James J. Vrooman

M, b. 21 March 1817
FatherJacobus C. Vrooman b. 10 Sep 1780, d. 6 Dec 1845
MotherMagdelena Waggoner
     James J. Vrooman married Maria Rowe, daughter of Peter Rowe and Hannah Niver. James J. Vrooman was born on 21 March 1817 (Birth date on electronic image is not clear.).

Child of James J. Vrooman and Maria Rowe

Johannes S Vrooman

     Johannes S Vrooman married Volkje Wemple, daughter of Jan Barentsen Wemple and Helen Van Tright, on 8 December 1750.

Magdalen Vrooman

FatherHendrick I Vrooman
     Magdalen Vrooman married Johannes Putman, son of Arent Putman and Elizabeth De Spitzer.
     Married name: Putman.

Maria Dorothea Vrooman

     Maria Dorothea Vrooman married Henry Ten Eyck, son of Tobias Ten Eyck and Rachel De Peyster. Maria Dorothea Vrooman married John V I Le Tonnelier.
     Married name: Ten Eyck. Married name: Le Tonnelier.

Mary Magdelon Vrooman

F, b. 25 May 1837, d. 21 September 1918
FatherJames J. Vrooman b. 21 Mar 1817
MotherMaria Rowe
     Mary Magdelon Vrooman was born on 25 May 1837 at Pine Bush, NY. She married James Joshua Hotaling, son of Peter Hotaling and Ann Wynkoop, on 27 March 1856 at Bethlehem, NY. Mary Magdelon Vrooman died on 21 September 1918 at Albany, Albany County, NY, at age 81.
     Married name: Hotaling.

Child of Mary Magdelon Vrooman and James Joshua Hotaling

Pieter Vrooman

M, b. 4 May 1684, d. circa November 1777
FatherAdam Vrooman b. 14 Sep 1649, d. c May 1732
MotherEngletie Blom d. 10 Feb 1690
     Pieter Vrooman was born on 4 May 1684. He married Grietje Van Alstyne, daughter of Martin Janse Van Alstyne and Jannetje Cornelisse Bogart, on 2 February 1706. Pieter Vrooman died circa November 1777.

Child of Pieter Vrooman and Grietje Van Alstyne

Volkert Vrooman

     Volkert Vrooman married Maria Smith.

Child of Volkert Vrooman and Maria Smith

Elizabeth Vuilesme

     Elizabeth Vuilesme married Pierre Cresson.
     Married name: Cresson.

Child of Elizabeth Vuilesme and Pierre Cresson

Susan Leeann Vuilsteke

     Susan Leeann Vuilsteke and David Alan Pruitt were divorced. Susan Leeann Vuilsteke died Y.
     She and David Alan Pruitt were Type: MarrPriv.

Jacob Vygoor

M, d. before 1707
     Jacob Vygoor died before 1707. He married Neeltje Buys before 1707.

Jeptham H Wade Jr.

     Jeptham H Wade Jr. married Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of John Lewis.

Linda Wade

     Married name: Warman.

Experience Wadi

     Experience Wadi married Jabez Eaton, son of Samuel Eaton and Elizabeth.
     Experience Wadi lived at Dorchester, MA. Married name: Eaton.

Christopher Wadsworth

M, b. 1 December 1609, d. 31 July 1677
FatherRichard Wadsworth b. c 1578
MotherChristabel Utley b. c 1578
     Christopher Wadsworth was born on 1 December 1609 at Heptonstallin, Yorkshire, England. He married Grace Cole circa 1630 at Heptonstallin, Yorkshire, England. Christopher Wadsworth died on 31 July 1677 at Duxbury, MA, at age 67.

Child of Christopher Wadsworth and Grace Cole

Grace Wadsworth

F, d. before 13 January 1747/48
     Grace Wadsworth married Thomas Oldham, son of Thomas Oldham and Mercy Sproat, on 25 December 1723 at Massachusetts. Grace Wadsworth died before 13 January 1747/48 at Scituate, MA.
     Married name: Oldham.

Child of Grace Wadsworth and Thomas Oldham

Grace Wadsworth

F, b. circa 1679, d. 25 November 1757
FatherJohn Wadsworth b. c 1638, d. 15 May 1700
MotherAbigail Andrews b. c 1646, d. 25 Nov 1723
     Grace Wadsworth was born circa 1679 at Duxbury, MA. She married William Sprague, son of John Sprague and Ruth Bassett, circa 1700 at Duxbury, MA. Grace Wadsworth married Josiah Wormall in December 1723 at Middleboro, MA. Grace Wadsworth died on 25 November 1757 at Duxbury, MA.
     Married name: Wormall. Married name: Sprague.

Child of Grace Wadsworth and William Sprague

John Wadsworth

M, b. circa 1638, d. 15 May 1700
FatherChristopher Wadsworth b. 1 Dec 1609, d. 31 Jul 1677
MotherGrace Cole b. c 1610, d. c 1688
     John Wadsworth was born circa 1638 at Duxbury, MA. He married Abigail Andrews, daughter of Henry Andrews and Mary Poole, on 4 August 1667 at Duxbury, MA. John Wadsworth died on 15 May 1700 at Duxbury.

Child of John Wadsworth and Abigail Andrews

Richard Wadsworth

M, b. circa 1578
     Richard Wadsworth died at Heptonstallin, Yorkshire, England. He was born circa 1578 at Warley, Yorkshire, England. He married Christabel Utley on 14 December 1598 at Heptonstallin, Yorkshire, England.

Child of Richard Wadsworth and Christabel Utley

Estelle Waechter

F, b. 17 August 1875, d. 19 January 1961
FatherMartin Waechter
MotherPhoebe Lindmer b. Oct 1874, d. 20 Apr 1926
     Estelle Waechter married Andrew Zimmerman, son of Christian Zimmerman and Eliza Lutz, (Hackensack NJ). Estelle Waechter was born on 17 August 1875 at Union City, NJ. She died on 19 January 1961 at Hackensack, NJ, at age 85.
     Married name: Zimmerman.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Estelle Waechter and Andrew Zimmerman

Martin Waechter

     Martin Waechter married Phoebe Lindmer, daughter of Nicholas Lildnar.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Martin Waechter and Phoebe Lindmer

  • Estelle Waechter+ b. 17 Aug 1875, d. 19 Jan 1961
  • Pauline Waechter Taylor b. Feb 1880
  • Bertha Waechter Taylor b. Jul 1884

Magdalena Waele

F, b. circa 1620
     Magdalena Waele married Jochem Colyer, son of Jochem Colyer and Dorothea. Magdalena Waele was born circa 1620 at Europe. She married Gysbert van den Shueren on 1 March 1659.
     Married name: van den Shueren. Married name: Colyer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Magdalena Waele and Jochem Colyer

Henry Abram Waer

M, b. 30 April 1855, d. 14 July 1933
MotherCatherine Maria Tuers b. 10 Feb 1834, d. 15 Nov 1902
     Henry Abram Waer was born on 30 April 1855 at Denville, Morris County, NJ. He died on 14 July 1933 at Clifton, Bergen County, NJ, at age 78.

Henry Abram Waer

M, b. 30 April 1855, d. 14 July 1933
MotherCatherine Maria Tuers b. 10 Feb 1834, d. 15 Nov 1902
     Henry Abram Waer was born on 30 April 1855 at Denville, Morris County, NJ. He died on 14 July 1933 at Clifton, Bergen County, NJ, at age 78.

Adam Wagar


Child of Adam Wagar

Nettie Wagar

FatherAdam Wagar
     Nettie Wagar married Arthur Robert Bailey, son of Samuel Bailey and Ella Godfrey. Nettie Wagar was born at Lakewood, OH.
     Married name: Bailey.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Nettie Wagar and Arthur Robert Bailey

Antje Tiallings Wagenaar

F, d. 4 December 1836
     Antje Tiallings Wagenaar married Symon Sierds Dijkstra. Antje Tiallings Wagenaar died on 4 December 1836.

Child of Antje Tiallings Wagenaar and Symon Sierds Dijkstra

Grietje Jacobs Wagenaar

F, b. 14 February 1768, d. 22 May 1861
FatherJacob Sigerds Wagenaar b. 1739, d. 20 May 1764
MotherBerber Harmens Schilstra b. 1739, d. 9 Mar 1806
     Grietje Jacobs Wagenaar was born on 14 February 1768. She married Aan Gerrits Hoekstra, son of Gerrit Aans and Aukje Hillenbrands, on 23 May 1790. Grietje Jacobs Wagenaar died on 22 May 1861 at age 93.
     They had 8 children.

Child of Grietje Jacobs Wagenaar and Aan Gerrits Hoekstra

Jacob Sigerds Wagenaar

M, b. 1739, d. 20 May 1764
     Jacob Sigerds Wagenaar was born in 1739 at Stiens. He died on 20 May 1764. He married Berber Harmens Schilstra on 20 May 1764.

Child of Jacob Sigerds Wagenaar and Berber Harmens Schilstra

Charles Wager

M, b. 17 April 1693, d. after February 1780
     Charles Wager was born on 17 April 1693 at Boston, Suffolk County, MA, (Anc. Louise Jeffers has date as 17 Jun). He married Sarah Eades on 30 October 1713 at Second Church of Boston, Boston, Suffolk County, MA. Charles Wager married Abigail Reeve, daughter of John Reeves and Hannah Brown, on 17 March 1736/37 at Southold, NY. Charles Wager died after February 1780.
     Name variation: Thomas Wager.

Erasmus Wager

M, b. circa 1710, d. 11 June 1770
     Erasmus Wager was born circa 1710 at Aindling. He married Ursula Balais on 20 April 1744 (Gundelsdorf, Bavaria, G). Erasmus Wager died on 11 June 1770 at Gundelsdorf, Bavaria, Germany.
     Augsburg archives-Gundelsdorf book
Third husband of Ursula Balais Kneislin, widow of Gundelsdorf- he was a widower of Aindling
Witnesses for groom:Georgius Lyndemayr, Baur
Petrus Baur, both of Aindling
' ' bride:Georgius Gunkh
Casparus Kneisl, both of Gundelsdorf Erasmus Wagner, listed as a Zimmerman of Gundelsdorf
d. 11 Jun 1770 about 60 years of age of consumption. He was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.