburg Archives to AMB:
His baptism could not be found in the Weilach baptismal records, so it is likely that the family came to Weilach after his birth.
From the family book of Weilach- The marriage of Andreas Schrems, master cabinetmaker, of Weilach, House # 29, House name Schreiner, unmarried, son of Christoph Schrems, Schreinermeister of Weilach and Barbara (born) Riedl
on 22 November 1831 to
Anna Maria Riedl, smith's daughter of Inchenhofen, daughter of Sebastian Riedl, smith from Inchenhofen and Magdalena (born) Spielberger.
Witnesses Mathias Kraus and Paulus Prigelmaier

Death record (Weilach)
10 June 1859 12:30 AM died, buried 12 June in Weilach.
cause of death - apoplexy Age 54 years and 10 days
his wife survived him.#58,59
Name Andreas Schrems, Schreinermeister (Master carpenter) Born ? June 1805, Weilach
Married 22 Nov. 1831, Weilach
Died 10 June 1859
Other spouse Andreas married twice
Spouse Anna Maria Riedl
Born 20 Jan. 1810, Inchenhofen
Died 8 Apr.1879, Weilach
Children Born Place Died Place
Anna Maria 29Apr1849 Weilach 26Sep1879 Weilach
m. Xavier Kneissl 26 May 1868
Died at the birth of her sixth child.
Her great great grandson, Prof. Hubert Klebel has in his
possession a cookbook written in her own hand in which she
signs her name Maria Schrembs.

Andreas Schrems is identified as a Schreinermeister(master carpenter). He married twice and
since Anna Maria Riedl outlived him, it is presumed that his first wife died young and Anna
Maria was his second wife.

After Anna Maria Riedl's name is 'Zum Hofmiller Anfrau'. This indicated the House name of a
farm. The House Name did not change, even if the family name died out. It can be presumed
that Anna Maria's father, Andreas, owned a farm. He was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Andreas Schrems and Anna Maria Riedl

Nothburga Schrems

FatherAndreas Schrems b. 1 Jun 1805, d. 10 Jun 1859
MotherAnna Maria Riedl b. 20 Jan 1810, d. 8 Apr 1889
     Nothburga Schrems died at Sattelberg?
     After her mother Anna Maria Riedl Schrems was widowed, in 1871 she went to live with Nothburga , Hafmullerin (housename) in Sattelberg House # 89, until she died. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Paulus Schrick

M, d. before 1664
     Paulus Schrick married Maria Verlett. Paulus Schrick died before 1664.

Anna Schroeder

F, b. 23 October 1872, d. 5 May 1941
     Anna Schroeder married John Bose. Anna Schroeder was born on 23 October 1872 at Weinstedt, Germany. She died on 5 May 1941 at Amherst, NH, at age 68.
     Married name: Bose.

Child of Anna Schroeder and John Bose

Gladys Schroeder

     Gladys Schroeder married Talbot Von Keller Lewis, son of Wilfred Trevor Lewis and Jeannette Hauser.
     Married name: Lewis.

Ames Schrott

FatherJohn Schrott b. 1818
MotherElizabeth b. 1837
     Ames Schrott married Elizabeth Bies, daughter of Philip Bies and Eliza, in 1889.

Child of Ames Schrott and Elizabeth Bies

Dorothea Anna Schrott

F, b. 11 October 1898, d. 31 July 1990
FatherAmes Schrott
MotherElizabeth Bies b. Mar 1867, d. 1940
     Dorothea Anna Schrott was born on 11 October 1898 at Queens County, NY. She married Archibald Hamilton, son of George Hamilton and Emma Jane Doremus, on 12 June 1917. Dorothea Anna Schrott died on 31 July 1990 at Nyack, Rockland County, NY, at age 91.
     Married name: Hamilton.

Child of Dorothea Anna Schrott and Archibald Hamilton