Judith Train

F, b. 1708
FatherJohn Train b. 1682
MotherLydia Jennison b. 18 May 1688
     Judith Train married Josiah Upham. Judith Train was born in 1708.
     Married name: Upham.

Mary Belle Trainer

     Mary Belle Trainer married Hays Dalton.
     Married name: Dalton.

Peter Tramelje

     Peter Tramelje married Anna Van Buskirk, daughter of Pieter Van Boskerken and Trentje Harmanse.
     Name variation: Peter Tremlern.

Child of Peter Tramelje and Anna Van Buskirk

Tryntje Tramelje

F, b. 18 January 1731
FatherPeter Tramelje
MotherAnna Van Buskirk b. 15 Mar 1711
     Tryntje Tramelje was born on 18 January 1731. She was baptized on 5 June 1731 at NY Lutheran Church, NY.


     Traphagen married Phebe Vreeland, daughter of John Vreeland and Sarah.

Anna Campbell Traphagen

FatherHenry Traphagen
MotherAnne Campbell
     Anna Campbell Traphagen married Jacob R Wortendyke, son of Jacob Reynier Wortendyke and Susan J Doremus, on 17 October 1900.
     Married name: Wortendyke.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anna Campbell Traphagen and Jacob R Wortendyke

  • Anne Campbell Wortendyke
  • John Jacob Wortendyke

Helena Traphagen

F, d. circa 1728
FatherWillem Jansen Traphagen b. c 1609, d. a 1685
MotherJannetje Claessen Groenvis
     Helena Traphagen married Jan Burhans, son of Jacob Burhans and Unknown, in 1675. Helena Traphagen died circa 1728.
     Married name: Burhans.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helena Traphagen and Jan Burhans

Hendrick Traphagen

     Hendrick Traphagen married Sara Kierstede, daughter of Roelof Kierstide and Eycke Albertse Roosa.

Henry Traphagen

     Henry Traphagen married Anne Campbell.

Child of Henry Traphagen and Anne Campbell

Johannes Traphagen

     Johannes Traphagen was born at Leunichor. He married Heledt Delendal.

Child of Johannes Traphagen and Heledt Delendal

Johannes Traphagen

     Johannes Traphagen married Aegie Winne, daughter of Peter Winne Jr. and Jannetie Arendst.

Rebecca Traphagen

     Rebecca Traphagen married Pieter Pieterzen, son of Pieter Pieterzen and Tryntje, on 19 January 1679 at Kingston, NY.
     Married name: Pieterzen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebecca Traphagen and Pieter Pieterzen

Willem Jansen Traphagen

M, b. circa 1609, d. after 1685
FatherJohannes Traphagen
MotherHeledt Delendal
     Willem Jansen Traphagen married Jannetje Claessen Groenvis at Brooklyn, NY, (First Marriage). Willem Jansen Traphagen was born circa 1609. He died after 1685.
     He lived at Lengo, The Netherlands. Name variation: Dr.

Child of Willem Jansen Traphagen and Jannetje Claessen Groenvis

Catherine Ophelia Trauger

F, b. 1848, d. 1923
     Catherine Ophelia Trauger was born in 1848 at Pennsylvania. She married Henry Tracy Courtright, son of William Henry Courtright and Mary A Trauger, on 24 April 1867 at Morrison, Whiteside County, IL, (Marriage was performed by W.M. Lane, J.P.). Catherine Ophelia Trauger died in 1923 at Onawa, IA.
     Married name: Courtright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catherine Ophelia Trauger and Henry Tracy Courtright

Mary A Trauger

F, b. 1825, d. 1899
     Mary A Trauger was born in 1825 at Pompey Hill, NJ. She married William Henry Courtright, son of Rheuben Cortright and Deborah Bedell, on 22 December 1842 at Pompey Hill, NJ. Mary A Trauger died in 1899 at Morrison, IL.
     Married name: Courtright.

Child of Mary A Trauger and William Henry Courtright

Stefan Macdonald Trautman

M, b. 18 August 1978, d. 4 March 1982
     Stefan Macdonald Trautman was born on 18 August 1978. He died on 4 March 1982 at age 3.

Emily Elizabeth Traveller

F, b. 28 November 1862, d. 6 May 1954
     Emily Elizabeth Traveller was born on 28 November 1862 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT. She was baptized on 11 December 1879. She married William Henry Hendricks, son of William Dorris Hendricks and Mary Jane Andrus, on 11 December 1879 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT. Emily Elizabeth Traveller died on 6 May 1954 at Logan, Cache County, UT, at age 91.
     Married name: Hendricks.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Emily Elizabeth Traveller and William Henry Hendricks

Harvey Traver

     Harvey Traver married Catherine A Nichol.
     Harvey Traver lived at Poughkeepsie, NY.

Child of Harvey Traver and Catherine A Nichol

Zorada A Traver

F, b. 24 July 1830, d. 2 March 1890
FatherHarvey Traver
MotherCatherine A Nichol
     Zorada A Traver was born on 24 July 1830. She married Lewis Collins Hammond, son of Henry Hammond and Lorain Gorham, on 7 May 1848. Zorada A Traver died on 2 March 1890 at age 59.
     Married name: Hammond.

E.W. Travers

     E.W. Travers married Estelle B.(?) Edgerly, daughter of George W. Edgerly and Martha Knox.

Henry Traves

     Henry Traves married Nancy Kendall, daughter of Nathan Kendall and Betsey Richards.

Elizabeth Travis

F, b. 1858, d. 1880
     Elizabeth Travis married David D Galloway, son of George Galloway and Amerillus Dunning. Elizabeth Travis was born in 1858. She died in 1880.
     Married name: Galloway.

Florence Edna Travis

F, b. circa 1890
FatherWright Sutherland Travis
     Florence Edna Travis married Clifford Daniel Schoonmaker, son of David Alyea Schoonmaker and Anna Louise Pendleton. Florence Edna Travis was born circa 1890. She was buried in 1928 at Woodlawn Cemetery, New York, NY.
     Married name: Schoonmaker.

Wright Sutherland Travis


Child of Wright Sutherland Travis

Elizabeth Treadwell

     Elizabeth Treadwell married Jacob Briant, son of Samuel Briant and Lydia Craig.
     Married name: Briant.

Joseph Treadwell

     Joseph Treadwell married Mary Smith, daughter of Cornelius Cole Smith and Margaret DeWitt, in 1866.


M, b. 22 February 1896, d. 27 February 1896
FatherEdwin Bradley Treat b. 20 Mar 1867
MotherOlive Esther DeWitt b. 16 Apr 1874
     Treat was born on 22 February 1896. He died on 27 February 1896.

Edwin Bradley Treat

M, b. 20 March 1867
     Edwin Bradley Treat was born on 20 March 1867 at Clinton, WI. He married Olive Esther DeWitt, daughter of James P DeWitt and Melvina DeWitt, on 20 December 1893 at Doniphan, NE.
     Edwin Bradley Treat was a farmer at Doniphan, NE.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Edwin Bradley Treat and Olive Esther DeWitt

Hamlin Cardell Treat

M, b. 18 February 1897, d. 19 August 1899
FatherEdwin Bradley Treat b. 20 Mar 1867
MotherOlive Esther DeWitt b. 16 Apr 1874
     Hamlin Cardell Treat was born on 18 February 1897. He died on 19 August 1899 at age 2.
     He was Type: Source Hamilton Gen. p. 1150.

John Treat

     John Treat lived at Eastham, MA.

Child of John Treat