GSBC General Meeting
New Milford, “The Birthplace” of Bergen County
Presentation by Nancy Varettoni
Recorded on Monday, 24 October 2022

It might seem puzzling that the borough is just celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022. This presentation explores why there's a 245-year gap between two of New Milford's most significant dates: its birthday, June 8, 1677, and its anniversary of incorporation, April 18, 1922. It also highlights the people and events that shaped its unique history.

The French Burying Ground New Milford’s Historic Huguenot Cemetery, ©2022 New Milford Historic Preservation Commission (2022) [PDF] A Map's Story, The Journey of a Historical Relic from 1867 to Present-Day New Milford, ©2022 New Milford Historic Preservation Commission (2022) [PDF]

Nancy Varettoni is Chair of the New Milford Historic Preservation Commission.

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