Susanna Wager

     Susanna Wager married Joseph Shed.
     Married name: Shed.

Child of Susanna Wager and Joseph Shed

William Wager

     William Wager married Kate Bennett, daughter of Thomas Bennett and Mary Newman.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Wager and Kate Bennett

  • Wager
  • Wager

Christian Waggoner

     Christian Waggoner married Unknown.

Child of Christian Waggoner and Unknown

Jeremiah Waggoner

     Jeremiah Waggoner married Emma Vandebogert on 5 July 1830 at Hudson, NY.
     Jeremiah Waggoner lived at Livingston, NY.

Magdelena Waggoner

FatherChristian Waggoner
     Magdelena Waggoner married Jacobus C. Vrooman, son of Cornelius Vrooman and Magdalena Huyck, on 2 June 1803 at Bethlehem, NY.
     Married name: Vrooman.

Child of Magdelena Waggoner and Jacobus C. Vrooman

Bessie Wagner

F, b. 18 August 1882
     Bessie Wagner was born on 18 August 1882. She married Charley Lorenzo Newcomb, son of Charles Hiram Newcomb and Sarah DeWitt, on 2 October 1907.
     Married name: Newcomb.

Josephine Wagner

     Josephine Wagner married Warren M Bogert.
     Married name: Bogert.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Josephine Wagner and Warren M Bogert

Rose Pearl Gladys Wagner


Sarah Wagnor

     Married name: Hague.

Jurian Wagoner

     Jurian Wagoner married Sarah Maria Westervelt, daughter of Albert Westervelt and Eliza Ann Lasher.

Georg (Albert) Wahl

M, d. after 1846
     Georg (Albert) Wahl married Eva Buchscheidt probably before Mar 1840 at Germany (probably Wurtemberg, Germany). Georg (Albert) Wahl was born (Possibly Mergelstetten, Probably Wurtemberg, Germany). He died after 1846 Possibly Mergelstetten, Probably Wurtemberg, Germany.

Child of Georg (Albert) Wahl and Eva Buchscheidt

Johann GeorgGeorge Wahl

M, b. 9 November 1840, d. 5 May 1881
FatherGeorg (Albert) Wahl d. a 1846
MotherEva Buchscheidt d. a Oct 1847
     Johann GeorgGeorge Wahl was born on 9 November 1840 at Mergelstetten, Wurtemberg, Germany. He married Anna Marie Euler, daughter of Johann Heinrich Euler and Margaretha, between 8 July 1870 and June 1871 at Manhattan, NY, ((probably)). Johann GeorgGeorge Wahl died on 5 May 1881 at 86 Third Street, Manhattan, NY, at age 40.

Child of Johann GeorgGeorge Wahl and Anna Marie Euler

Ottilie Wahl

F, b. 16 March 1873, d. 2 August 1938
FatherJohann GeorgGeorge Wahl b. 9 Nov 1840, d. 5 May 1881
MotherAnna Marie Euler b. 9 Sep 1850, d. 7 Jul 1880
     Ottilie Wahl was born on 16 March 1873 at 99 Avenue A, Manhattan, NY. She married Philip McCarthy, son of Theodore Philip Heitz and Franziska, on 26 August 1894 at Grace Chapel, 132 East 14th St., Manhattan, NY. Ottilie Wahl died on 2 August 1938 at 10 Phelps Ave, Bergenfield, NJ, at age 65.
     Married name: McCarthy.

Child of Ottilie Wahl and Philip McCarthy

Elizabeth Wainright

     Elizabeth Wainright married Robert Brecht, son of John Brecht and Susanna, at Haverhill, MA.
     Married name: Brecht.

Elizabeth Wainright

     Elizabeth Wainright married Robert Brecht, son of John Brecht and Susanna, at Haverhill, MA.
     Married name: Brecht.

Daniel Wainwright

M, b. circa 1700, d. between 1783 and 1784
FatherThomas Wainwright d. 1726
     Daniel Wainwright married Jedidah West, daughter of John West and Jane Wing. Daniel Wainwright was born circa 1700. He died between 1783 and 1784.

Child of Daniel Wainwright and Jedidah West

E E Wainwright

     E E Wainwright married Lydia Olive Vreeland, daughter of Garret Vreeland and Lydia Eames Harris.

Children (not necessarily in order) of E E Wainwright and Lydia Olive Vreeland

  • Wilmer Garret Wainwright
  • Agnes Florence Wainwright

Jedidah Wainwright

F, b. between 11 January 1771 and 1772, d. 17 November 1852
FatherVincent Wainwright d. bt 1782 - 1783
MotherElizabeth Williams
     Jedidah Wainwright was born between 11 January 1771 and 1772. She married John Hyers, son of Gerard Hyer and Mary, in 1790 at New Jersey. Jedidah Wainwright died on 17 November 1852.
     Married name: Hyers.

Child of Jedidah Wainwright and John Hyers

Thomas Wainwright

M, d. 1726
FatherThomas Wainwright b. 15 Jan 1648, d. 1726
MotherAlice Havens
     Thomas Wainwright died in 1726.

Child of Thomas Wainwright

Thomas Wainwright

M, b. 15 January 1648, d. 1726
FatherThomas Wainwright b. c 1620, d. 15 Sep 1683
     Thomas Wainwright was born on 15 January 1648. He married Alice Havens, daughter of John Havens and Ann, circa 1670. Thomas Wainwright died in 1726.

Child of Thomas Wainwright and Alice Havens

Thomas Wainwright

M, b. circa 1620, d. 15 September 1683
     Thomas Wainwright was born circa 1620 at England. He died on 15 September 1683 at New Jersey.

Child of Thomas Wainwright

Vincent Wainwright

M, d. between 1782 and 1783
FatherDaniel Wainwright b. c 1700, d. bt 1783 - 1784
MotherJedidah West
     Vincent Wainwright was born at Monmouth County, NJ. He married Elizabeth Williams, daughter of John Williams and Elizabeth Tucker. Vincent Wainwright died between 1782 and 1783 at Colts Neck, Ocean County, NJ.

Child of Vincent Wainwright and Elizabeth Williams

Hannah Waite

F, b. 17 September 1709, d. 3 October 1789
FatherJoseph Waite b. c 1675, d. 9 Apr 1725
MotherLydia Sargent
     Hannah Waite was born on 17 September 1709. She married Phineas Upham, son of Phineas Upham and Tamzan Hill, on 30 December 1730. Hannah Waite died on 3 October 1789 at age 80.
     Married name: Upham.

Child of Hannah Waite and Phineas Upham

John Waite

M, b. circa 1618, d. 26 September 1693
FatherSamuel Waite
     John Waite married Mary Hills, daughter of Joseph Hills and Rose Clarke, at England. John Waite was born circa 1618. He died on 26 September 1693 at Malden, MA.

Child of John Waite and Mary Hills

Joseph Waite

M, b. circa 1675, d. 9 April 1725
FatherJoseph Waite b. 1650
MotherHannah Oakes b. 4 May 1657, d. c 1687/88
     Joseph Waite was born circa 1675 at Malden, MA. He married Lydia Sargent, daughter of John Sargent and Lydia Chipman, in 1701. Joseph Waite died on 9 April 1725 at Malden, MA.

Child of Joseph Waite and Lydia Sargent

Joseph Waite

M, b. 1650
FatherJohn Waite b. c 1618, d. 26 Sep 1693
MotherMary Hills b. May 1627, d. 25 Nov 1674
     Joseph Waite was born in 1650. He married Hannah Oakes, daughter of Thomas Oakes and Elizabeth, on 7 August 1672.

Child of Joseph Waite and Hannah Oakes

Mary Waite

F, d. after 1683
     Mary Waite married Robert Lord, son of ? Lord and Catherine Lord, in 1630. Mary Waite died after 1683.
     Married name: Lord.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Waite and Robert Lord

Samuel Waite

     Samuel Waite married Mary.

Child of Samuel Waite and Mary

Georgina Waitling

     Georgina Waitling married Robert Graham, son of William Graham and Elizabeth Warman.
     Married name: Graham.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Georgina Waitling and Robert Graham

  • George Graham
  • William Graham

Rita Lucille Waizmann

F, b. 29 August 1910, d. 16 June 1988
     Rita Lucille Waizmann was born on 29 August 1910. She married Ivan Douglas Thomas Rees, son of MacMurray Caltrider and Emilie May Leeshon Rees, on 16 September 1933. Rita Lucille Waizmann died on 16 June 1988 at age 77.
     Married name: Rees.