Wilhelmina Rauch

     Wilhelmina Rauch married William Frederick Landman, son of Adolphus S Landmann and Emma Jane Veldran.
     Married name: Landman.

Loretta Marie Rausch

F, b. 5 March 1907, d. 27 November 1982
FatherWilliam Michael Rausch b. 23 Oct 1874, d. 13 Mar 1916
MotherRose Marie Martinka b. 29 Mar 1875, d. 8 Dec 1924
     Loretta Marie Rausch was born on 5 March 1907 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN. She married Norbert Ferdinand Werner Herzog, son of John Frederick Herzog and Mary Anna Gausling, on 6 July 1926 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN. Loretta Marie Rausch died on 27 November 1982 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN, at age 75.
     Married name: Herzog.

William Rausch

M, b. 30 June 1822, d. 6 May 1886
     William Rausch was born on 30 June 1822 at Alstedt, Saxony, Germany. He married Margaret Metzner, daughter of Johan Georg Metzner and Marguareta Hummer. William Rausch died on 6 May 1886 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN, at age 63.

Child of William Rausch and Margaret Metzner

William Michael Rausch

M, b. 23 October 1874, d. 13 March 1916
FatherWilliam Rausch b. 30 Jun 1822, d. 6 May 1886
MotherMargaret Metzner b. 30 Apr 1833, d. 23 Mar 1910
     William Michael Rausch was born on 23 October 1874 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN. He married Rose Marie Martinka, daughter of George Martinka Sr and Barbara Kachelmeier, on 28 April 1896 (New Ulm, Brown, MN). William Michael Rausch died on 13 March 1916 at New Ulm, Brown County, MN, at age 41.

Child of William Michael Rausch and Rose Marie Martinka

Ann Rause

F, b. 12 September 1909, d. 12 October 1999
FatherPaul Rause b. 13 Feb 1883, d. Jul 1973
MotherSusan Mae Titus b. 9 Aug 1888, d. 4 May 1937
     Ann Rause was born on 12 September 1909 at New Jersey. She married Arthur Watkins on 24 November 1937 at Little Church Around the Corner, New York City, NY. Ann Rause died on 12 October 1999 at Florida at age 90.
     Married name: Watkins. Name variation: Anna May Rause.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann Rause and Arthur Watkins

Paul Rause

M, b. 13 February 1883, d. July 1973
     Paul Rause married Susan Mae Titus, daughter of James Grant Titus and Theresa R Stephens. Paul Rause was born on 13 February 1883. He died in July 1973 at age 90.
     He appeared on the census of 1930. real estate $18,000; owned a radio. He lived in 1973 at Ocean Grove, Monmouth County, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Paul Rause and Susan Mae Titus

Paul Rause Jr.

M, b. 19 August 1912, d. February 1982
FatherPaul Rause b. 13 Feb 1883, d. Jul 1973
MotherSusan Mae Titus b. 9 Aug 1888, d. 4 May 1937
     Paul Rause Jr. was born on 19 August 1912. He died in February 1982 at age 69.
     He lived at Orlando, FL.

Vivian Rause

FatherPaul Rause b. 13 Feb 1883, d. Jul 1973
MotherSusan Mae Titus b. 9 Aug 1888, d. 4 May 1937
     Vivian Rause married Lamb. Vivian Rause married George Feeley.
     Vivian Rause lived at 319 Boston Blvd., Sea Girt, NJ. Married name: Lamb. Married name: Feeley. She lived in 2002 at Delray Beach, FL, in a nursing home.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Vivian Rause and George Feeley

  • Robert Feeley
  • Carol Feeley
  • Susan Feeley
  • Patricia Feeley
  • Mary Feeley

Jacquemintie Gerritse Ravenstein

F, b. 1 January 1693, d. 25 July 1768
FatherNicholas Gerritszen Ravenstein
MotherMarritie Van Rollegom
     Jacquemintie Gerritse Ravenstein was baptized on 1 January 1693 at New York. She married Henricus Kermer, son of Hendrick Kermer and Annetje Thomas Mingael, on 9 April 1708. Jacquemintie Gerritse Ravenstein died on 25 July 1768 at age 75.
     Married name: Kermer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacquemintie Gerritse Ravenstein and Henricus Kermer

  • Anna Kermer b. 5 Dec
  • Antje Kermer b. 21 Dec 1709, d. bef 30 aug 1709 (sic)
  • Nicholas Kermer+ b. 27 May 1711, d. b 14 Mar 1759
  • Annatje Kermer b. 30 Aug 1713
  • Abraham Kermer b. 18 Apr 1715
  • Antje Kermer b. 6 Mar 1717
  • Maria Kermer b. 13 Nov 1718
  • Henrikus Kermer b. 7 Aug 1720
  • Judikje Kermer b. 25 Oct 1721, d. b 2 Oct 1723
  • Judith Kermer b. 2 Oct 1723
  • Henricis Kermer b. 3 Oct 1725
  • Jemima Kermer b. 3 Dec 1727
  • Catharina Kermer b. 14 Oct 1730

Nicholas Gerritszen Ravenstein

     Nicholas Gerritszen Ravenstein married Marritie Van Rollegom, daughter of Jan Josten Van Rollegom.

Child of Nicholas Gerritszen Ravenstein and Marritie Van Rollegom

Sarah Rawling

     Sarah Rawling married Joseph Edgerly, son of Thomas Edgerly and Jane Wheedon, in 1736.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Rawling and Joseph Edgerly

Elizabeth Rawlings

     Elizabeth Rawlings married John Edgerly, son of Thomas Edgerly and Rebecca Ault, in 1700 at Oyster River, NH.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Rawlings and John Edgerly

Jennie Rawlings

     Jennie Rawlings married William A Kortright, son of Nathan D Kortright and Margaret L Harlan, on 5 June 1883.
     Married name: Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jennie Rawlings and William A Kortright

  • Nannie Rawlings Kortright b. 9 May 1885
  • Edwin K Kortright b. 18 Jan 1887
  • Nathan Dodem Kortright b. 1 Jan 1890
  • William Abram Kortright Jr. b. 12 Apr 1893
  • James Kortright b. 11 Mar 1896
  • Frances Whiley Kortright b. 17 Oct 1898

Lawrence Rawyard

     Lawrence Rawyard was born at Winchfield, England.

Cornelius Ray

M, b. 25 April 1755
FatherRichard Ray
MotherSarah Bogert
     Cornelius Ray married Elizabeth Elmendorf, daughter of Petrus Edmundus Elmendorf and Mary Crook. Cornelius Ray was born on 25 April 1755.

James Ray

M, d. 1773
     James Ray married Abigail Elmer, daughter of Daniel Elmer and Abigail Laurence, in 1756. James Ray died in 1773.

Richard Ray

     Richard Ray married Sarah Bogert.

Child of Richard Ray and Sarah Bogert

Augustus Raymond


Child of Augustus Raymond

Charles Raymond

M, b. 1853, d. 1922
     Charles Raymond married Lydia (Liddie) Blauvelt, daughter of Abraham Jacob Blauvelt. Charles Raymond was born in 1853. He was buried in 1922 at Mount Hope Cemetery, Mt. Hope, NY. He died in 1922 at Yonkers, NY.

Isabel Raymond

F, b. 1874
FatherAugustus Raymond
     Isabel Raymond was born in 1874. She married Harry Brewerton Duane, son of James Duane and Josephine Bernard Martin, on 2 June 1900.
     Married name: Duane.

James Raymond

     James Raymond married Susanna St. John.
     Name variation: Capt.

Child of James Raymond and Susanna St. John

Margaret Raymond

F, b. 1841, d. 1893
     Margaret Raymond was buried at Monroe Cemetery, Monroe, Orange County, NY. She was born in 1841. She married Silas Galloway, son of Timothy Galloway and Elsie Alisia Ball, circa 1860. Margaret Raymond died in 1893.
     Married name: Galloway.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margaret Raymond and Silas Galloway

Mary Raymond

     Mary Raymond married Abraham Aliee, son of Jean Aliee and Susanna Le Roux.
     Married name: Aliee.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Raymond and Abraham Aliee

Sarah Raymond

F, b. 28 February 1765, d. 27 February 1852
FatherJames Raymond
MotherSusanna St. John
     Sarah Raymond was born on 28 February 1765 at Bedford, NY. She married Stephen Lounsbury, son of Nehemiah Lounsbury and Sarah Webb, in November 1783. Sarah Raymond died on 27 February 1852 at Bedford, NY, at age 86. She was buried at Fountain-Lounsbury Burial Ground (farm on road from Bedford to Mount Kisco).
     Married name: Lounsbury. Name variation: Sally Raymond.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Raymond and Stephen Lounsbury


     Rayney married Joseph Crawford, son of James John Crawford and Mary Wilkin.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rayney and Joseph Crawford

Abigail Raynor

F, b. circa 1647, d. after 1697
FatherThurston Raynor b. 1593
MotherMartha Wood b. c 1612, d. a 1667
     Abigail Raynor married John Rose, son of Robert Rose. Abigail Raynor was born circa 1647. She died after 1697.
     Married name: Rose.

Child of Abigail Raynor and John Rose

Edward Raynor

M, b. 1570
FatherRobert Raynor b. c 1540, d. 1571
     Edward Raynor died at England. He was born in 1570 at England. He married an unknown person in 1590 at England.

Child of Edward Raynor

Elizabeth Raynor

F, b. 1824, d. 1896
FatherJeffrey Wisner Raynor b. 16 Mar 1798, d. 1877
MotherJemima b. 1797, d. 26 Feb 1869
     Elizabeth Raynor was born in 1824 at Amity, Orange County, NY. She married Abijah Utter on 12 February 1847. Elizabeth Raynor died in 1896 at Amity, Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Utter.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Raynor and Abijah Utter

Elizabeth Raynor

     Elizabeth Raynor married Henry William Raynor, son of William C Raynor and Susanna Goldsmith Wisner, in December 1856.
     Married name: Raynor.

Elizabth Raynor

     Elizabth Raynor married Joel Hawkins, son of Joseph Hawkins and Ruth Hulse.
     Married name: Hawkins.