Hopper Family Burial Ground, Glen Rock, NJ

The Cemetery is located in Glen Rock, New Jersey, off of Spotswood Road and next to the play field behind the Coleman School.

The gravestone inscriptions were recorded by the Glen Rock Historical Society  and transcribed by Richard F. Hahn of the Genealogical Society of Bergen County (GSBC). Original transcription materials are held by the GSBC in the Bolger Heritage Center, Ridgewood Public Library.

The following table lists the facts recorded on the tomb stones when they were still readable in an earlier time. It contains the following surnames: HOPPER, DEMAREST, VAN EMBURGH, SPEAR, COURTER, GOETSCHIUS, ACKERMAN, WESTERVELT, LYDECKER, WILLIAMS, VOORHIS, and VAN WAGNER.

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Name Date of Death Age at Death Notes
Anne Hopper Feb 2, 1839 88y, 3m, 27d
Jacob Demarest Dec 22, 1832 11y, 3m Son of James & Ann Demarest
Peter Hopper Aug 28, 1818 73y, 6m, 26d
John VanEmburgh July 13, 1852 28y Son of James J. and Anna Demarest
Maria Hopper Mar 30, 1851 4y, 6m, 13d Daughter of Garret H and Eliza Hopper
Theunis Hopper July 29, 1854 4y Child of Garret H. And Eliza Hopper
Eliza Spear Mar 5, 1897 born Feb 7, 1814 Wife of Garret H. Hopper
James J. Demarest Aug 6, 1849 56y, 7m, 2d
Henry J. Hopper Feb 5, 1849 42y, 1m, 22d
Sophia Courter Mar 4, 1860 84y, 6m, 16d wife of Aaron Courter
Aaron Courter Feb 28, 1862 85y, 2m, 5d
Caroline Hopper Oct 25, 1897 78y, 1m, 28d
Maria Goetschius June 15, 1889 79y, 2m, 12d wife of Abraham H. Hopper
Garret H. Hopper Jan 10, 1870 60y, 1m, 8d
Peter Hopper Mar 3, 1879 73y, 4m
Ann Hopper Dec 27, 1888 74y, 7m, 17d
Henry G. Hopper June 22, 1859 24y, 3m, 13d
Dorcas Ackerman Aug 11, 1866 92y, 11m wife of Garret P. Hopper
John A. Hopper May 25, 1863 22y, 6m, 14d Civil War casualty
Henry P. Hopper Mar 28, 1870 85y, 11m
Abraham Hopper Mar 20, 1856 48y, 6m
Elizabeth Ann Hopper Mar 10, 1868 19y, 7m, 17d
Garret J. Hopper Sep 12, 1876 55y, 1m, 23d
Eliza Westervelt Oct 22, 1894 68y, 8m, 22d wife of Garret J. Hopper
Garret P. Hopper May 12, 1852 82y, 3m, 13d
Albert J. Hopper Nov 5, 1818 38y, 11m, 28d
Elizabeth Ackerman Jan 17, 1864 87y, 1m, 8d wife of Henry P. Hopper
Jacob Demarest Apr 23, 1829 65y, 8m, 27d
John J. Lydecker Aug 14, 1846 52y, 10m, 4d
Sarah M. Hopper June 2, 1819 30y, 12m, 12d Wife of James Williams
John H. Hopper Aug 7, 1859 71y, 2m, 7d
Mary Voorhis Apr 7, 1870 84y, 1m, 20d wife of John H. Hopper
Clarence Williams July 19, 1873 2 months Son of James and Sarah Williams
Baby May 4. 1828 2 months Son of Garrett and Jemime VanWagoner
Catherine Hopper Aug 9, 1838 40y, 11m, 12d wife of John J. Lydecker
Kacia Demarest Aug 4, 1849 76y, 3m, 27d
Ann VanEmburgh Apr 19, 1833 35y, 10m, 14d wife of James Demarest