Rebecca married Edmund Casteel, son of Edmund du Chastel and Christian.
     Married name: Casteel.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebecca and Edmund Casteel

  • Abednego Casteel
  • Francis Casteel
  • Lucy Casteel
  • Kezia Casteel
  • Shadrack Casteel+ d. c 1795


F, b. circa 1693/94
FatherWillem Peers b. a 1643/44, d. a 1704/5
MotherGrietje Kiers
     Rebecca died Y. She was born circa 1693/94. She was baptized on 14 January 1693/94 at NY Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam, NY.

Jonathan Reber

M, b. 21 February 1802, d. 6 June 1859
     Jonathan Reber married Susanna Greim, daughter of Abraham Greim and Christina Geiss. Jonathan Reber was born on 21 February 1802. He died on 6 June 1859 at age 57.

Godfrey Rebuck

     Godfrey Rebuck married Maria Brosius.

Child of Godfrey Rebuck and Maria Brosius

Godfrey B Rebuck

M, b. 13 June 1827, d. 6 March 1875
FatherGodfrey Rebuck
MotherMaria Brosius
     Godfrey B Rebuck was born on 13 June 1827 at Northumberland County, PA. He married Catherine Reitz, daughter of Daniel Reitz and Susanna Burrell, on 21 March 1852. Godfrey B Rebuck died on 6 March 1875 at Northumberland County, PA, at age 47.

Child of Godfrey B Rebuck and Catherine Reitz

Mary Rebuck

F, b. 14 March 1854, d. 5 June 1934
FatherGodfrey B Rebuck b. 13 Jun 1827, d. 6 Mar 1875
MotherCatherine Reitz b. 1 Jan 1834, d. 10 Jan 1889
     Mary Rebuck was born on 14 March 1854 at Northumberland County, PA. She married William Henderson Reader, son of John Reader and Maria Sears, on 1 August 1875. Mary Rebuck died on 5 June 1934 at Northumberland County, PA, at age 80.
     Married name: Reader.

Child of Mary Rebuck and William Henderson Reader

Elise R Rechers

     Elise R Rechers married John Baptist Klaus.

Child of Elise R Rechers and John Baptist Klaus

James Recorla

     James Recorla married Jamima Collins, daughter of William Collins and Jane Brouwer.

Elizabeth Reddenar

     Elizabeth Reddenar married Michael Vreeland, son of Michiel Vreeland and Lena Romeyn.
     Married name: Vreeland. Name variation: Elizabeth Redner.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Reddenar and Michael Vreeland

Willis Redding

     Willis Redding married Margaret Shuck, daughter of John Shuck and Priscilla Young.
     Willis Redding and Margaret Shuck were Type: Removed at Illinois.

Annie Reddy

F, b. 1874
FatherAuston Reddy
MotherBridgit Mc Dermott
     Annie Reddy was born in 1874 at Port Ewen, NY. She married Michael Ball Jr., son of Micheal Ball and Julia Fodgen, on 23 December 1903 (Port Ewen NY).
     Married name.

Auston Reddy

     Auston Reddy married Bridgit Mc Dermott.

Child of Auston Reddy and Bridgit Mc Dermott

George Redling

     George Redling married Ruth Roth, daughter of Frederick Roth and Emma Schmidt, (Englewood, NJ).

Children (not necessarily in order) of George Redling and Ruth Roth

  • Josie Redling
  • George Redling
  • Ruth Redling

Clara E. Redman

F, b. 9 January 1855, d. 25 July 1927
FatherHudson O. Redman b. 29 Jan 1826, d. 5 Dec 1917
MotherMalinda S. Shorey b. 28 May 1836, d. 5 May 1885
     Clara E. Redman was buried at Fairmont Cemetery, Aroostook County, ME. She was born on 9 January 1855 at Hampden, Penobscot County, ME. She married Horace William Holmes, son of William Holmes 2nd and Emeline Cobb, on 20 July 1881 at Hampden, Penobscot County, ME. Clara E. Redman died on 25 July 1927 at Presque Isle, Aroostook County, ME, at age 72.
     Married name: Holmes.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Clara E. Redman and Horace William Holmes

George Redman

FatherJohn D. Redman b. c 1789, d. 11 Oct 1860
MotherMargaret Homans b. c 1795, d. 28 Jun 1858
     George Redman married Addie Emerson at Hampden, Penobscot County, ME.
     Married to Mary Carr 3 Jan 1853.

Hudson O. Redman

M, b. 29 January 1826, d. 5 December 1917
FatherJohn D. Redman b. c 1789, d. 11 Oct 1860
MotherMargaret Homans b. c 1795, d. 28 Jun 1858
     Hudson O. Redman was buried at Fairmont Cemetery, Presque Isle. He was born on 29 January 1826. He married Malinda S. Shorey, daughter of David Shorey and Saloma S. Smith, on 20 April 1853 at Hampden, Penobscot County, ME. Hudson O. Redman died on 5 December 1917 at Presque Isle, Aroostook County, ME, at age 91.
     Hudson O (C) Redman is buried in Fairmont Cemetary, Presque Isle Maine in lot 19C. He died 5 Nov, 1917 (gravestone) at the age of 91 years, 10 months. Also buried in the same plot is his wife Melinda, died 5 May 1885, age 49 years.
the Historical Society records of Hampden, ME holds the 4th Book of Records Hampden, ME p 524 in which is recorded the marriage of Hudson C. Redman and Malinda SHOREY (George Redman and Addie Emerson married 11 Jan 1853)
Special Census of Hampden maine (found in the Maine Archives) 1837 lists John D. Redman and wife with children Abigail, Mary E.., Hudson, George, Lucy, Leonard, Pamela and Frances E. The US Census Hampden ME in 1850 lists Hudson Redman age 25, farmer, and Leonard Redman, age 19. The Federal US Census of 1870 lists Hudson Redman, age 45, Teamster; Malinda 34, Keeping House; Clara, 14 'at school'; Lucillian 13 'at school'.
A list of births of Redman folks in Brooksville, ME shows the children of John Readman to be 1. Mercy, b 26 Nov 1818; George b 20 Oct 1820; Hutson, 28 Jan 1827 and George b 18 Dec 1829. a marriage of John Redman to mrs. Margaret Homans is listed as 23 Apr 1824.
The family connection is the marriage of Clara E. Redman to Horace W. Holmes in Hampden, ME.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hudson O. Redman and Malinda S. Shorey

John D. Redman

M, b. circa 1789, d. 11 October 1860
     John D. Redman was buried at Locust Grove, Hampden, Penobscot County, ME. He was born circa 1789. He married Margaret Homans on 19 December 1824 at Brooksville, Penobscot County, ME. John D. Redman died on 11 October 1860.
     Information from Historical Society Hampden Maine - Special Census Hamden Maine 1837

John D. Redman died 11 Oct 1860 and is buried in Locust Grove Cemetary, Hampden (about 71 years) Maine, Lot 432 (MOCA Records) Buried with him is his wife Margaret who died 28 June 1853, her age 62 yrs, 11 months, 28 days.
Special Census of Hampden, Me in 1837 shows him and wife living with children Abigail, Mary E., Hudson, George, Leonard, Pamela and Frances.
Vital Records of Brooksville, ME record a marriage of John Redman and Margaret HOMANS intend marriage 19 Dec 1823.Procedings of the NE Historical Society (Apr 1950) list her as a MRS.
Some confusion remains as to the parents of John D. Redman. the list of John Readman's children (Hutson and George) list his parents as Benjamin Redman and Hannah Rea. However, if John Redman died in 1860 at age 71, he was born about 1789. Benjamin Redman married Mary ... who died in 1804. He did not marry Hannah Rea until after that date. Only one son named John was born to Benjamin Redman - date given 30 Jan 1793 - could possibly be he, but the wife at that time was Mary ...
There were three adults by the name of Redman in the Brooksville, Castine area who possibly were brothers: Benjamin, Iseral, and Capt John Redman. Capt john Redman, born in Scarboro 14 Feb 1765, lived in the Cape Rosier section, and had a son John Jr born 1786 (another record shows his son John born in 1788 and died in 1792, with another John born in 1796. Iseral, born in Scarboro, had many children. One son Johnathan was born 1801; John born 1804. Benjamin Redman was born 24 Nov 1768 - his son John was born 1793. Probate records shed no light on Benjamin or John.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John D. Redman and Margaret Homans

Frederick Redner

     Frederick Redner married Marie Valleau, daughter of Hiram B Valleau and Naomi Burr.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frederick Redner and Marie Valleau

  • Marjorie Redner
  • Edgar Redner b. 1889
  • Clara Redner b. 1893

Herbert Redner

     Herbert Redner married Mamie Vreeland, daughter of James H Vreeland and Emma Jane Ocoboc.

Maud Redner

     Maud Redner married Dorwin Valleau, son of Hiram B Valleau and Naomi Burr.
     Married name: Valleau.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maud Redner and Dorwin Valleau

  • Arnold Valleau
  • Kenneth Valleau b. 1887
  • Dora Valleau b. 1888
  • Roy Valleau b. 1893

Sarah Ann Redner

     Sarah Ann Redner married Cornelius Vreeland, son of Jacob C Vreeland and Gitty DeVoe, in 1837.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Ann Redner and Cornelius Vreeland

Preserved Redway

     Preserved Redway married Esther Ormsby, daughter of Thomas Ormsby and Mary Fitch.

Emily Parker Reece

F, b. 27 January 1879
     Emily Parker Reece married Jesse Cicil Darley, son of Hugh Daily and Sarah Ellen Trinkle. Emily Parker Reece was born on 27 January 1879.
     Married name: Darley.

Andrew Reed

     Andrew Reed lived at Skaneateles, NY.

Child of Andrew Reed

Benjamin Reed

     Benjamin Reed married Catherine DeWitt, daughter of John G DeWitt and Elizabeth Boss.

Bernard E Reed

M, d. 1949
     Bernard E Reed married Katherine L Henderson, daughter of Albert Haley Henderson and Cora May Shinn. Bernard E Reed died in 1949.
     Name variation: Dr.

Caroline A Reed

FatherThomas Hazen Reed
     Caroline A Reed married Herbert Harold Vreeland, son of Abraham Herring Vreeland and Jane Winnie Van Riper, on 29 October 1890 at Newark, Essex County, NJ.
     Married name: Vreeland. Name variation: Carrie Louise Reed.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Caroline A Reed and Herbert Harold Vreeland

Catherine Fidella Reed

F, b. 2 August 1820, d. 14 May 1899
     Catherine Fidella Reed was born on 2 August 1820 at Cayuga County, NY, (d/o John Mortimer Reed & Charlotte Morgan). She married James Rose Ennes, son of Moses DeWitt Ennis and Elizabeth Rose. Catherine Fidella Reed died on 14 May 1899 at Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI, at age 78.
     Married name: Ennes.

David Reed

M, d. before 1912
     David Reed married Sarah Louisa Valleau, daughter of Samuel Valleau and Rachel Borden. David Reed died before 1912.

Children (not necessarily in order) of David Reed and Sarah Louisa Valleau

  • Florence Reed
  • Alfaretta Reed

Eve Reed

     Eve Reed married Peter Calyer, son of Peter Calyer and Margaret Debevoise.
     Married name: Calyer.