Harmanus Pieterzen

M, b. 10 November 1695
FatherPieter Pieterzen b. c 1652
MotherRebecca Traphagen
     Harmanus Pieterzen married Lena Lanshing. Harmanus Pieterzen was born on 10 November 1695.

Pieter Pieterzen

     Pieter Pieterzen was born at Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He married Tryntje.
     Pieter arrived in Nieuw Amsterdam with his wife and 3 children on board the ship 'Bonte Koe in mid-June 1660. The family name was change to Oostrander about 1700. Pieter Pieterzen was in 1660 a Dutch Army cadet.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Pieter Pieterzen and Tryntje

Pieter Pieterzen

M, b. circa 1652
FatherPieter Pieterzen
     Pieter Pieterzen was born circa 1652 at The Netherlands. He married Rebecca Traphagen on 19 January 1679 at Kingston, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Pieter Pieterzen and Rebecca Traphagen

Rachel Pieterzen

F, b. 1 May 1698
FatherPieter Pieterzen b. c 1652
MotherRebecca Traphagen
     Rachel Pieterzen was born on 1 May 1698. She married Solomon Terwilliger on 8 July 1720.
     Married name: Terwilliger. Name variation: Rachel Ostrander.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Pieterzen and Solomon Terwilliger

  • Rachel Terwilliger
  • Jan Terwilliger b. 2 Apr 1721
  • Petrus Terwilliger b. 17 Mar 1723
  • Lea Terwilliger b. 9 May 1725
  • Harmanus Terwilliger b. 18 Jun 1727
  • Cornelis Terwilliger b. 5 Oct 1729
  • Jacobus Terwilliger b. 11 Aug 1734
  • Johannes Terwilliger b. 17 Apr 1737
  • Catryntjen Terwilliger b. 29 Jul 1739
  • Theunis Terwilliger b. 19 Sep 1741

Rebekka Pieterzen

F, b. circa 1702
FatherPieter Pieterzen b. c 1652
MotherRebecca Traphagen
     Rebekka Pieterzen married Johannes de Hooges Van Etten. Rebekka Pieterzen was born circa 1702.
     Married name: Van Etten. Name variation: Rebekka Ostrander.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebekka Pieterzen and Johannes de Hooges Van Etten

  • Petrus Van Etten b. 25 Sep 1726
  • Rachel Van Etten b. 30 Sep 1728
  • Jacobus Van Etten b. 4 Mar 1730
  • Johannes Van Etten b. 20 Feb 1737
  • Alida Van Etten b. 9 Dec 1739
  • Elizabeth Van Etten b. 22 Mar 1742
  • Eva Van Etten b. 11 Nov 1744

Tryntje Pieterzen

F, b. circa 1656
FatherPieter Pieterzen
     Tryntje Pieterzen married Hendrik Albertse Ploeg. Tryntje Pieterzen was born circa 1656.
     They had 10 children. Married name: Ploeg.

Ofke Pijtters

M, b. 1680
     Ofke Pijtters was born in 1680. He married an unknown person in 1705.
     They had 6 children.

Child of Ofke Pijtters

Catharine Pike

F, b. 18 November 1796, d. 21 February 1891
FatherSelah Pike b. 16 Jul 1766, d. 14 Dec 1838
MotherAntje DeWitt b. 27 Jul 1755, d. 30 Dec 1823
     Catharine Pike was born on 18 November 1796. She married Daniel Luyster DeWitt, son of Petrus DeWitt and Elizabeth Duryea, between 23 March 1820 and 30 March 1820. Catharine Pike died on 21 February 1891 at age 94.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catharine Pike and Daniel Luyster DeWitt

Marcia Pike

F, b. 15 October 1924, d. 7 January 1987
     Marcia Pike was buried at sea. She was born on 15 October 1924 at Lowell, MA. She married Randolph Louis Kruger, son of Randolph Kruger and Catherine Bose, on 11 June 1949 at Tewksbury, MA. Marcia Pike died on 7 January 1987 at Hyannis, MA, at age 62.
     Married name: Kruger.

Selah Pike

M, b. 16 July 1766, d. 14 December 1838
     Selah Pike married Luyster. Selah Pike was born on 16 July 1766. He married Antje DeWitt, daughter of Johannes DeWitt and Catharine Luyster, on 8 July 1795. Selah Pike died on 14 December 1838 at age 72.
     He lived at the east end of Long Island, NY.

Child of Selah Pike and Antje DeWitt

Pieternella Pikes

     Pieternella Pikes married Jan de la Montagne, son of Johannes Mousnier de la Montague and Rachel De Forrest, in 1654 at The Netherlands.
     Married name: de la Montagne. Name variation: Petronella Pieces. Name variation: Piervelle Pikes.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Pieternella Pikes and Jan de la Montagne

Pieter Pilesfelt


Child of Pieter Pilesfelt

Morris B Pilgrim

     Morris B Pilgrim married Ann Coleman, daughter of Thomas Coleman and Mary Galloway.

Francois Pilois

     Francois Pilois married Claudine Poullet.

Child of Francois Pilois and Claudine Poullet

Francoise Pilois

FatherFrancois Pilois
MotherClaudine Poullet
     Francoise Pilois married Antoine Casse, son of Noel Casse and Michelle Durand, on 14 October 1665 at Chateau-Richter.
     Married name: Casse.

Child of Francoise Pilois and Antoine Casse

Sarah Pincen

F, b. 29 March 1669, d. after February 1713/14
FatherThomas Pincen b. 15 May 1640, d. a 26 Dec 1693
MotherElizabeth White d. b 26 Dec 1693
     Sarah Pincen was born on 29 March 1669 at Scituate, MA. She married Samuel House, son of Samuel House and Rebecca Nicholles, on 25 February 1691/92 at Scituate, MA. Sarah Pincen died after February 1713/14 at Scituate?, MA.
     Married name: House. Name variation: Sarah Pinson.

Child of Sarah Pincen and Samuel House

Thomas Pincen

M, b. 15 May 1640, d. after 26 December 1693
FatherThomas Pincen b. c 1616, d. 27 Jul 1694
MotherJane Standlake b. c 1612, d. a 1657
     Thomas Pincen was born on 15 May 1640 at Scituate, MA. He married Elizabeth White, daughter of Goeing White and Elizabeth Ward? 'servant to Mr. Hatherlye of Plymouth, MA.', on 18 September 1662 at Scituate, MA. Thomas Pincen married Sarah Hyland on 26 December 1693 at Scituate, MA. Thomas Pincen died after 26 December 1693.

Child of Thomas Pincen and Elizabeth White

Thomas Pincen

M, b. circa 1616, d. 27 July 1694
     Thomas Pincen was born circa 1616. He married Jane Standlake, daughter of Daniel Standlake and Jane Rickard, circa 1639 at Scituate, MA. Thomas Pincen died on 27 July 1694 at Scituate, MA.

Child of Thomas Pincen and Jane Standlake

Henry Piner

M, b. 1800
     Henry Piner died at Wisconsin. He married Susan. Henry Piner was born in 1800 at Ireland.

Child of Henry Piner and Susan

Mary Ann Piner

F, b. 1827
FatherHenry Piner b. 1800
MotherSusan b. 1790
     Mary Ann Piner married John Van Schoonhoven, son of John Van Schoonhoven and Myrth. Mary Ann Piner was born in 1827 at Ireland.
     Married name: Van Schoonhoven.

Child of Mary Ann Piner and John Van Schoonhoven

Susan Pines

     Susan Pines married Samuel Denison on 18 June 1877.
     Married name: Denison.

Child of Susan Pines and Samuel Denison



Children (not necessarily in order) of Pingree

Aaron Pingree

     Aaron Pingree lived in 1648 at Ipswich, MA.

Lydia Pingree

F, d. 14 March 1688/89
FatherMoses Pingree b. 1610, d. 1695
     Lydia Pingree married Thomas Burnham, son of Thomas Burnham and Mary Tuttle, on 13 February 1665/66 at Ipswich, MA. Lydia Pingree died on 14 March 1688/89.
     Married name: Burnham.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lydia Pingree and Thomas Burnham

  • Thomas Burnham b. 19 Jan 1666/67
  • Phebe Burnham b. 16 Mar 1667/68
  • Moses Burnham b. 24 Jan 1669/70
  • Lydia Burnham b. bt 6 Dec 1673 - 1674
  • Aaron Burnham b. bt 12 Sep 1675 - 1676
  • Eleazer Burnham b. bt 5 Sep 1677 - 1678
  • Abigail Burnham b. bt 2 Jun 1680 - 1681
  • Daniel Burnham b. bt 4 Apr 1681 - 1682
  • Mary Burnham b. 1684/85

Moses Pingree

M, b. 1610, d. 1695
     Moses Pingree was born in 1610 at England. He died in 1695.
     He was a saltmaker. Pingree is of French origin and means green pine. The name probably taken to Enland by a Huguenot refugee. Name variation: Deacon. He lived in 1642 at Ipswich, MA.

Child of Moses Pingree

John Pink

     John Pink married Barbara Crousie.
     John Pink lived at Hurley?, NY.

Child of John Pink and Barbara Crousie

John Nelson Pink

M, b. 5 June 1830
     John Nelson Pink was born on 5 June 1830. He married Elizabeth Lounsbury, daughter of John Lounsbury and Sarah Peters, on 28 October 1858.

Mary Ann Pink

     Mary Ann Pink married Abraham Ten Eyck.
     Married name: Ten Eyck.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Ann Pink and Abraham Ten Eyck

Susan Jane Pink

F, b. 27 June 1833, d. 11 July 1925
FatherJohn Pink
MotherBarbara Crousie
     Susan Jane Pink married David Elting Woolsey, son of Clinton Woolsey and Eliza Elting. Susan Jane Pink was born on 27 June 1833. She died on 11 July 1925 at age 92.
     She was Type: Children six. Married name: Woolsey.

Child of Susan Jane Pink and David Elting Woolsey

John Pinkens

     John Pinkens married Jannetje Siboutszen (Krankhuyt), daughter of Herck Sybouts and Wyntjie Theunis, circa 1685.