Lester Proll

     Lester Proll married Louise S Vreeland, daughter of Cyrus Vreeland and Julia E.

Abraham Proovost

     Abraham Proovost married Jannetje Meyer, daughter of Hendrick Meyer and Elsje Roosevelt.

Larraine Proper

     Married name: Cook.

William B. Prophet

M, b. 1900, d. 10 February 1980
     William B. Prophet was buried at Maryrest Cemetery, Darlington, Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ. He was born in 1900. He died on 10 February 1980 at Saddle River, Bergen County, NJ.
     Surviving is a daughter Mary Louise (Tamblyn) and three grandchildren. He was the controller of the Astor Hotel in New York for 26 years until its closing in 1966. Then he was the controller of Caneel Bay Plantation, St John (US Virgin Islands) until his retirement in 1968. He appeared on the census of 1920 at 35 Raymond Ave, Rutherford, Bergen County, NJ. His father is Robert M. (55), mother Louise L. (52), sister Julia L. (34) and brother Robert M. (31), all born in New York (as is William B. (20)). Father is the president of a Machine Co., brother is the manager of same.

Benjamin Provoast

     Benjamin Provoast married Elsje Alberts.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Benjamin Provoast and Elsje Alberts

  • Magdalene Provoast b. 16 Sep 1623
  • Daniel? Provoast b. 6 Oct 1672
  • Cornelia Provoast b. 20 Jun 1692, d. b 1696
  • Cornelia Provoast b. 6 Sep 1696
  • Donat Provoast b. 14 May 1699

Cornelia Provoast

F, b. 20 June 1692, d. before 1696
FatherBenjamin Provoast
MotherElsje Alberts
     Cornelia Provoast was born on 20 June 1692. She died before 1696.

Benjamin Provoost

     Benjamin Provoost married Elsje ALBERTS in 1669/70.

Child of Benjamin Provoost and Elsje ALBERTS

Catharine Provoost

FatherWilliam Provoost
MotherAefjie Van Exareen?
     Catharine Provoost married Gerard Beekman, son of Gerard Beekman and Margdalena Abeel.
     Married name: Beekman.

David Provoost

     David Provoost married Maria De Peyster, daughter of Johannes De Peyster and Cornelia Lubbtse, on 26 August 1687.
     David Provoost was the mayor of New York.

David Provoost

     David Provoost married Tryntje Laurens.

Child of David Provoost and Tryntje Laurens

Elias Provoost

     Elias Provoost married Cornelia Roos.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elias Provoost and Cornelia Roos

  • David Provoost b. 23 Jul 1673
  • Jan Provoost b. 7 Jul 1675
  • Johannes Provoost b. 27 Sep 1676
  • Gerrit Provoost b. 12 Feb 1679
  • Aeltie Provoost b. 22 May 1681
  • Emmerens Provoost b. 7 Mar 1683

Elsje Provoost

F, b. 22 March 1671, d. 30 September 1730
FatherDavid Provoost
MotherTryntje Laurens
     Elsje Provoost married Gerrett Van Hoorn, son of Cornelius Van Hoorn and Anna Maria Jans. Elsje Provoost was baptized on 22 March 1671. She married Gerrett Van Hoorn, son of Cornelius Van Hoorn and Anna Maria Jans, on 2 July 1693. Elsje Provoost died on 30 September 1730 at age 59.
     Married name: Van Hoorn. Name variation: Alice Provoost. Name variation: Elizabeth Provoost.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elsje Provoost and Gerrett Van Hoorn

John Provoost

FatherSamuel Provoost
MotherMary Spratt
     John Provoost married Eva Rutgers in 1741.

Margaretta Provoost

F, b. BEF 16 SEP 1672/73, d. circa 1767
FatherBenjamin Provoost
MotherElsje ALBERTS
     Margaretta Provoost was born BEF 16 SEP 1672/73 at New Amsterdam. She was buried Gumaer Cemetery at Godeffroy, Orange County, NY. She was christened between 16 September 1672 and 1673 at New Amsterdam. She married Jacques Caudebec, son of James CAUDEBEC, between 21 October 1694 and 1695 at New York City, NY. Margaretta Provoost died circa 1767 at Deerpark, Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Caudebec.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margaretta Provoost and Jacques Caudebec

Maria Provoost

     Maria Provoost married Evert Van de Water.
     Married name: Van de Water. Name variation: Catharina Provoast.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maria Provoost and Evert Van de Water

  • Anna Van de Water b. 11 May 1701
  • Catharina Van de Water b. 16 Jan 1703
  • Annatje Van de Water b. 16 Jun 1706

Maria Provoost

     Maria Provoost married Abraham Van Hoorn, son of Cornelius Van Hoorn and Anna Maria Jans, on 16 September 1700.
     Married name: Van Hoorn.

Samuel Provoost

     Samuel Provoost married Mary Spratt, daughter of John Spratt and Maria De Peyster, on 15 October 1711.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Samuel Provoost and Mary Spratt

William Provoost

     William Provoost married Aefjie Van Exareen?

Child of William Provoost and Aefjie Van Exareen?


     Provost married Polly Vreeland, daughter of Jan Vreeland and Mary Kidney.

Amarentia Provost

     Amarentia Provost married Gerrit Roos.
     Married name: Roos.

Child of Amarentia Provost and Gerrit Roos

  • Pieter Roos b. 8 May 1726

Clara Josephine Provost

F, b. 21 October 1897 or 1898
FatherJames T Provost b. Nov 1860
MotherFrances B Queripel b. Jun 1863
     Clara Josephine Provost was born on 21 October 1897 or 1898 at New York, NY. She married Robert Henry Geisman on 24 December 1914 at St. Matthew's Ev. Lutheran Church, Bronx, NY.

Child of Clara Josephine Provost and Robert Henry Geisman

David Provost


Child of David Provost

David Provost

M, b. 1803, d. 1875
FatherJohn Provost d. 3 Aug 1832
MotherEve Calyer b. 19 Feb 1776, d. 23 Feb 1854
     David Provost was born in 1803. He died in 1875.

David Provost of Pompton Plains, NJ

     David Provost of Pompton Plains, NJ married Catharine Van Gelder.

Child of David Provost of Pompton Plains, NJ and Catharine Van Gelder

Eliza Jane Provost

     Eliza Jane Provost married Isaac J Youmans, son of John Daniel Youmans and Rebecca Forshee.
     Married name: Youmans.

Gerret Provost

     Gerret Provost married Aelette Rood.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Gerret Provost and Aelette Rood

  • Margreta Provost b. 4 Feb 1705
  • Elizabeth Provost b. 1 Oct 1710

Gille Provost


Child of Gille Provost

James T Provost

M, b. November 1860
     James T Provost was born in November 1860 at New York, NY. He married Frances B Queripel, daughter of Henry Jean Queripel and Adaline Veldran, on 17 February 1884 at New York, NY.

Child of James T Provost and Frances B Queripel

John Provost

M, d. 3 August 1832
FatherJonathan Provost
MotherAdriana Springsteen
     John Provost was baptized at Dutch Church, New Brunswick, NJ. He married Eve Calyer, daughter of Peter Calyer and Margaret Debevoise, in October 1785. John Provost died on 3 August 1832 at Bushwick, NY.
     He lived at Bushwick, NY, in the stone farmhouse built by their common ancester Peter Praa about 1663. Name variation: Johannes Provost.

Child of John Provost and Eve Calyer

John D Provost

M, b. 30 January 1766, d. circa 1810
FatherDavid Provost of Pompton Plains, NJ
MotherCatharine Van Gelder
     John D Provost was born on 30 January 1766. He married Catharine Calyer, daughter of Peter Calyer and Margaret Debevoise, on 5 May 1796. John D Provost died circa 1810.