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RPL-GSBC 2020 Lock-In 

City Directories

Presented by Sydney R. Robertson

Resources: 2020-RPL-GSBC Lock-In | City Directories | ©2020 Sydney R. Robertson

The above video presented at a RPL–GSBC Lock-In event—a partnership between the Ridgewood public Library and the Genealogical Society of Bergen County, NJ—and is provided as a free educational service. Please note that the content of this presentation and the handout are copyrighted to the respective speakers. These speakers have made these materials available for this specific distribution—please do not download, stream, broadcast or otherwise distribute this content without their express written permission of the respective speaker. For more information, please contact the Ridgewood Public Library or GSBC (

Your GSBC Membership contributions help support these speakers and the technology to make this possible—thank you!

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