Adriana Springsteen

     Adriana Springsteen married Jonathan Provost.
     Adriana Springsteen lived at East Brunswick, NJ. Married name: Provost.

Child of Adriana Springsteen and Jonathan Provost

Barbara Casparszen Springsteen

FatherCaspar Janszen Springsteen d. a 1694
MotherTheuntje Jeuriaens
     Barbara Casparszen Springsteen married Staats Janszen DeGroot, son of Jan DeGroot.
     Married name: DeGroot.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Barbara Casparszen Springsteen and Staats Janszen DeGroot

Caspar Janszen Springsteen

M, d. after 1694
     Caspar Janszen Springsteen was born at Groningen. He married Theuntje Jeuriaens. Caspar Janszen Springsteen died after 1694 at Groningen.

Child of Caspar Janszen Springsteen and Theuntje Jeuriaens

Casper Springsteen

     Casper Springsteen married Maria Storm, daughter of Dirck Gorisz Storm and Maria Van Montfort, circa 1682.
     Casper Springsteen and Maria Storm were Type: Children seven.

Catharina Springsteen

     Catharina Springsteen married Jan Van Tassel, son of Jan Cornelis Van Texel and Annetje (Ablette) Alberts, on 5 October 1700 at Dutch Church, Sleepy Hollow, NY.
     Married name: Van Tassel. Catharina Springsteen and Jan Van Tassel lived at Highlands on land of Stephen Courtlandt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catharina Springsteen and Jan Van Tassel

Jannetie Jans Springsteen

F, b. 1667, d. before 5 June 1761
FatherJohannes Casperszen Springsteen
MotherMaria Johannes Theunis
     Jannetie Jans Springsteen was born in 1667 at New Amsterdam, NY. She was baptized on 5 January 1667 at Dutch Reformed Church, New York, NY. She married Paulus Van der Beek, son of Conrad Van der Beek and Elsje Jans, on 18 December 1695 at New Amsterdam, NY. Jannetie Jans Springsteen died before 5 June 1761 at Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Van der Beek. Name variation: Jannetie Johannes.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetie Jans Springsteen and Paulus Van der Beek

Johannes Casperszen Springsteen

     Johannes Casperszen Springsteen married Maria Johannes Theunis.

Child of Johannes Casperszen Springsteen and Maria Johannes Theunis

John Springsteen

     John Springsteen was born at Rockland County, NY. He married Rachel Van Guelder, daughter of James Van Guelder and Jane Ackerman.
     John was a descendant of Casper Springsteeen, who settled on Manhattan in 1635.
He was wood inspector in New York City for many years when only wood was used for fuel. John Springsteen lived at 132 Charles St., Old Greenwich Village, New York City, NY.

Child of John Springsteen and Rachel Van Guelder

Margaret Westervelt Springsteen

FatherJohn Springsteen
MotherRachel Van Guelder
     Margaret Westervelt Springsteen married Thomas Onderdonk, son of Cornelius Onderdonk and Anna Blauvelt. Margaret Westervelt Springsteen died Y in her 92nd year.
     Married name: Onderdonk.

Child of Margaret Westervelt Springsteen and Thomas Onderdonk

Melchior Casperszen Springsteen

MotherGeertje Jans
     Melchior Casperszen Springsteen married Geertruyd Bartels.

Child of Melchior Casperszen Springsteen and Geertruyd Bartels

Metje Jans Springsteen

F, b. 1670, d. 22 October 1706
FatherMelchior Casperszen Springsteen
MotherGeertruyd Bartels
     Metje Jans Springsteen was born in 1670. She married Johannes Jans Van Blarcom, son of Jan Lubbertse Van Blarcom and Magdaleentje Theunis, on 16 July 1693. Metje Jans Springsteen died on 22 October 1706.
     Married name: Van Blarcom. Name variation: Hetty (Netty) Springsteen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Metje Jans Springsteen and Johannes Jans Van Blarcom

Nettie Springsteen

     Nettie Springsteen married Solomon Yeomans, son of Solomon Yeomans and Susannah, circa 1730.
     Married name: Yeomans.

Child of Nettie Springsteen and Solomon Yeomans

Mercy Sproat

F, b. 15 July 1662, d. circa 1725
FatherRobert Sproat d. c 1712
MotherElizabeth Sampson
     Mercy Sproat was born on 15 July 1662 at Scituate, MA. She married Thomas Oldham, son of Thomas Oldham and Mary Wetherell, on 27 June 1683 at Scituate, MA. Mercy Sproat died circa 1725.
     Married name: Oldham.

Child of Mercy Sproat and Thomas Oldham

Robert Sproat

M, d. circa 1712
     Robert Sproat married Elizabeth Sampson, daughter of Henry Sampson and Ann Plummer. Robert Sproat died circa 1712 at Middleboro, MA.

Child of Robert Sproat and Elizabeth Sampson

Eleanor Sprowl

     Eleanor Sprowl married John I Wheeler, son of Nathaniel Wheeler and Christina De Kay.
     Married name: Wheeler.

Annetje Sprung

FatherGabriel Sprung
     Annetje Sprung married Simon (Joosten) Duryea, son of Joost Duryea and Magdalena LeFebre, on 20 May 1715.
     Married name: Duryea.

Child of Annetje Sprung and Simon (Joosten) Duryea

Gabriel Sprung


Child of Gabriel Sprung


     Ambrose SPURBECK married Mary Cuddeback, daughter of Jacob Cuddeback and Elizabeth De Witt.

Catharine SPURBECK

     Catharine SPURBECK married Jacob Cuddeback, son of Abraham Cuddebac and Janneke DeWitt.
     Married name: Cuddeback.

Child of Catharine SPURBECK and Jacob Cuddeback


     Helen SPURBECK married Moses Cuddeback, son of Abraham Cuddebac and Janneke DeWitt.
     Married name: Cuddeback.

Ann Squire

FatherHenry Squire
     Ann Squire married Aquila Purchase on 28 January 1612/13 at Kingweston, England.
     Married name: Purchase.

Child of Ann Squire and Aquila Purchase

Henry Squire

FatherWilliam Squire Rev
     Henry Squire married an unknown person. He was born at Charlton Mackrel, Somerset, England. He was buried between 25 December 1648 and 1649 at Kingweston.

Child of Henry Squire

William Squire Rev

     William Squire Rev married an unknown person.

Child of William Squire Rev

St. John

     St. John married Elizabeth Trowbridge, daughter of James Trowbridge and Mary Belden, at Norwalk, CT.

Howard St. John

     Howard St. John married Lelia Alta Hinman, daughter of Ruben Augustus Hinman and Edith Marion Hazen, in 1900.

Howard St. John

     Howard St. John married Lelia Alta Hinman, daughter of Ruben Augustus Hinman and Edith Marion Hazen, in 1900.

Isaac St. John

FatherJames St. John
MotherAbigal Person
     Isaac St. John married Abigal Abbott.

Child of Isaac St. John and Abigal Abbott

James St. John

FatherJames St. John
     James St. John married Abigal Person.

Child of James St. John and Abigal Person

James St. John

FatherJames St. John
MotherRebecca PICKETT
     James St. John married Mary COMSTOCK.

Child of James St. John and Mary COMSTOCK

James St. John

FatherMatthias St. John
     James St. John married Rebecca PICKETT in 1672/73.

Child of James St. John and Rebecca PICKETT