Silas Smith

M, b. 1853, d. 1916
FatherThomas Smith b. c 1810, d. 1910
MotherIrena McMurtry
     Silas Smith was buried at Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ. He married Bessie. Silas Smith was born in 1853 at Monroe Twp, Orange County, NY. He died in 1916.

Child of Silas Smith and Bessie

  • Bessie Smith

Solomon Smith

FatherDavid Smith
     Solomon Smith married Unknown circa 23 August 1785.

Spencer Smith

M, b. 12 May 1844, d. 14 April 1938
FatherThomas Smith b. c 1810, d. 1910
MotherIrena McMurtry
     Spencer Smith was born on 12 May 1844 at Monroe Twp, NY. He married Eunice Curtis circa 1860. Spencer Smith died on 14 April 1938 at Paterson, NJ, at age 93.
     Spencer served in Co. K, 13th NJ Volunteers during the Civil War. He served as the Grand Marshall for the Memorial Day parade in Paterson for many years. He was commander of veterans posts, Vice Commander of GAR, State of NJ. He was an astute businessman in the cotton industry.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Spencer Smith and Eunice Curtis

Stephen Smith

     Stephen Smith married Blandina Van Gaasbeek, daughter of Abraham Van Gaasbeek and Annatje Ten Broeck, on 28 January 1819.

Stephen A Smith

FatherAbraham Smith
MotherMargaret Van Gaasbeek b. 8 Oct 1786
     Stephen A Smith was Type: Children no.

Susan Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 4 July 1856, d. 30 December 1929
FatherDavid Smith b. 25 Sep 1816, d. 22 Feb 1905
MotherHannah Gray
     Susan Elizabeth Smith was born on 4 July 1856. She married Andrew King on 27 February 1880. Susan Elizabeth Smith died on 30 December 1929 at age 73.
     Married name: King.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Susan Elizabeth Smith and Andrew King

  • Frank S King b. 1884
  • Fred A King b. 1885
  • Roy J King b. 1894

Susan J Smith

     Susan J Smith married Cornelius V R Vreeland, son of Daniel Vreeland and Cornelia Newkirk.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Susan J Smith and Cornelius V R Vreeland

  • Cornelia Ann Vreeland
  • Matilda Vreeland
  • Garret Vreeland
  • Cornelius Vreeland
  • Cornelia Vreeland

Susannah Smith

F, b. 1752
     Susannah Smith was born in 1752. She married Joshua Lounsbery in 1770.
     Married name: Lounsbery.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Susannah Smith and Joshua Lounsbery

Sybil Smith

F, b. 10 June 1809, d. 21 April 1870
     Sybil Smith was buried at Landon Hill Cemetery. She was born on 10 June 1809 at Chestertown, NY. She married Warren Higley Duell, son of Richard Duel and Clarinda Higley, on 14 February 1833. Sybil Smith died on 21 April 1870 at Chestertown, NY, at age 60.
     Married name: Duell. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Child of Sybil Smith and Warren Higley Duell

Tanisen(sp?) Smith

     Tanisen(sp?) Smith married Ebenezer Edgerly, son of Moses Edgerly and Mary Kent.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Theresa Ann Smith

F, b. 18 May 1965, d. 11 June 1986
     Theresa Ann Smith was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Mays Landing, NJ. She was born on 18 May 1965 at Somers Point, NJ. She died on 11 June 1986 at Somers Point, NJ, at age 21.
     She was in her third year at Fairbanks Univ. when she was killed in a bike-auto accident.

Thomas Smith

M, b. circa 1810, d. 1910
FatherMoses Smith b. 1792, d. 5 Jan 1877
MotherMartha Patty Galloway b. 23 Nov 1785, d. 16 Mar 1857
     Thomas Smith was buried at Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ. He was born circa 1810. He married Irena McMurtry on 6 December 1842. Thomas Smith died in 1910.
     He was in 1860 a blacksmith at Ho-Ho-Kus, Bergen County, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas Smith and Irena McMurtry

Thomas H Smith

M, b. circa 1853, d. May 1900
     Thomas H Smith was born circa 1853. He died in May 1900. He was buried at NY Cemetery (Maple Grove), Hackensack, NJ, (Plot 27-A).
     He was in Company A, 10th US Volunteer Engineers during the Spanish American War.

Thomas Hale Smith

M, d. August 1976
     Thomas Hale Smith was buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Totowa Borough, NJ. He married Alice King, daughter of William Henry King and Mary Ellen Higgins, at St. Mary's RC Church, Paterson, NJ. Thomas Hale Smith died in August 1976.

Child of Thomas Hale Smith and Alice King

Thomas Smith Jr.

M, b. circa 1852
FatherThomas Smith b. c 1810, d. 1910
MotherIrena McMurtry
     Thomas Smith Jr. was born circa 1852.
     Thomas was married, spouse unknown.

Tryntie Smith

     Tryntie Smith married Johannis Coerten, son of Jan Coerten and Marytie Arianse. Tryntie Smith was born at New Jersey.
     Married name: Coerten.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Tryntie Smith and Johannis Coerten

Valentine Smith

     Valentine Smith was born at Germany.

Child of Valentine Smith

Vernon Van Vickle Smith

     Vernon Van Vickle Smith married Dona Mae Puffingbarger.

Virginia Lee Smith

F, b. 17 July 1901
FatherGrover Dwight Smith b. 17 Mar 1872, d. c May 1924
MotherLee Glencora Cook b. 30 Sep 1871, d. c Jan 1965
     Virginia Lee Smith was born on 17 July 1901 at Montclair, Essex County, NJ. She married Spencer Platt Curley on 27 November 1926.
     Married name: Curley.

Child of Virginia Lee Smith and Spencer Platt Curley

Vrouwtje Smith

F, b. 29 January 1761, d. 27 February 1818
FatherCornelius Smith b. 16 May 1730, d. 19 May 1814
MotherMaria Peek b. 16 May 1732, d. 14 Feb 1814
     Vrouwtje Smith married Michael DeClark. Vrouwtje Smith was born on 29 January 1761. She was baptized on 1 February 1761 at Reformed Dutch Church, Tappan, NY. She married Albert Romeyn, son of Nicholaas Romeyn and Billetjin Demarest, on 12 September 1795 at Tappan, NY. Vrouwtje Smith died on 27 February 1818 at age 57.
     Married name: DeClark. Married name: Romeyn. Name variation: Frouchy Smith.

Child of Vrouwtje Smith and Michael DeClark

  • Mary Clark

Child of Vrouwtje Smith and Albert Romeyn

Washington Galloway Smith

M, b. 4 March 1835
FatherDavid Smith IV b. 5 Mar 1805, d. 5 Mar 1878
MotherCharlotte Conklin b. 16 Dec 1807, d. 18 Nov 1842
     Washington Galloway Smith was born on 4 March 1835. He married Alice G Ashman on 25 February 1869 at First Presbyterian Church, Monroe, NY.

Wendy Smith

FatherRichard E Smith
     Wendy Smith married Weeden.
     Married name: Weeden.

Wesley Earl Smith

M, b. 1865, d. after 1930
FatherGeorge Wesley Smith b. 1840, d. 1895
MotherMary Earl
     Wesley Earl Smith was born in 1865 at New York. He married Kathryn B James circa 1885. Wesley Earl Smith died after 1930.

William Smith

     William Smith married Maria Vreeland, daughter of George Vreeland and Catherine Newkirk, on 14 December 1833 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.

William Smith

     William Smith married Geertie Bosch.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Smith and Geertie Bosch

  • Maria Smith b. 7 Jan 1721
  • Anneke Smith b. 20 Dec 1727

William Smith


William Smith

     William Smith lived at Sharon, CT. Name variation: Rev.

Child of William Smith

William Smith

     William Smith married Elizabeth Scudder, daughter of John Scudder and Mary King, in 1668.

William Smith

M, d. 1743
     William Smith married Mary Crosdale in 1690. William Smith married Mercy in 1720. William Smith died in 1743.
     The Smiths were English Quakers who came from Yorkshire. They must have been early converts to the sect because George Fox, its founder, only began to preach in 1647 and the first London meeting was in 1671. He and Mary Crosdale were Type: Children eight. William Smith and Mercy were Type: Children seven. William Smith immigrated in 1682 to North America.

Child of William Smith and Mary Crosdale

William Smith

     William Smith married Phebe Hawkins, daughter of Elihu Hawkins and Abigail Tuthill.