Rufus DeWitt

M, b. circa 1860
FatherThomas DeWitt b. c 1831, d. 21 May 1902
MotherNancy DeWitt b. 9 Apr 1830, d. 9 Apr 1905
     Rufus DeWitt married Margaret Sanders. Rufus DeWitt married Betty Welch. Rufus DeWitt was born circa 1860 at Garrett County, MD.
     Rufus was the father of 7 children.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rufus DeWitt and Margaret Sanders

Russell DeWitt

     Russell DeWitt married Louise.

Child of Russell DeWitt and Louise

Ruth Andrea DeWitt

F, b. 1921
FatherMartin Roy Stephen DeWitt b. 9 Jul 1887
MotherAndrea Pauline Winterfield b. 1886, d. Feb 1949
     Ruth Andrea DeWitt was born in 1921.
     She was educated at University of Wisconsin. She was a housewife at Hopkins, MN.

Sadie DeWitt

FatherCharles DeWitt b. c 1852, d. 28 Dec 1932
MotherEmma Boyer b. 15 Mar 1861
     Sadie DeWitt married Richard Friend.
     Married name: Friend.

Child of Sadie DeWitt and Richard Friend

  • (?) Friend

Saferine DeWitt

M, b. 14 March 1839, d. 14 May 1861
FatherJacob DeWitt
MotherJulie A d. 1 Jan 1867
     Saferine DeWitt was born on 14 March 1839. He died on 14 May 1861 at age 22.

Salerine DeWitt

M, b. circa 1781, d. 5 March 1853
     Salerine DeWitt married Nancy. Salerine DeWitt was born circa 1781. He died on 5 March 1853.
     Name variation: Sovaryne DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Salerine DeWitt and Nancy

Sally DeWitt

F, b. 26 December 1811
FatherHenry DeWitt
MotherRachel Steel
     Sally DeWitt was born on 26 December 1811. She was baptized on 1 March 1815.

Sally DeWitt

F, b. 22 December 1795
FatherSamuel DeWitt
MotherMary Young
     Sally DeWitt was baptized on 30 August 1795. She was born on 22 December 1795.

Sally DeWitt

     Sally DeWitt married Benjamin J Schoonmaker on 12 August 1810 at Marbletown, NY, (Source: Wawarsing Church Records, New Paltz.).
     Married name: Schoonmaker. Name variation: Sarah DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sally DeWitt and Benjamin J Schoonmaker

Sally Brecht DeWitt

F, b. 1770, d. 12 January 1854
FatherThomas Witt b. May 1730
MotherRebecca Gott b. 1732
     Sally Brecht DeWitt was born in 1770. She married Ezra Barker on 17 February 1793. Sally Brecht DeWitt married Ezra Barker on 17 February 1793. Sally Brecht DeWitt died on 12 January 1854.
     Married name: Barker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sally Brecht DeWitt and Ezra Barker

  • Aaron Barker
  • Joel Barker
  • Elizabeth Barker

Sally Jane DeWitt

F, b. 1811, d. 1887
FatherAbraham DeWitt b. 1763, d. 1835
MotherMehitable Hopkins b. 1766, d. 1841
     Sally Jane DeWitt was born in 1811. She married Nicholas Miller in 1831. Sally Jane DeWitt died in 1887.
     Married name: Miller.

Child of Sally Jane DeWitt and Nicholas Miller

Samuel DeWitt

FatherPeter DeWitt b. 8 Jul 1753
MotherRebecca Whetsell
     Samuel DeWitt married Casteel.

Samuel Dewitt

M, b. circa 1822
FatherHenry DeWitt b. c 1796
MotherElizabeth Jackson
     Samuel Dewitt married Mary J House. Samuel Dewitt was born circa 1822.
     He lived in 1850 at Preston County, VA (now WV), next to Henry DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Samuel Dewitt and Mary J House

Samuel DeWitt

     Samuel DeWitt married Mary Young.
     Samuel DeWitt was Type: Source Clove Valley, Wantage, Sussex County, NJ p. 132, 134, 136.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Samuel DeWitt and Mary Young

Sara DeWitt

F, b. 25 April 1722
FatherAry DeWitt b. 1695
     Sara DeWitt was baptized on 25 April 1722 at Dutch Reformed Church, Tappan.

Sara DeWitt

F, b. 30 March 1708
FatherBarent DeWitt b. 1666
MotherSara Van Tassel b. 1670
     Sara DeWitt was baptized on 30 March 1708 at Sleepy Hollow Dutch Church, Tarrytown, NY. She married Leonard Smook before 19 January 1728.
     Married name: Smook.

Sara DeWitt

F, b. 29 January 1737/38
FatherPetrus DeWitt b. 21 Apr 1697, d. 1776
MotherElizabeth Albertse
     Sara DeWitt married Shipman. Sara DeWitt was baptized on 29 January 1737/38 at Raritan, NJ.
     Married name: Shipman. Name variation: Sarah DeWitt.

Sara DeWitt

F, b. 25 March 1743, d. 1815
FatherJohannes DeWitt b. bt 1705 - 1710, d. 4 May 1790
MotherCatharine Luyster b. 7 Aug 1716, d. 31 Dec 1806
     Sara DeWitt was baptized at Boswick. She was born on 25 March 1743. She died in 1815.

Sara DeWitt

F, b. 5 January 1858, d. 16 December 1945
FatherJohn DeWitt
MotherCharlotte Lee
     Sara DeWitt was born on 5 January 1858 at Millstone, NJ. She married Franklin Townsend Lent on 5 January 1881 at New Brunswick, NJ. Sara DeWitt died on 16 December 1945 at Rye, NY, at age 87.
     Married name: Lent.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sara DeWitt and Franklin Townsend Lent

Sara Jemima DeWitt

F, b. 2 September 1809
FatherJames DeWitt
MotherHannah Wood
     Sara Jemima DeWitt was born on 2 September 1809 at Wawarsing, NY.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. 19 December 1789, d. 25 March 1848
FatherReuben DeWitt b. 20 Oct 1745, d. 17 Jul 1800
MotherElizabeth Depuy b. 18 Apr 1753, d. 1 Mar 1820
     Sarah DeWitt married Tjerck Bevier, son of Benjamin Bevier and Leah Roosa. Sarah DeWitt was born on 19 December 1789. She was baptized on 31 January 1790. She died on 25 March 1848 at age 58.
     Married name: Bevier.

Child of Sarah DeWitt and Tjerck Bevier

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. 5 May 1805
FatherJohn DeWitt b. c 1776
MotherElizabeth Cape
     Sarah DeWitt was born on 5 May 1805. She was baptized on 14 October 1805.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. 1810, d. 1876
FatherJohn G DeWitt b. 1775, d. 4 Oct 1830
MotherElizabeth Boss b. 1781, d. 19 Sep 1851
     Sarah DeWitt married John Eplas. Sarah DeWitt was born in 1810. She died in 1876.
     Married name: Eplas.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. 10 May 1839, d. 27 September 1910
FatherDaniel Luyster DeWitt b. 12 Jan 1795, d. 16 Nov 1867
MotherCatharine Pike b. 18 Nov 1796, d. 21 Feb 1891
     Sarah DeWitt was born on 10 May 1839. She died on 27 September 1910 at age 71.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. circa 1857
FatherJohn Henry DeWitt b. 1835
MotherMargaret Hauck
     Sarah DeWitt was born circa 1857 at Garrett County, MD.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. circa 1874
FatherRichard DeWitt
MotherElizabeth Casteel
     Sarah DeWitt was born circa 1874 at Garrett County, MD.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. circa 1845
FatherJoseph Dewitt b. 1818, d. 13 Jan 1892
MotherJane Thayer b. 1821, d. 1846
     Sarah DeWitt was born circa 1845 at Garrett County, MD.

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. circa 1838
FatherPeter DeWitt b. c 1795
MotherSarah Casteel b. bt 1804 - 1805
     Sarah DeWitt was born circa 1838 at Maryland.

Sarah DeWitt

FatherJacob DeWitt
MotherJulie A d. 1 Jan 1867
     Sarah DeWitt married David Kern?
     Married name: Kern?

Sarah DeWitt

F, b. June 1832, d. 3 August 1832
FatherJacob V DeWitt b. c 1811, d. Feb 1855
MotherMary Freeland
     Sarah DeWitt was born in June 1832. She died on 3 August 1832.