Ephraim Wright

M, b. 7 February 1726, d. 14 September 1775
     Ephraim Wright was born on 7 February 1726. He married Abigail Whittemore, daughter of Joseph Whittemore and Ruth Eustis, on 2 March 1751. Ephraim Wright died on 14 September 1775 at age 49.

Euphemia Wright

     Euphemia Wright married Nathan Armstrong in 1745 at Hardwick Patent, NJ.
     Married name: Armstrong. Name variation: Uphamy Wright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Euphemia Wright and Nathan Armstrong

Flora Wright

F, b. 18 March 1889, d. 2 February 1924
FatherPierre Wright b. 22 Jun 1855
MotherMinnie Bertholf b. 24 Aug 1869, d. 10 Jan 1922
     Flora Wright was born on 18 March 1889. She married Glen Porter in April 1908. Flora Wright died on 2 February 1924 at age 34.
     Married name: Porter.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Flora Wright and Glen Porter

  • Rufus Porter
  • Harry Porter
  • Helen Porter
  • Edith Porter
  • Walter Porter
  • Albert Porter
  • Royal Porter

Hannah Wright

     Hannah Wright married James Kendall, son of John Kendall and Mary Greenwood, at Philipston.
     Married name: Kendall.

Hannah Wright

F, b. 20 June 1717, d. 1796
FatherJoseph Wright
     Hannah Wright was born on 20 June 1717 at Andover, MA. She married Beamsley Peters, son of Samuel Peters and Phoebe Frie, on 8 January 1735. Hannah Wright died in 1796.
     Married name: Peters.

Iris Dawn Wright

     Iris Dawn Wright married Albert Bullen Harris, son of Alexander Eli Harris and Blanche Bullen.
     Married name: Harris.

James Wright

     James Wright married Emma Basford in 1848 at Ingersoll, Canada.
     James Wright lived before 1866 at Ogdensburg, NY. He lived after 1866 at Norfolk County, VA.

Children (not necessarily in order) of James Wright and Emma Basford

  • John Wright
  • Sarah Wright
  • Adline Wright
  • Samuel Wright
  • Edward Wright
  • Maria Wright b. 6 Aug 1854

Jane Wright

     Jane Wright married Henry Kelly.
     Married name: Kelly.

Child of Jane Wright and Henry Kelly

Jane Wright

     Jane Wright married Robert Maclaren.
     Married name: Maclaren.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane Wright and Robert Maclaren

  • Mary Maclaren+
  • Verona Maclaren
  • Annie Maclaren
  • Etta Maclaren
  • Jane Maclaren
  • Florence Maclaren
  • Bill Maclaren
  • Kenneth Maclaren
  • Kenneth Maclaren
  • Fred Maclaren
  • Bob Maclaren
  • Henry Maclaren
  • Sam Maclaren

John Wright

     John Wright married Phoebe Courter, daughter of Joseph Courter and Sarah Johnson.

Joseph Wright

     Joseph Wright married Hannah.

Child of Joseph Wright and Hannah

Josiah Wright

     Josiah Wright married Ruth.

Child of Josiah Wright and Ruth

Kirk Allen Wright

     Kirk Allen Wright married JoLynn Pope, daughter of Clayton Bruce Pope and Marilyn Jean Clark.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Kirk Allen Wright and JoLynn Pope

  • Kiersti Dawn Wright
  • Alyssa Wright

Louis Wright

M, b. 14 April 1891
FatherPierre Wright b. 22 Jun 1855
MotherMinnie Bertholf b. 24 Aug 1869, d. 10 Jan 1922
     Louis Wright married Esther Lounsberry. Louis Wright was born on 14 April 1891.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Louis Wright and Esther Lounsberry

  • Robert Wright
  • Roland Wright
  • Shirley Wright

Mabel Wright

F, b. 2 October 1886, d. 18 June 1907
FatherPierre Wright b. 22 Jun 1855
MotherMinnie Bertholf b. 24 Aug 1869, d. 10 Jan 1922
     Mabel Wright was born on 2 October 1886. She married John Cole on 20 March 1906. Mabel Wright died on 18 June 1907 at age 20.
     Married name: Cole.

Maria Wright

F, b. 6 August 1854
FatherJames Wright
MotherEmma Basford
     Maria Wright was born on 6 August 1854. She married John G De Baun, son of Garret Duryea De Baun and Elizabeth Young, on 5 January 1876 at Oaklette, Norfolk County, VA, (at the home of Matthew Hare).
     Maria lived with the Hares after the death of her mother in 1859. Married name: De Baun.

Mary Ann Wright

     Mary Ann Wright married Miller Axford, son of John Axford and Betsy Boughner.
     Married name: Axford.

Mary E. Wright

     Mary E. Wright married John J(ames) Christie, son of James Christie and McCreery.
     Married name: Christie.

Mary Jane Wright

F, b. circa 1822
     Mary Jane Wright married William Green, son of John Green and Phoebe Mitchell. Mary Jane Wright was born circa 1822 at New Brunswick, Canada.
     Married name: Green.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Jane Wright and William Green

Mary Leta Wright

     Mary Leta Wright married Charles Henry Clithero.
     Married name: Clithero.

Minnie Wright

     Minnie Wright married Robert Shuck, son of Samuel Shuck and Mary A Henderson.
     Married name: Shuck.

Nathan Wright

     Nathan Wright married Martha Kendall, daughter of John Kendall and Mary Greenwood.
     Nathan Wright lived at Philipston.

Nehemiah Wright

     Nehemiah Wright married Mary Gates, daughter of Amos Gates and Hannah Oldham, on 24 May 1733 at Framingham, MA.

Parmelia Wright

     Parmelia Wright married Isaac Cortright, son of Safferyn Kortright and Hannah Parsell.
     Married name: Cortright.

Pierre Wright

M, b. 22 June 1855
     Pierre Wright was born on 22 June 1855. He married Minnie Bertholf, daughter of William Bertholf and Mary Louise Bennett, on 11 December 1883.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Pierre Wright and Minnie Bertholf

Rosita Hofmeister Wright

     Rosita Hofmeister Wright married John Blackstock Hawley Jr., son of John Blackstock Hawley and Sue Anna Terrell.

Child of Rosita Hofmeister Wright and John Blackstock Hawley Jr.

Ruth Wright

F, b. circa 1706, d. October 1775
FatherJosiah Wright
     Ruth Wright was born circa 1706. She married Samuel Thompson, son of Jonathan Thompson Jr. and Frances Whittemore, on 31 December 1730. Ruth Wright died in October 1775.
     Married name: Thompson.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ruth Wright and Samuel Thompson

  • Samuel Thompson+ b. 30 Oct 1731, d. 17 Aug 1820
  • Daniel Thompson b. 9 Mar 1734
  • Ruth Thompson b. 9 Mar 1737
  • Abijah Thompson b. 11 Apr 1739, d. 16 Jan 1811
  • Mary Thompson b. 24 May 1741
  • Phebe Thompson b. 3 Feb 1743/44
  • Lois Thompson b. 12 Aug 1746
  • Jonathan Thompson b. 10 Sep 1748

Ruth Wright

F, b. 1906
     Ruth Wright married Irving Needham, son of Charles Needham and Edith Hey. Ruth Wright was born in 1906.
     Married name: Needham.

Sarah Wright

F, b. 11 April 1730, d. 6 April 1809
FatherBenoni Wright of Hinsdale
     Sarah Wright was born on 11 April 1730. She married Hezekiah Elmer, son of Hezekiah Elmer and Miriam, on 30 May 1751. Sarah Wright died on 6 April 1809 at age 78.
     Married name: Elmer.

Susannah Wright

F, b. 1767, d. 1845
     Susannah Wright was born in 1767. She married Isaac Lounsbury, son of John Lounsbury and Sarah, in 1790. Susannah Wright died in 1845.
     Married name: Lounsbury.

Child of Susannah Wright and Isaac Lounsbury