John Wilkin

M, b. between 1688 and 1698
FatherJohn Wilkin
     John Wilkin was born between 1688 and 1698 at Ireland. He married Elizabeth Crawford.
     Person Source. Name variation: Jr. John came to America in 1720, settling on Long Island, NY. Elizabeth may have been his second wife. In 1728 with his wife and 3 children, he settled in the town of Whawangunk, Ulster Co. (now Montgomery, OrangeCo.) on a 500 acre tract where he died. He had 12 children.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Wilkin and Elizabeth Crawford

John Wilkin

M, b. 1750, d. 1828
FatherWilliam Wilkin b. 20 Nov 1720, d. 1788
MotherElizabeth Rogers
     John Wilkin was born in 1750. He married Hannah Weller on 16 April 1778 at Goshen, Orange County, NY. John Wilkin died in 1828.

Child of John Wilkin and Hannah Weller

  • Abraham Wilkin

John Wilkin

M, d. circa 1787
FatherJohn Wilkin b. bt 1688 - 1698
MotherElizabeth Crawford b. 1701
     John Wilkin died circa 1787.
     Person Source. John died pre 1787, unmarried.

Joseph Wilkin

FatherJohn Wilkin b. bt 1688 - 1698
MotherElizabeth Crawford b. 1701
     Person Source. Joseph died pre 1787, unmarried and went toPA.

Mary Wilkin

FatherJohn Wilkin
     Mary Wilkin was born at Ireland. She married James John Crawford.
     Person Source. Mary preceded her brother, John, to America in 1718, settling in New Windsor, then in Ulster County.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Wilkin and James John Crawford

Mary Wilkin

F, d. 1825
FatherJohn Wilkin b. bt 1688 - 1698
MotherElizabeth Crawford b. 1701
     Mary Wilkin died in 1825.
     Person Source. Mary's will was proven Goshen 23 May1825.

Sarah Wilkin

FatherWilliam Wilkin b. 20 Nov 1720, d. 1788
MotherElizabeth Rogers
     Sarah Wilkin married Samuel Moffatt on 12 November 1778 at Goshen, Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Moffatt.

Child of Sarah Wilkin and Samuel Moffatt

  • Elizabeth Moffatt

William Wilkin

M, b. 20 November 1720, d. 1788
FatherJohn Wilkin b. bt 1688 - 1698
MotherElizabeth Crawford b. 1701
     William Wilkin was born on 20 November 1720. He married Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Israel Rogers and Unknown. William Wilkin died in 1788 at Wallkill, Orange County, NY.
     William was a farmer in Wallkill and served in the Wallkill militia. Will dated Wallkill 1787, pr. Kingston 1788.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Wilkin and Elizabeth Rogers

  • George Wilkin
  • James W. Wilkin
  • Daniel Wilkin
  • Sarah Wilkin+
  • John Wilkin+ b. 1750, d. 1828
  • William Wilkin
  • Jane Wilkin
  • Elizabeth Wilkin
  • Joseph Wilkin
  • Robert Wilkin

Charlotte Wilkins

F, d. 20 March 1844
FatherIsaac Wilkins
MotherCharlotte V
     Charlotte Wilkins married William Hoffman, son of Hermanus Hoffman and Cornelia Vredenburgh. Charlotte Wilkins died on 20 March 1844.
     Married name: Hoffman.

Isaac Wilkins

     Isaac Wilkins married Charlotte V.
     Name variation: Rev.

Child of Isaac Wilkins and Charlotte V

Sara Elvira Wilkins

F, b. 14 February 1861
     Sara Elvira Wilkins was born on 14 February 1861 at Bengal, MI. She married Solon Eugene DeWitt, son of James Noble DeWitt and Lucinda Sperry, on 21 July 1878 at St. John.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sara Elvira Wilkins and Solon Eugene DeWitt

Sarah Wilkins

     Sarah Wilkins married Abraham Bogaert, son of Isaac Bogaert and Sarah Rapalje.
     Married name: Bogaert.


     Wilkinson married Dorothy Witt, daughter of William Witt and Minnie Almeda Tyler.

James Wilkinson

     James Wilkinson married an unknown person.

Child of James Wilkinson

Kimberly Wilkinson

F, b. 16 April
FatherWilliam David Wilkinson
     Kimberly Wilkinson married William Henry Bassett III. Kimberly Wilkinson was born on 16 April.
     Married name: Bassett.

Lydia Belle Wilkinson

F, b. 23 March 1867, d. 17 February 1942
FatherWilliam Wilkinson d. 1880
MotherMary A. Smith b. 1850, d. 10 May 1904
     Lydia Belle Wilkinson was born on 23 March 1867 at Clarington, Monroe County, OH. She married John Thomas Willford, son of Daniel Willford and Ruth Hoggins, on 26 April 1886. Lydia Belle Wilkinson died on 17 February 1942 at Marietta, OH, at age 74.
     Married name: Willford.

Child of Lydia Belle Wilkinson and John Thomas Willford

William Wilkinson

M, d. 1880
FatherJames Wilkinson
     William Wilkinson was born at Greene County, PA. He died in 1880 at Monroe County, OH. He married Mary A. Smith, daughter of Irie Smith and M. A. Allen, on 19 January 1886.
     Drowned near Monreo Co. OH.

Child of William Wilkinson and Mary A. Smith

William David Wilkinson


Child of William David Wilkinson

Hendrick Will

     Hendrick Will married Magdalena Hone, daughter of Johannes Hone, on 25 November 1761.

Abigail Willard

     Abigail Willard married Benjamin Mead on 31 October 1749.
     Married name: Mead.

Reuben Willard

     Reuben Willard married Catherine Parkhurst on 3 January 1775.

Sophia Willard

     Sophia Willard married William Henry Lincoln, son of William Henry Lincoln and Sarah Harrison, on 13 October 1867.
     Married name: Lincoln.

Hannah Willard?

     Hannah Willard? married Samuel Mead.
     Married name: Mead.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hannah Willard? and Samuel Mead

  • John Mead b. 29 Jun 1749
  • Oliver Mead b. 2 Sep 1751, d. 20 Mar 1836
  • Hannah Mead+ b. 13 Aug 1753, d. 14 Aug 1788
  • Lucy Mead+ b. 15 Jan 1756
  • Lydia Mead b. 9 Jan 1759
  • Samuel Mead b. 30 May 1761
  • Mercy Mead b. 15 Feb 1769

Geertrud J Willekems

F, b. circa 1631
FatherJochem? Willekems
     Geertrud J Willekems was born circa 1631 at Hamburg, Germany. She married Hendrick Gulick before 1653. Geertrud J Willekems married Clas Classen Smit on 11 September 1653 at New Amsterdam.
     Married name: Gulick. Married name: Smit. Geertrud J Willekems emigrated in February 1659 (ship 'Faith' as wife of Smit with 2 children).

Child of Geertrud J Willekems and Clas Classen Smit

Jochem? Willekems


Child of Jochem? Willekems



Child of Willems and Steven Huigenz Wassenaar

Geertie Willems

     Geertie Willems married Francois De Pew on 26 September 1661 at NY Dutch Church, NY, (For more: See Wardell, Bergen County Families: De Pew.).
     Geertie Willems immigrated on 29 July 1661 on the 'Beaver' from Amsterdam (Thanks to Barbara Boram, 22 Jan 2016).
Gertruyd Willemse van Boerum did not marry in 1661 Francois duPuis, Francois marr. "Geertie Willems from Amsterdam" whose origins are unknown, she arrived on ship the Beaver 29 July 1661.
Gertruy WIllemse van Boerum bapt. 26 Dec. 1645, marr. Gerrit Lubbertsen ab. 1665.
Children for both Geertie Willems-DuPuis and Gertruyd Willems Gerrit Lubbertse are recorded, among them
On 18 Sept. 1681 child Geerte of Francois Dupuy and Geertie Willems is bapt; and on 30 Jan. 1681 child Cornelia of Gerrit Lubberts and Geertruy Willems is baptized. (Thanks to Barbara Boram, 22 Jan 2016). Name variation: Geertje Willems Van Boerum According to the Tallman file, but this is in error (see note above).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Geertie Willems and Francois De Pew

Barrentje Willemse

     Barrentje Willemse married Albert Stevense Van Voorhies, son of Steven Coerte Van Voorhies and Willempie Roeloffse Seuberine, in 1679.
     Married name: Van Voorhies.

Child of Barrentje Willemse and Albert Stevense Van Voorhies

Cornelius Willemse

     Cornelius Willemse married Maria Storms, daughter of Hendrick Storms and Niesje De Groot.
     Name variation: Cornelis Williamson. Name variation: Cornelius Williams.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelius Willemse and Maria Storms

Aert Willemszen

     Aert Willemszen married Wyntje Alberts.

Child of Aert Willemszen and Wyntje Alberts