Dorothea Bassinger Smith

     Dorothea Bassinger Smith married Isaac Hollenbeck, son of Jacob Hollenbeck and Hannah.
     Married name: Hollenbeck.

Child of Dorothea Bassinger Smith and Isaac Hollenbeck

Dorothy Smith

F, b. 1912
     Dorothy Smith married Gordon Callard, son of Waldo Callard and Ethel Newcombe. Dorothy Smith married Juhrs. Dorothy Smith was born in 1912.
     Married name: Juhrs. Married name: Callard.

Dudley Jerome Smith

M, b. 1897, d. 1983
     Dudley Jerome Smith married Emma Hopper, daughter of David Hopper and Anna Clinch Bogert. Dudley Jerome Smith was born in 1897. He died in 1983.

Edna Smith

F, b. 2 October 1927, d. 8 January 1984
FatherCharles Wesley Smith b. 8 May 1894, d. 3 Aug 1960
MotherBethia MacDonald b. 19 Sep 1895, d. 25 Jan 1967
     Edna Smith was buried at Cambridge, NY. She was born on 2 October 1927 at Bloomfield, Essex County, NJ. She married Mark Worthington on 4 July 1947 at Newark, Essex County, NJ. Edna Smith died on 8 January 1984 at age 56.
     Married name: Worthington.

Edna May Smith

F, b. 29 March 1925, d. 30 July 1993
FatherAlbert William Smith b. 5 Jun 1876, d. 23 Aug 1946
MotherHelena Anna McKay b. 17 Dec 1886, d. 27 Sep 1953
     Edna May Smith was born on 29 March 1925 at Craigville, Orange County, NY. She died on 30 July 1993 at Palm Bay, Brevard County, FL, at age 68.
     She was a telephone operator in Newburgh, NY. Married name: Hurd.

Edward Smith

     Edward Smith married Louise Cope, daughter of John Cope and Mary Lewis.

Edward Smith

     Edward Smith married Martha Shuck, daughter of John Shuck and Priscilla Young.

Edward Hophni Smith

M, b. 17 May 1836, d. November 1915
FatherHophni Smith b. 15 Aug 1796, d. 30 Sep 1849
MotherLydia McElroy b. 20 Apr 1800, d. 21 Nov 1865
     Edward Hophni Smith was born on 17 May 1836 at Monroe, Orange County, NY. He married Maria Arnold on 4 November 1860. Edward Hophni Smith died in November 1915 at age 79.

Child of Edward Hophni Smith and Maria Arnold

Edward K Smith

M, b. November 1844
     Edward K Smith married Anna Eliza Tuers, daughter of Abraham A Tuers and Sarah Prior Vanderbilt. Edward K Smith was born in November 1844 at New Jersey.
     Possibly Edward K. South is correct name.

Eleanor Smith

F, b. 1 June 1777, d. 13 July 1848
FatherSamuel Smith b. 1755, d. 21 Jul 1836
MotherMary Mapes b. 13 Jun 1757, d. 1853
     Eleanor Smith was born on 1 June 1777. She married John Holbert Jr. on 26 October 1799. Eleanor Smith died on 13 July 1848 at age 71.
     Married name: Holbert.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Eleanor Smith and John Holbert Jr.

Eliza Smith

F, d. 1869
     Eliza Smith married John C Spencer, son of Ambrose Spencer. Eliza Smith died in 1869.
     Married name: Spencer.

Child of Eliza Smith and John C Spencer

Eliza Smith

F, b. circa 1858
FatherThomas Smith b. c 1810, d. 1910
MotherIrena McMurtry
     Eliza Smith was born circa 1858. She married Frederick Calhoun circa 1870.
     Married name: Calhoun.

Eliza M Smith

     Eliza M Smith married Henry W Webb.
     Married name: Webb.

Child of Eliza M Smith and Henry W Webb

Eliza R Smith

     Eliza R Smith married Daniel S Bryant, son of Simeon Bryant and Mary Searing.
     Married name: Bryant.

Elizabeth Smith

FatherWilliam H Smith
MotherEliza Vreeland b. 25 Dec 1858, d. 3 Aug 1895
     Elizabeth Smith married Charles R Wilcox.
     Married name: Wilcox. Name variation: Lizzie Smith.

Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 19 February 1808, d. 14 September 1864
     Elizabeth Smith was born on 19 February 1808. She married Samuel Adams Cuddeback, son of John Cuddeback and Roxanna Caldwell Siebold, on 1 July 1824. Elizabeth Smith died on 14 September 1864 at age 56.
     Married name: Cuddeback.

Child of Elizabeth Smith and Samuel Adams Cuddeback

Elizabeth Smith

F, d. 5 December 1728
FatherWilliam Smith of Cromwell's army
     Elizabeth Smith married James Clinton, son of William Clinton and Elizabeth Kennedy. Elizabeth Smith died on 5 December 1728.
     Married name: Clinton.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Smith and James Clinton

Elizabeth Smith

     Elizabeth Smith married Cornelius Forshay, son of John Johannes Forshay and Magdalena Banta, on 21 August 1821 at Warwick, Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Forshay.

Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 1793, d. 1877
     Elizabeth Smith was born in 1793. She married Nicholas Lansing Haring, son of Jan Haring and Mary Haring, on 16 June 1810. Elizabeth Smith died in 1877.
     Married name: Haring.

Elizabeth Smith

F, d. 6 October 1751
     Elizabeth Smith married Oliver Perry, son of Thomas Perry and Elizabeth Smith, on 12 November 1740 at Boston, MA. Elizabeth Smith died on 6 October 1751 at Bellingham, MA.
     Married name: Perry.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Smith and Oliver Perry

Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 2 December 1681, d. 27 March 1755
     Elizabeth Smith was born on 2 December 1681 at Dedham, MA. She married Thomas Perry, son of Samuel Perry and Sarah Stedman, on 21 March 1716/17 at Boston, MA. Elizabeth Smith died on 27 March 1755 at Bellingham, Norfolk County, MS, at age 73.
     Married name: Perry.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Smith and Thomas Perry

Elizabeth Smith

F, d. 1895
     Elizabeth Smith married Gershom Mott, son of Gershom Mott and Phebe Rose Scudder, in 1849. Elizabeth Smith died in 1895.
     Married name: Mott.

Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 18 December 1755
FatherHendrick Smith
MotherSarah Keator
     Elizabeth Smith married Egbert DeWitt, son of Andries DeWitt and Jannetje Vernooy. Elizabeth Smith was born on 18 December 1755.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 12 October 1809, d. 9 May 1850
FatherJames Smith b. 1779
MotherPhebe Newberry b. b 1784
     Elizabeth Smith was born on 12 October 1809 at New York. She married James Hunter Gregory on 27 September 1828 at Monroe, Orange County, NY. Elizabeth Smith died in 1850. She died on 9 May 1850 at West Milford, Passaic County, NJ, at age 40.
     Married name: Gregory.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Smith and James Hunter Gregory

Elizabeth Greaves Smith

FatherGeorge Mead Smith b. 1874
MotherLilly James Walling
     Elizabeth Greaves Smith married Ward DeWitt.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Elizabeth Sara Smith

F, b. 4 March 1911, d. 31 January 2000
FatherAlexander Neely Smith b. 18 Jul 1885, d. 25 Jun 1951
MotherDaisy Otis b. 18 May 1884, d. 12 Nov 1963
     Elizabeth Sara Smith was born on 4 March 1911 at Chester, Orange County, NY. She died on 31 January 2000 at Glen Arden Health Care Unit, Goshen, Orange County, NY, at age 88. She was buried in February 2000 at Howells Cemetery, Howells, Orange County, NY.
     Elizabeth graduated from Monroe HS, Syracuse University and received a Masters degree from Columbia Univ. She was a trustee for the Orange County Genealogical Society, Orange County Historical Society and the Minisink Chapter of the NSDAR.

Ella Smith of Ramapo, NY

F, b. 8 March 1862
FatherNelson G Smith
MotherMarietta Firman
     Ella Smith of Ramapo, NY was born on 8 March 1862. She married John Jacob Hopper, son of John Eckerson Hopper and Elizabeth Terhune, on 11 June 1879.
     Married name: Hopper.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ella Smith of Ramapo, NY and John Jacob Hopper

Ellen (Romaine) Smith

     Ellen (Romaine) Smith married Abraham L Yeomans, son of Lewis D Yeomans and Margaret Willis.
     Married name: Yeomans.

Elmer Smith

M, b. October 1887, d. 7 June 1931
FatherJohn W Smith b. 9 Feb 1859, d. 26 Mar 1927
MotherSarah Emma Neely b. 4 May 1857, d. 30 May 1924
     Elmer Smith was born in October 1887. He married Margaret Garey circa 1910. Elmer Smith died on 7 June 1931 at age 43.

Emma Smith

F, b. circa 1854, d. 11 January 1937
FatherThomas Smith b. c 1810, d. 1910
MotherIrena McMurtry
     Emma Smith was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ, (Harmon plot). She was born circa 1854. She married Samuel J Harmon circa 1875. Emma Smith died on 11 January 1937.
     There was no issue from this marriage. Married name: Harmon.