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GSBC Library Collections

 The GSBC's collection augments the Ridgewood Library's own impressive collection of local history and genealogy references. Our collection of genealogies, books, periodicals, newsletters, journals, and CDs focuses on Bergen County and its surrounding areas. Additionally, there are numerous reference materials covering basic genealogy and other parts of the world.

Donations of genealogical books and newsletters, original historical ephemera and photographs, yearbooks, directories, or other materials related to Bergen County and its families to the GSBC library are always welcome.

GSBC Member-Contributed Family Files

Family Information furnished by GSBC members is maintained in locked file cabinets at the RPL. These generally include Family Group Records, Family Trees, and sometimes the related source material, photos and ephemera. All members are encouraged to submit Family Group Records, Family Trees, and other relevant material.

One of our members has transcribed the available information into a computer database so that they may be easily searched. These files are posted on the website with a cut-off date of 1930.

If you would like to provide information to be added to this collection, we suggest you send it in electronic form as a GEDCOM file. (All computer genealogical program, i.e., Family Tree Maker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, are capable of exporting a GEDCOM file.) An electronic format would greatly expedite the integration of your data our searchable database. These files may be submitted on a CD-Rom or via e-mail.

Send us an message to learn how to submit your information. You can also send your information or orders directly to the GSBC, P. O. box 432, Midland Park, NJ 07432.

Library Catalog — Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS) and PastPerfect

Most of our books are integrated into the catalog of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS). You can search the catalog by keyword (default), title, author, or subject or limit your searches to holding at the RPL.

Not all of our materials are in the BCCLS. We maintain a separate database, PastPerfect, which is only available on-site at the Bolger Heritage Center. PastPerfect contains our older books, as well as some extra records, such as:

  • Older Books, Local Histories and Pamphlets — Some lesser titles in the GSBC collection (i.e. privately printed books, pamphlets) were judged to be unsuitable for inclusion in the wider BCCLS. These are catalogued in Past Perfect.
  • Postcards and Pictures — Pictures of local landmarks, houses etc. have been catalogued in Past Perfect. A scan of the picture is attached and can be retrieved through the program.
  • Maps in GSBC Collection — These maps are catalogued by location.
  • Index to Family Genealogies — The twenty to twenty-five most common names across all the Family Genealogies in the GSBC collection have been entered in Past Perfect. This is tailored to the GSBC collection and allows researchers to find related names in other genealogies.
  • Index to Portraits in Local History Books — Many Local Histories contain a number of portraits. Portraits in the GSBC collection have been indexed by name.
  • Index to 1912-1913 Bromley Maps —All names on the 1912-1913 Bromley Maps of Bergen County have been entered. (This index is also available on this website.)