Emilie May Leeshon Rees

F, b. 21 April 1875, d. 7 November 1949
FatherThomas Leyshon Rees b. 1 Jun 1846
MotherCaroline Elizabeth Henderson b. 30 Dec 1847, d. 7 Jan 1879
     Emilie May Leeshon Rees was born on 21 April 1875. She died on 7 November 1949 at age 74.
     Name variation: Nana Rees.

Child of Emilie May Leeshon Rees and MacMurray Caltrider

Frank B Rees

M, b. 2 February 1882
FatherThomas Leyshon Rees b. 1 Jun 1846
     Frank B Rees was born on 2 February 1882.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Frank B Rees

  • Dilyas Rees b. 1910
  • Harry Rees b. 1912

Ivan Douglas Thomas Rees

M, b. 21 July 1909, d. 29 January 1975
FatherMacMurray Caltrider b. May 1875
MotherEmilie May Leeshon Rees b. 21 Apr 1875, d. 7 Nov 1949
     Ivan Douglas Thomas Rees was born on 21 July 1909. He married Rita Lucille Waizmann on 16 September 1933. Ivan Douglas Thomas Rees died on 29 January 1975 at age 65.

Thomas Leyshon Rees

M, b. 1 June 1846
     Thomas Leyshon Rees married an unknown person. He was born on 1 June 1846. He married Caroline Elizabeth Henderson, daughter of George Ralph Henderson and Caroline Box Drayton, on 11 September 1872.
     Name variation: Rev.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Leyshon Rees and Caroline Elizabeth Henderson

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Leyshon Rees

  • Frank B Rees+ b. 2 Feb 1882
  • Harry M E Rees b. 17 Apr 1884
  • Arthur J Rees b. 3 May 1886

Burton Reese

M, b. 7 August 1890
     Burton Reese was born on 7 August 1890. He married Kate Carroll Storer, daughter of Andrew D Storer and Eva Cortright, on 21 September 1910.

Emma Reese

F, b. 12 August 1857, d. 19 September 1878
     Emma Reese was born on 12 August 1857. She married Nathaniel Le Fever, son of Adam Le Fever and Sally Ann Clearwater, on 15 November 1874. Emma Reese died on 19 September 1878 at age 21.
     Married name: Le Fever.

Le Grande Reese

M, b. 16 May 1916, d. 16 May 1916
FatherGeorge Gideon Hendricks b. 9 Sep 1875, d. 22 Feb 1953
MotherVilate Mary Jenks b. 27 Feb 1897, d. 17 Aug 1949
     Le Grande Reese died on 16 May 1916. He was born on 16 May 1916 at Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

William Reesenberg

     William Reesenberg married Cornelia Newkirk Freer, daughter of Simon Peter Freer and Sarah Catharine DeWitt, on 15 January 1868.

Abigail Reeve

F, b. 1686, d. 1758
FatherJohn Reeves b. 1654, d. 15 Dec 1712
MotherHannah Brown b. c 1655, d. 26 Jan 1698/99
     Abigail Reeve was born in 1686 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. She married Thomas Dickerson, son of Peter Dickinson and Naomi Mapes, on 13 January 1714/15 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. Abigail Reeve married Charles Wager on 17 March 1736/37 at Southold, NY. Abigail Reeve died in 1758 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY.
     Married name: Wager. Married name: Dickerson. Name variation: Abigail Reeves.

Child of Abigail Reeve and Thomas Dickerson

Lillian C Reeve

     Lillian C Reeve married John Milton Elmore. Lillian C Reeve was born at Richmond, VA.
     Married name: Elmore.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lillian C Reeve and John Milton Elmore

Abner Reeves

M, b. 22 April 1708
FatherThomas Reeves
MotherBathia Horton d. 4 Feb 1713/14
     Abner Reeves was born on 22 April 1708. He married Mary Landon on 16 October 1732.

Charles Reeves Sr.

M, b. 23 December 1826, d. 22 November 1915
     Charles Reeves Sr. married Abigail Mitchell. Charles Reeves Sr. was born on 23 December 1826. He died on 22 November 1915 at age 88.

Child of Charles Reeves Sr. and Abigail Mitchell

Emma Reeves

F, d. 2 March 1898
     Emma Reeves married Peter S Vreeland, son of Henry John Vreeland and Jane Eckhardt. Emma Reeves died on 2 March 1898.
     Married name: Vreeland. She left a will on 13 September 1897 at Passaic County, NJ. (#14450 M. Rel234, U Will 299, D Adm 445 N Rel 155, 169).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Emma Reeves and Peter S Vreeland

Hannah Reeves

F, b. 7 December 1648
FatherThomas Reeves b. 1624, d. 7 May 1697
MotherMary Purrier b. 1628
     Hannah Reeves was born on 7 December 1648 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. She married Peter Dickinson, son of Philomon Dickerson and Mary Payne.
     Married name: Dickinson. Name variation: Mary Reeves.

Hezekiah Reeves

M, b. circa 1691, d. 1 February 1770
     Hezekiah Reeves was born circa 1691 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. He married an unknown person in November 1709 at Southold, NY. He married Rachel Mapes, daughter of Jonathan Mapes and Abigail Corey, on 16 October 1739 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. Hezekiah Reeves died on 1 February 1770 at Mattituck, Suffolk County, NY.

James Reeves

     James Reeves married Mary. His estate was probated on 18 November 1803.
     James Reeves was Type: Source Orange County Wills 1787-1813: p. 38. He left a will on 31 October 1803.

Children (not necessarily in order) of James Reeves and Mary

  • James Reeves
  • Daniel Reeves
  • David Reeves
  • Joshua Reeves
  • Isaac Reeves
  • Elijah Reeves
  • Mary Reeves
  • Hephsibreight? Reeves
  • Lydia Reeves
  • Anne Reeves
  • Keturah Reeves
  • Deborah Reeves
  • Sarah Reeves
  • Amatal Reeves
  • Jerusha Reeves
  • Dolly Reeves
  • Julia Reeves

James Reeves

M, b. 19 August 1736
FatherThomas Reeves
MotherMary Wells
     James Reeves married Elizabeth Wickham. James Reeves was born on 19 August 1736.
     Name variation: Capt.

Jane Reeves

F, b. 1825, d. circa 1903
     Jane Reeves married Jerome Bonaparte Galloway, son of James Galloway Jr. and Nancy Foskett. Jane Reeves was born in 1825 at Michigan. She died circa 1903.
     Married name: Galloway.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane Reeves and Jerome Bonaparte Galloway

  • Helen Galloway b. 1848
  • James P Galloway b. 1849

John Reeves

M, b. 1654, d. 15 December 1712
FatherThomas Reeves b. 1624, d. 7 May 1697
MotherMary Purrier b. 1628
     John Reeves was born in 1654 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. He married Hannah Brown, daughter of Richard Brown II and Hannah King. John Reeves married Martha. John Reeves died on 15 December 1712 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY.
     Name variation: Jonathan Reeves.

Child of John Reeves and Hannah Brown

Laura B Reeves

F, b. 6 September 1850, d. 13 August 1933
FatherCharles Reeves Sr. b. 23 Dec 1826, d. 22 Nov 1915
MotherAbigail Mitchell b. 2 Feb 1831, d. 1916
     Laura B Reeves married George William Corson, son of Thomas Corson Jr. and Hannah Hampton. Laura B Reeves was born on 6 September 1850. She died on 13 August 1933 at age 82.
     Married name: Corson.

Child of Laura B Reeves and George William Corson

Mary Reeves

F, b. 2 April 1799, d. 26 April 1830
     Mary Reeves was born on 2 April 1799. She died on 26 April 1830 at age 31.

Child of Mary Reeves and John Vail Mapes

Mary Post Reeves

     Mary Post Reeves married James Colwell Galloway, son of Archer James Galloway and Rachel Colwell.
     Married name: Galloway.

Munson Thomas Reeves

M, b. 14 January 1838, d. 22 January 1916
     Munson Thomas Reeves was born on 14 January 1838 at Medina? County, OH. He married Susan Jane Denslow on 23 November 1867 at North Fairfield. Munson Thomas Reeves married Malinda Jewell, daughter of McCormick Jewell and Mary C Finkbenner, on 16 June 1915. Munson Thomas Reeves died on 22 January 1916 at age 78.

Robert Reeves

M, b. circa 1580
     Robert Reeves was born circa 1580 at Caldercote, Northamptonshire, England. He married Agnes.
     Info from UA CD#3.

Child of Robert Reeves and Agnes

Thomas Reeves

     Thomas Reeves married Bathia Horton on 19 June 1707. Thomas Reeves married Mary Wells on 20 July 1719.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Reeves and Bathia Horton

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Reeves and Mary Wells

  • Elijah Reeves b. 5 Oct 1722
  • Bathia Reeves b. 21 Feb 1724/25
  • Ketura Reeves b. 21 Aug 1727
  • James Reeves b. 19 Aug 1736
  • Thomas Reeves b. 20 Apr 1739, d. 1754

Thomas Reeves

M, b. 20 April 1739, d. 1754
FatherThomas Reeves
MotherMary Wells
     Thomas Reeves was born on 20 April 1739. He died in 1754.

Thomas Reeves

M, b. 1624, d. 7 May 1697
FatherRobert Reeves b. c 1580
MotherAgnes b. 1580
     Thomas Reeves was born in 1624 at Caldercote, Northamptonshire, England, (An unnamed source has date of birth as 1611). He was christened at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. He married Mary Purrier, daughter of William Purrier and Alice Knight, in 1645 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. Thomas Reeves died on 7 May 1697 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY, (While all sources agree on the place of death, the date of death ranges from 1 Dec 1682 to 1697). He was buried at Mattituck, Suffolk County, NY.
     Name variation: James Reeves.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Reeves and Mary Purrier

William Reeves

     William Reeves married Hannah Bryant, daughter of Andrew Bryant and Rachel Meeker.

Daniel Regan

M, b. circa 1812, d. before 1873
     Daniel Regan was born circa 1812 at Ireland. He married Nellie Barry circa 1837 at Ireland. Daniel Regan died before 1873.

Child of Daniel Regan and Nellie Barry

Ellen Barry Regan

F, b. circa 1838, d. 21 November 1916
FatherDaniel Regan b. c 1812, d. b 1873
MotherNellie Barry b. c 1815, d. 5 Dec 1873
     Ellen Barry Regan was born circa 1838 at Ireland. She married Richard James Dewhurst, son of James Kirkham Dewhurst and Jane Brown, before 1860 at Lowell or NY City. Ellen Barry Regan died on 21 November 1916 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY.
     Married name: Dewhurst.

Child of Ellen Barry Regan and Richard James Dewhurst