Kenneth Wimmer

     Kenneth Wimmer married Elaine Gladys Armstrong, daughter of Wayne Manley Armstrong and Zelma Taylor.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Kenneth Wimmer and Elaine Gladys Armstrong

  • Donald Wayne Wimmer
  • Cynthia Annette Wimmer

Anna Winaert

F, d. before October 1695
     Anna Winaert married Harman Braas before October 1695. Anna Winaert died before October 1695.
     Married name: Braas.

David Clark Winans

M, b. 27 November 1843, d. 17 March 1921
FatherMoses Pryor Winans b. 4 Jan 1808, d. 25 Aug 1871
MotherSusan Simmons b. 18 Feb 1812, d. 27 Apr 1900
     David Clark Winans was born on 27 November 1843 at Sidney, Shelby County, OH. He married Mary Margery Hossler, daughter of Michael Mossler and Catharine Bowers, on 14 May 1868 at Wooster, Wayne County, OH. David Clark Winans died on 17 March 1921 at Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, at age 77.

Child of David Clark Winans and Mary Margery Hossler

Henry Morgan Winans

M, b. 1893, d. 1964
FatherHenry S. Winans
     Henry Morgan Winans was born in 1893. He died in 1964.
     Henry was a Physician. Name variation: M.D.

Child of Henry Morgan Winans and Judith Terril Hawley

  • Henry Morgan Winans b. 1920

Henry S. Winans


Child of Henry S. Winans

Jan Winans

M, b. circa 1640
     Jan Winans was born circa 1640 at The Netherlands? He married Susannah Melyn, daughter of Cornelis Melyn and Jannetje Adriens, on 25 August 1664 at New Haven, CT.

Child of Jan Winans and Susannah Melyn

Jennie Winans

F, b. 21 July 1884, d. 27 May 1951
FatherDavid Clark Winans b. 27 Nov 1843, d. 17 Mar 1921
MotherMary Margery Hossler b. 24 Apr 1850, d. 19 Apr 1887
     Jennie Winans was born on 21 July 1884 at Hastings, Adam County, NE. She married Thomas Jonathan Holder, son of Jonathan Holder and Martha Helen Nichols, on 23 April 1904 at Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. Jennie Winans died on 27 May 1951 at Huntington Park, Los Angeles County, CA, at age 66.
     Married name: Holder.

Child of Jennie Winans and Thomas Jonathan Holder

Johannes Winans

M, b. 3 October 1673, d. 8 November 1734
FatherJan Winans b. c 1640
MotherSusannah Melyn b. 14 Jun 1643, d. bt 1683 - 1694
     Johannes Winans married Remember Baldwin. Johannes Winans was born on 3 October 1673 at Elizabethtown, Essex County, NJ. He died on 8 November 1734 at Elizabethtown, Essex County, NJ, at age 61.

Child of Johannes Winans and Remember Baldwin

John Winans

M, b. circa 1744, d. before November 1846
FatherLewis Winans b. c 1718
MotherLydia Kelsey b. 1722
     John Winans was born circa 1744 at Union, NJ. He married Sarah Pryor, daughter of Andries Pryor and Polly, on 12 July 1770 at Presbyterian Church, Providence, Union County, NJ. John Winans died before November 1846 at Miami, OH.

Child of John Winans and Sarah Pryor

Kelsey Winans

FatherLewis Winans b. c 1718
MotherLydia Kelsey b. 1722
     Kelsey Winans married an unknown person.

Child of Kelsey Winans

Lewis Winans

M, b. 13 July 1772, d. 15 May 1861
FatherJohn Winans b. c 1744, d. b Nov 1846
MotherSarah Pryor b. c 1749, d. 25 Nov 1846
     Lewis Winans was born on 13 July 1772 at Union, NJ. He married Lydia Winans, daughter of Kelsey Winans, in 1798. Lewis Winans died on 15 May 1861 at Troy, Miami County, OH, at age 88.

Child of Lewis Winans and Lydia Winans

Lewis Winans

M, b. circa 1718
FatherJohannes Winans b. 3 Oct 1673, d. 8 Nov 1734
MotherRemember Baldwin b. c 1680, d. 10 Feb 1721/22
     Lewis Winans was born circa 1718 at Union, NJ. He married Lydia Kelsey, daughter of Joseph Kelsey, on 7 January 1739/40 at Elizabeth, Union County, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lewis Winans and Lydia Kelsey

Lydia Winans

F, b. 15 August 1784, d. 29 July 1862
FatherKelsey Winans
     Lydia Winans was born on 15 August 1784 at New Jersey. She married Lewis Winans, son of John Winans and Sarah Pryor, in 1798. Lydia Winans died on 29 July 1862 at Troy, Miami County, OH, at age 77.
     Married name: Winans.

Child of Lydia Winans and Lewis Winans

Moses Pryor Winans

M, b. 4 January 1808, d. 25 August 1871
FatherLewis Winans b. 13 Jul 1772, d. 15 May 1861
MotherLydia Winans b. 15 Aug 1784, d. 29 Jul 1862
     Moses Pryor Winans was born on 4 January 1808 at Troy, Miami County, OH. He married Susan Simmons, daughter of John Simmons and Susan Millhouse, on 4 September 1828 at Shelby, OH. Moses Pryor Winans died on 25 August 1871 at Springville, Linn County, IA, at age 63.

Child of Moses Pryor Winans and Susan Simmons

Elizabeth Barley Winant

     Elizabeth Barley Winant married Isaac Berdan, son of Jan Berdan and Ursula Van Voorhis.
     Married name: Berdan.

Deborah Winch

     Deborah Winch married Oldham Gates, son of Amos Gates Jr. and Mary Trowbridge, in June 1783.
     Married name: Gates.

Eunice Winch

     Eunice Winch married John Gates, son of Amos Gates Jr. and Mary Trowbridge, on 5 January 1795.
     Married name: Gates.

Mary Winchester

     Mary Winchester married John Farnsworth, son of Solomon Farnsworth and Lucy Farnsworth.
     Married name: Farnsworth.

Anne Winder

F, b. 27 October 1800
FatherJohn Winder
MotherMary Booz
     Anne Winder was born on 27 October 1800. She married Isaac Wynkoop, son of John Wynkoop and Anna Leaster, on 16 April 1815.
     Married name: Wynkoop.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anne Winder and Isaac Wynkoop

John Winder

     John Winder married Mary Booz.

Child of John Winder and Mary Booz

John Windfield

     John Windfield married Maria Margaret Lounsbury, daughter of John Lounsbury and Sarah Peters, (there were no children.).
     Name variation: John Winfield.

Anne (Anna) Wines

FatherBarnabas Wines
     Anne (Anna) Wines was born at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. She married Francis Nichols, son of Francis Nichols and Margaret Bruce, in 1645.
     Anne Wines was the second wife of Sgt. Francis Nichols and the daughterof Deacon Barnabas Wines from Southold, L.I. Married name: Nichols.

Child of Anne (Anna) Wines and Francis Nichols

  • Anne Nichols

Barnabas Wines

     Name variation: Deacon.

Child of Barnabas Wines and Unknown

Ananias Winfield

     Ananias Winfield married Magdalena Bevier, daughter of Jonas Bevier and Maria DeWitt, on 6 February 1817.

Child of Ananias Winfield and Magdalena Bevier

  • Nellie Maria Winfield b. 1817

Catharine Winfield

     Catharine Winfield married Josiah DuBois, son of Cornelius DuBois Jr. and Gertrude Bruyn.
     Married name: DuBois.

Maria Winfield

     Maria Winfield married Abraham Decker, son of Abraham Decker and Elisabeth Schut.
     Married name: Decker.

Mary Elizabeth Winfield

FatherSimon Winfield
MotherCatherine DeWitt
     Mary Elizabeth Winfield married William Henry Romeyn Jr., son of William Henry Romeyn and Mary Margaret DeWitt, on 27 December 1866.
     Married name: Romeyn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Elizabeth Winfield and William Henry Romeyn Jr.

  • Mary Margaret Romeyn b. 24 Mar 1868
  • Katherine Romeyn b. 13 Feb 1872
  • Kenneth Winfield Romeyn b. 5 Feb 1885

Silas Winfield

     Silas Winfield married Neeltje Bevier, daughter of Jonas Bevier and Maria DeWitt, on 3 February 1818.

Simon Winfield

     Simon Winfield married Catherine DeWitt, daughter of John I DeWitt and Maria Abeel.

Child of Simon Winfield and Catherine DeWitt

Adeline Wing

     Adeline Wing married William Worth Byington, son of Anson Byington and Theoda Cunningham, in 1840.
     Married name: Byington.

Child of Adeline Wing and William Worth Byington