Abraham H. Vreeland

M, b. 1889, d. 10 August 1962
FatherWilliam Vreeland b. 24 Mar 1868, d. 24 Mar 1908
MotherCharlotte A. Morse b. 17 Jun 1866, d. 20 Feb 1937
     Abraham H. Vreeland was buried at Mount Rest Cemetery, Butler, Morris County, NJ. He was born in 1889 at Bloomingdale, Passaic County, NJ. He married Martha Card on 25 June 1905 at Hamburg, Sussex County, NJ. Abraham H. Vreeland died on 10 August 1962 at Bloomingdale, Passaic County, NJ.
     Abraham H. resided at 18 Catherine Street, Bloomingdale, Passaic, NJ. He and Martha were both 17 years old when married at the Hamburg MethodistChurch, Hamburg, Sussex, NJ. Abraham was an inspector at Curtis Wright Plant.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham H. Vreeland and Martha Card

Abraham Herring Vreeland

M, b. 6 January 1812
FatherAdrian Elias Vreeland b. 8 Nov 1789, d. 1814
MotherAnna Haring b. c 30 Sep 1793, d. 31 May 1851
     Abraham Herring Vreeland was born on 6 January 1812 at (Acq.). He married Jane Winnie Van Riper, daughter of John G Van Riper, on 6 May 1834 at Free Reformed Church, Glen, NY.
     Abraham served as the pastor of the Free Reformed Church, Glen, NY for 25 years. Name variation: Rev.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Herring Vreeland and Jane Winnie Van Riper

Abraham I Vreeland

M, b. 26 October 1787, d. 23 April 1858
FatherIsaac Vreeland b. c 1746, d. 17 Jan 1836
MotherMyntje Romeyn b. c 1762, d. 17 Oct 1821
     Abraham I Vreeland married Lydia Romaine. Abraham I Vreeland was born on 26 October 1787 at (Acq.). He was born on 29 October 1788. He died on 23 April 1858 at age 70.
     He left a will on 12 May 1858 at Passaic County, NJ. (#14414 B Will 194 B INV 402).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham I Vreeland and Lydia Romaine

Abraham Vreeland Jr.

FatherAbraham Vreeland Sr. b. 22 Jun 1678, d. 10 Dec 1734
MotherMargrietje Jacobse Van Winkle b. 22 Oct 1678
     Abraham Vreeland Jr. married Egie Van Zeyl on 23 February 1751 at Second River Church, Belleville, Essex County, NJ, (Second River Dutch Reformed Church records).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Vreeland Jr. and Egie Van Zeyl

Abraham Vreeland Sr.

M, b. 22 June 1678, d. 10 December 1734
FatherEnoch Michielsen Vreeland b. 20 Jan 1647, d. 17 Aug 1717
MotherDirckje Meyers d. 5 Oct 1688
     Abraham Vreeland Sr. was christened on 22 June 1678 at New Jersey. He married Margrietje Jacobse Van Winkle, daughter of Jacob Jacobse and Aeltje Daniels, on 28 October 1699 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. Abraham Vreeland Sr. died on 10 December 1734 at New Jersey at age 56.
     He left a will on 10 December 1734 at Essex County, NJ. It was proved 8 Jan 1748 (Vol II p 507).
Abraham Sr. was a member of the Acquackanonk Church 1725, but lived in the limits of Newark, just South of the Acquackanonk line. He signed the Remonstrance to the King in 1700.
His will was dated 10 December 1734 and was witnessed by Jo. Cooper,Jacob Vanwinkle and William Williamse. It was proved 8 Jan 1747-8., probate being granted to Jacob Vreeland and Jehonas (Johannes) Vreeland, as executors.(2) 'Land joining land of Tunis Pier at Passaic River; land bought of sons of John Frannsoy, viz., Hendrick, France, Barat and Abraham Franser on 19 Nov 1733, land formerly belonging to Jacob Van Winkle, Jr. conveyed to me by Simon Van Winkle, 17 Oct 1715.'

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Vreeland Sr. and Margrietje Jacobse Van Winkle

Ada Vreeland

F, d. 11 May 1966
FatherJohn Beam Vreeland b. 30 Dec 1852, d. 1 Jul 1923
MotherIda Petrowski
     Ada Vreeland died on 11 May 1966.
     Name variation: Eda A Vreeland. She left a will on 2 June 1966 at Morris County, NJ. (R&A B5 p27).

Child of Ada Vreeland

  • Rebecca Bates Vallardo

Ada Vreeland

FatherJoseph M Vreeland b. 4 Jul 1834, d. 9 Oct 1904
MotherSarah Ellen b. 1846
     Ada Vreeland married Elmer R Cairns.
     Married name: Cairns. Name variation: Ida Vreeland. Ada Vreeland lived in 1966 at Somerville, NJ.

Ada Coddington Vreeland

F, b. August 1894, d. 20 April 1963
FatherCharles Stuart Vreeland b. 23 Feb 1864, d. 21 Aug 1955
MotherIrene Lime b. 5 Jan 1857, d. 8 Nov 1940
     Ada Coddington Vreeland was born in August 1894 at New Jersey. She died on 20 April 1963 at age 68.

Ada M Vreeland

FatherAbraham Herring Vreeland b. 6 Jan 1812
MotherJane Winnie Van Riper
     Ada M Vreeland married Wilson Kent.
     Married name: Kent.

Adam Vreeland

M, b. 6 August 1849, d. 1 May 1899
FatherElias E. Vreeland b. 2 Jul 1811, d. 7 Jan 1887
MotherAnn Terhune b. 10 Jun 1811, d. 28 Sep 1878
     Adam Vreeland was buried at Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ. He was born on 6 August 1849. He married Rachel Elizabeth Van Houten on 19 May 1869. Adam Vreeland died on 1 May 1899 at age 49. He died on 7 March 1916 at age 66.
     He left a will at Passaic County, NJ. Executors were Elias, John and Arthur Vreeland (#16526 M P.Pr. 11 T-2 Will 144). He lived in 1887 at Manchester, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Adam Vreeland and Rachel Elizabeth Van Houten

Adda Miller Vreeland

F, b. 20 February 1865, d. 3 June 1935
FatherAndrew Derrom Vreeland b. 7 Mar 1843, d. 5 Jan 1922
MotherSarah Jane Miller b. 1843, d. 19 Mar 1924
     Adda Miller Vreeland was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, NJ. She was born on 20 February 1865. She died on 3 June 1935 at age 70 unmarried.
     She left a will. (#35807 Y P.Pr. 402 J-4 Will 573). Name variation: Anna M Vreeland. She lived in 1924 at 459 15th Ave, Paterson, NJ, her parents house.

Adelaide Vreeland

FatherJohn Henry Vreeland d. 17 May 1919
MotherEllen d. 16 Mar 1937
     Adelaide Vreeland married Aaron Hill.
     Married name: Hill.

Adele H Vreeland

F, b. 30 May 1869
FatherAbraham Vreeland b. 29 Oct 1840
MotherEleanor Rapp
     Adele H Vreeland married Elmer W Affleck. Adele H Vreeland was born on 30 May 1869.
     Married name: Affleck.

Child of Adele H Vreeland and Elmer W Affleck

  • Maurice E Affleck

Adelia Vreeland

F, b. 14 April 1850, d. 8 June 1893
FatherCornelius Delos Vreeland b. 4 Mar 1813, d. 6 Jul 1890
MotherRachel Beach b. 29 Jan 1818, d. 6 Mar 1887
     Adelia Vreeland was buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, NJ. She was born on 14 April 1850. She died on 8 June 1893 at age 43.
     She left a will at Passaic County, NJ. (#14416 J Rel 250D Adm 45J Rel 277. Adelia never married.

Adelia Vreeland

F, b. 22 May 1845, d. 9 January 1914
FatherAndrew D Vreeland b. 21 May 1815, d. 21 Apr 1901
MotherPhoebe A Stephens d. 6 Feb 1883
     Adelia Vreeland was born on 22 May 1845. She married James H Robertson on 3 November 1864. Adelia Vreeland died on 9 January 1914 at age 68.
     Married name: Robertson.

Adeline Harriet Vreeland

F, b. 7 May 1833, d. 17 July 1914
FatherJohn Beam Vreeland b. 5 Feb 1792, d. 15 Jul 1867
MotherElizabeth Cooley b. 20 Feb 1796, d. 22 Dec 1843
     Adeline Harriet Vreeland was born on 7 May 1833. She died on 17 July 1914 at age 81. She was buried at Relda Vreeland Cemetery, Macopin, NJ.
     She left a will at Passaic County, NJ. It was proved 14 Aug 1914. Executors were Ernest Percival Freeland and George Demont Freeland (#14415, Passaic Co.).

Adrian E Vreeland

M, b. 31 March 1840
FatherElias Adrian Vreeland b. 30 Mar 1814, d. 9 Oct 1871
MotherJane Van Houten b. 25 May 1817, d. 15 May 1849
     Adrian E Vreeland married Sarah Vreeland. Adrian E Vreeland was born on 31 March 1840.
     He appeared on the census of 1850 in the household of Elias Adrian Vreeland at Acquackanonck, Passaic County, NJ; along with several black and mulatto individuals.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Adrian E Vreeland and Sarah Vreeland

Adrian Elias Vreeland

M, b. 8 November 1789, d. 1814
FatherElyas Jacob Vreeland b. 23 Aug 1759, d. 30 May 1839
MotherMargrietje Post b. 8 Feb 1768, d. 14 Feb 1854
     Adrian Elias Vreeland was born on 8 November 1789. He married Anna Haring on 19 December 1810. Adrian Elias Vreeland died in 1814.
     Adrian served in the War of 1812.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Adrian Elias Vreeland and Anna Haring

Aeghie Vreeland

F, b. 18 February 1766
FatherAbraham Vreeland Jr.
MotherEgie Van Zeyl
     Aeghie Vreeland was born on 18 February 1766. She was baptized on 23 March 1766 at Second River Church, Belleville, Essex County, NJ.

Aeltje Vreeland

F, b. 8 October 1677, d. 13 October 1677
FatherHartman Michielsen Vreeland b. 1 Oct 1651, d. 18 Jan 1707
MotherMaritje Braecke b. 6 Oct 1652, d. c 1724
     Aeltje Vreeland was baptized on 8 October 1677. She died on 13 October 1677 at Bergen, NJ.

Aeltje Vreeland

F, b. 26 November 1727
FatherJohannis Vreeland b. 1 Jul 1705, d. 11 Feb 1783
MotherAntje Diedricks b. 1700, d. 19 Sep 1780
     Aeltje Vreeland was christened on 26 November 1727 at New York. She married Johannes Van Wagenen, son of Jacob Gerritse Van Wagonen and Lea Van Ripen, on 17 October 1748.
     Married name: Van Wagenen.

Child of Aeltje Vreeland and Johannes Van Wagenen

  • Lea Van Wagenen b. 4 Dec 1759

Agnes Vreeland

F, b. circa 1754
FatherAbraham Vreeland
MotherChristyntjen Romain
     Agnes Vreeland was born circa 1754. She married John Van Buren on 24 February 1799.
     Married name: Van Buren. Name variation: Antiaje Vreeland.

Agnes Vreeland

F, b. 8 July 1900
FatherBenjamin Franklin Vreeland b. 7 Aug 1863, d. 8 Feb 1951
MotherLavena Hughes b. c 1875, d. c 6 Jul 1937
     Agnes Vreeland married Harry Swan. Agnes Vreeland was born on 8 July 1900.
     Married name: Swan.

Albert Vreeland

M, b. 28 June 1860
FatherAlbert T. Vreeland b. 8 Dec 1834, d. 13 Mar 1890
MotherMatilda L. Lydecker
     Albert Vreeland married Augusta Salter. Albert Vreeland was born on 28 June 1860.
     There were no children.

Albert Vreeland

FatherAdrian E Vreeland b. 31 Mar 1840
MotherSarah Vreeland
     Albert Vreeland died Y young.

Albert Francis Vreeland

M, b. 1895
FatherHenry Bauschmann Vreeland b. 11 Mar 1866, d. 1 Aug 1926
MotherNellie Bertha West b. 10 Feb 1871, d. 13 Sep 1955
     Albert Francis Vreeland married Rose. Albert Francis Vreeland was born in 1895.
     He lived between 1926 and 1949 at 105 Jefferson St., Passaic, NJ. He lived in 1978 at Clifton, NJ.

Child of Albert Francis Vreeland and Rose

  • Albert W Vreeland

Albert Henry Vreeland

M, b. 19 September 1880
FatherJames Harrison Vreeland b. 28 Nov 1840, d. 6 Jul 1910
MotherElmira Steward Holloway b. 15 Jul 1841, d. 23 Nov 1910
     Albert Henry Vreeland was buried at Butler Cemetery, Butler, NJ, (J.H. Vreeland Plot). He married Mary Bush. Albert Henry Vreeland was born on 19 September 1880.
     He left a will at Passaic County, NJ. (# 46540). He lived in 1910 at Bloomingdale, Passaic County, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Albert Henry Vreeland and Mary Bush

Albert Henry Vreeland Jr.

M, b. 11 October 1909, d. 19 October 1944
FatherAlbert Henry Vreeland b. 19 Sep 1880
MotherMary Bush
     Albert Henry Vreeland Jr. was born on 11 October 1909. He died on 19 October 1944 at Germany at age 35. He was buried at Beverly Military Cemetery, NJ, (So. Jersey). His estate was probated on 28 November 1944 at Passaic County, NJ, (#46540 D-2 P.Ao 94, R-2 RR 463, Passaic Co.).
     Albert was unmarried and was killed during the World War II. He left a will at Passaic County, NJ. It was filed by Teresa Mangin (#46540, Passaic Co.).

Albert Lincoln Vreeland

M, b. 1901
FatherJames Henry Vreeland b. c Feb 1860, d. 15 Mar 1955
MotherMartha E Blackmore b. 1868, d. 1936
     Albert Lincoln Vreeland was born in 1901 at East Orange, Essex County, NJ.
     He lived in 1955 at 48 Woodland Ave, East Orange, NJ.

Child of Albert Lincoln Vreeland

  • James A Vreeland

Albert Phillips Vreeland

M, b. 6 December 1887, d. 1889
FatherCharles Edwin Vreeland b. 9 Apr 1855
MotherKate Eldridge
     Albert Phillips Vreeland was born on 6 December 1887. He died in 1889.