Mary Bingham

     Mary Bingham married Webster Tenney.
     Married name: Tenney.

Child of Mary Bingham and Webster Tenney

Rebecca Bingham

F, b. 1804
     Rebecca Bingham married Asa Davis. Rebecca Bingham was born in 1804 at Vermont.
     Married name: Davis.

Thomas Bingham

FatherThomas Bingham
MotherMary Rudd
     Thomas Bingham married Hannah Backus, daughter of William Backus and Elizabeth Pratt, on 17 February 1691/92.

Thomas Bingham

     Thomas Bingham married Mary Rudd.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Bingham and Mary Rudd

Elizabeth Bingley

F, b. 24 June 1660, d. circa 1685
FatherWilliam Bingley d. a Aug 1659
MotherElizabeth Preston d. a 23 Jun 1660
     Elizabeth Bingley was born on 24 June 1660 at Salisbury, MA. She married John Chase, son of Aquila Chase and Ann, on 23 May 1677 at Newbury (Newburyport), MA. Elizabeth Bingley died circa 1685 at Newbury (Newburyport)?, MA.
     Married name: Chase.

William Bingley

M, d. after August 1659
     William Bingley married Elizabeth Preston. William Bingley died after August 1659.

Child of William Bingley and Elizabeth Preston

Martin Bins

     Martin Bins married Ellen Kortright, daughter of Abraham Cortright and Sarah Bouchter.


     Birch married Sarah.

Child of Birch and Sarah

Ella Birch

     Ella Birch married (Jacob) Albert Bertschy, son of Jacob Albert Bertschy and Sarah Christie, on 5 September 1888. Ella Birch was buried on 28 March 1950 at Paterson, Passaic County, NJ.
     Married name: Bertschy.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ella Birch and (Jacob) Albert Bertschy

John Birch

M, b. 8 September 1933, d. 13 March 2000
FatherJohn Alfred Birch b. 24 May 1907, d. 17 Apr 1982
     John Birch was born on 8 September 1933 at Wallasey, England. He died on 13 March 2000 at Wallasey, England, at age 66.

John Alfred Birch

M, b. 24 May 1907, d. 17 April 1982
     John Alfred Birch was born in 1907. He was born on 24 May 1907 at Wallasey, England. He died on 17 April 1982 at Wallasey, England, at age 74.

Child of John Alfred Birch

Charlotte Putnam Birchard

     Charlotte Putnam Birchard married Rollin Converse DeWitt.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Charlotte Putnam Birchard and Rollin Converse DeWitt

Elizabeth Bird

     Elizabeth Bird married Jacob Teats.
     Married name: Teats.

Child of Elizabeth Bird and Jacob Teats

Ellen Bird

     Ellen Bird married Richard Philhower, son of John Philhower and Rachel Sutton.
     Married name: Philhower.

Ezekial Bird

     Ezekial Bird married Hannah Holden, daughter of William Holden and Hannah Beal, at Dorchester, MA.

Mary Elizabeth Bird

     Mary Elizabeth Bird married Robert Martin, son of Martin, in 1920.
     Mary was described as 'charming and altogether lovely.' The engagement and wedding were international news.
Mary was a descendant of Col. William Byrd who buit 'Westover,' one of the first colonial mansions of Virginia in 1734.
The spelling of the name changed during the Revolution when the Byrds were Tories and the Birds cast their lot with the Colonials. Married name: Martin.

Peter Bird

     Peter Bird married Ruth E Vreeland, daughter of Joseph Vreeland and Elizabeth Trilby, before 1918.

Raymond Bird

     Raymond Bird married Lauretta Vreeland, daughter of Vreeland and Elizabeth.

Benjamin Birdsall


Child of Benjamin Birdsall

Hannah Birdsall

F, b. circa 1762, d. 27 December 1807
     Hannah Birdsall married Isaac Hasbrouck, son of Jonathan Hasbrouck and Tryntje Catherine Dubois. Hannah Birdsall was born circa 1762. She died on 27 December 1807 at Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Hasbrouck.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hannah Birdsall and Isaac Hasbrouck

Martha Birdsall

F, b. circa 1700, d. circa 1733
FatherStephen Birdsall b. c 1656, d. 1723
     Martha Birdsall was born circa 1700. She married James Irons on 4 March 1730. Martha Birdsall died circa 1733.
     Married name: Irons.

Child of Martha Birdsall and James Irons

Nathaniel Birdsall

M, d. 1696
FatherBenjamin Birdsall
     Nathaniel Birdsall married Temperance Baldwin at New Haven, CT. Nathaniel Birdsall died in 1696.

Child of Nathaniel Birdsall and Temperance Baldwin

Phobe S Birdsall

     Phobe S Birdsall married Isaiah Gurnee.
     Married name: Gurnee.

Child of Phobe S Birdsall and Isaiah Gurnee

Rachel Ann Birdsall

     Rachel Ann Birdsall married John Alexander Bowlby, son of Thomas Bowlby and Sarah Axford.
     Married name: Bowlby.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Ann Birdsall and John Alexander Bowlby

  • Alexander Bowlby
  • Thomas Bowlby
  • Brandford Bowlby
  • Sarah Bowlby
  • Martha Ann Bowlby
  • Francis Almena Bowlby
  • Annie Marie Bowlby
  • Emma Bowlby
  • Phebe Bowlby

Stephen Birdsall

M, b. circa 1656, d. 1723
FatherNathaniel Birdsall d. 1696
MotherTemperance Baldwin
     Stephen Birdsall married Mary. Stephen Birdsall was born circa 1656. He died in 1723 at Little Egg Harbor, NJ.

Child of Stephen Birdsall and Mary



Children (not necessarily in order) of Birdsey

Catherine Birdsey

F, b. 1626, d. 25 June 1692
FatherEdward (Edmund) Birdsey
MotherPhillipa Smith
     Catherine Birdsey was born in 1626. She married Joseph Hawley, son of Hawley, circa 1646 at Wethersfield, CT. Catherine Birdsey died on 25 June 1692 at Stratford, Fairfield County, CT.
     Mr. Peters' wife's father, William Birdsey, was great-grandson ofthe first John Birdsey at Stratford, and it would seem that suchinformation ought to pass through only two intermediate generationscorrectly. Tradition in Stratford, CT. says that Katharine was the niece ofJohn Birdsey, who settled in Stratford, and her father lived inWethersfield, and this seems more probable from the fact that the Rev.Samuel Peters, who married into the Birdsey family in 1773, in his'General History of Connecticut', published first in 1781, states thatJohn Birdsey came to New Haven with two sons, and one of them settled inMiddletown (more probably Wethersfield) and the other at Stratford. Married name: Hawley.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catherine Birdsey and Joseph Hawley

Edward (Edmund) Birdsey

     Edward (Edmund) Birdsey was born at Reading, England.
     Edward (Edmund) sailed to America in 1636.

Child of Edward (Edmund) Birdsey and Phillipa Smith

George Birley

     George Birley married Ellen Jane Vreeland, daughter of Nicholas Vreeland and Ellen Masker, on 9 October 1870.

Joanna Bisbee

F, b. 8 April 1686, d. 27 June 1720
FatherElisha Bisbey b. c 1654, d. 4 Mar 1715
MotherMary Jacobs b. 30 Mar 1656, d. 16 May 1737
     Joanna Bisbee was born on 8 April 1686 at Hingham, MA. She married John Leavitt, son of Israel Leavitt and Lydia Jackson, before July 1708 at Hingham, MA. Joanna Bisbee died on 27 June 1720 at Hingham, MA, at age 34.
     Married name: Leavitt.

Child of Joanna Bisbee and John Leavitt