Henry Smith

M, b. 28 June 1826, d. circa 1883
FatherCornelius Smith
MotherHannah Ackerman
     Henry Smith married Sarah Jane Onderdonk, daughter of Thomas Onderdonk and Margaret Westervelt Springsteen. Henry Smith was born on 28 June 1826 at West New Hempstead, NY, (in the house next to the Brick Church). He died circa 1883.

Henry B Smith

     Henry B Smith married Emma Wright, daughter of Pierre Wright and Minnie Bertholf, on 21 June 1920.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Henry B Smith and Emma Wright

  • Harold B Smith
  • Minnie Smith
  • Frances Smith b. 15 Jul 1923
  • Frank P Smith b. 27 Apr 1924

Henry L Smith

M, b. circa 1834
     Henry L Smith married Mary Ann Armstrong, daughter of William Armstrong and Sarah. Henry L Smith was born circa 1834 at New York.

Child of Henry L Smith and Mary Ann Armstrong

Herbert Smith

M, b. 1 October 1880, d. 27 December 1886
FatherDaniel Gregory Smith b. 1844, d. 1909
MotherSarah Elizabeth Mapes b. 9 Sep 1847, d. 21 Aug 1887
     Herbert Smith was born on 1 October 1880. He died on 27 December 1886 at age 6.
     'Hurbert' is listed as one month old at the time of the 1880 census.

Herbert Smith

FatherAlbert Smith
MotherAlberta Axford
     Herbert Smith married Mary Dalton.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Herbert Smith and Mary Dalton

  • Burton Smith
  • Marion Smith
  • Clara Smith

Herbert Eugene Smith

M, b. 28 November 1861, d. 25 September 1942
FatherMoses O'Neil Smith b. 20 May 1833, d. 19 Apr 1920
MotherMary Ann Hunter b. 1834, d. 1882
     Herbert Eugene Smith was born on 28 November 1861. He married Ella Jane Hunter, daughter of Coe Hunter and Rebecca Ann Hunt, on 28 November 1882. Herbert Eugene Smith died on 25 September 1942 at age 80.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Herbert Eugene Smith and Ella Jane Hunter

Hetty Smith

     Hetty Smith married Edward DeBaun, son of Charles DeBaun and Elizabeth Ackerman.
     Married name: DeBaun.

Hillman Smith

     Hillman Smith married Sarah Jane Perry, daughter of Lyman Perry and Betsey Pishon.

Child of Hillman Smith and Sarah Jane Perry

Hophni Smith

M, d. before 10 February 1826
FatherAustin David Smith b. 15 Apr 1701, d. Jun 1787
MotherElizabeth Galloway
     Hophni Smith died before 10 February 1826 at Monroe, Orange County, NY.

Hophni Smith

M, b. 15 August 1796, d. 30 September 1849
FatherSamuel Smith b. 1755, d. 21 Jul 1836
MotherMary Mapes b. 13 Jun 1757, d. 1853
     Hophni Smith was born on 15 August 1796 at Monroe, Orange County, NY. He married Lydia McElroy on 25 November 1816. Hophni Smith died on 30 September 1849 at Monroe, Orange County, NY, at age 53.
     They lived in Monroe, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hophni Smith and Lydia McElroy

Hyrum Burton Smith

M, b. 10 July 1869, d. 16 March 1910
FatherLot Smith b. 15 May 1830, d. 20 Jun 1892
MotherJulia Pence Smith b. 6 Mar 1839, d. 1923
     Hyrum Burton Smith was born on 10 July 1869 at Weber, UT. He married Anna Eliza Tenney, daughter of Warren Reed Tenney and Clara Longhurst, on 24 February 1890. Hyrum Burton Smith died on 16 March 1910 at Snowflake, AZ, at age 40.

Child of Hyrum Burton Smith and Anna Eliza Tenney

Iantha Smith

F, b. 6 August 1877, d. 23 February 1951
FatherGeorge Wesley Smith b. 1840, d. 1895
     Iantha Smith was born on 6 August 1877. She married Morris Bott circa 1895. Iantha Smith died on 23 February 1951 at age 73.
     Married name: Bott.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Iantha Smith and Morris Bott

  • Ivy Bott+ b. c 1896
  • Bessie Bott b. c 1898
  • Walter Bott b. c 1900
  • Iantha Ann Bott+ b. c 1904
  • Georgia Bott b. c 1906
  • Gilbert Bott b. c 1908
  • Mary Bott b. c 1910

Ida Smith

F, b. circa 1861, d. 26 July 1887
FatherSpencer Smith b. 12 May 1844, d. 14 Apr 1938
MotherEunice Curtis
     Ida Smith was buried at Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, NJ, (Plot # 391). She married Warren Ward. Ida Smith was born circa 1861. She died on 26 July 1887.
     Married name: Ward.

Ida King Smith

FatherJames M Smith
MotherSarah E Rumsey
     Ida King Smith married John Beam Vreeland, son of George Washington Vreeland and Sarah Maria Smith, on 2 June 1897.
     Married name: Vreeland. Name variation: Ida King.

Ilgretta Virginia Smith

F, b. 15 February 1848, d. 20 October 1931
FatherAmzi Louis Smith b. 27 Sep 1818
MotherRachel Jennie Gray b. 5 May 1816, d. Dec 1895
     Ilgretta Virginia Smith was born on 15 February 1848 at Monroe, Orange County, NY. She married Albert King on 18 February 1869. Ilgretta Virginia Smith died on 20 October 1931 at 264 E. 21st St., Paterson, Passaic County, NJ, at age 83. She was buried on 22 December 1931 at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa Borough, Passaic County, NJ.
     Married name: King. Name variation: Virginia Smith.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ilgretta Virginia Smith and Albert King

Irie Smith

     Irie Smith married M. A. Allen.

Child of Irie Smith and M. A. Allen

Irving David Smith

M, b. 27 February 1851, d. 2 April 1920
FatherDavid Smith IV b. 5 Mar 1805, d. 5 Mar 1878
MotherCornelia Hunter Conklin b. 15 Feb 1818, d. 21 May 1901
     Irving David Smith was born on 27 February 1851 at Monroe, Orange County, NY. He married Margaret Elizabeth Cronon on 2 August 1876. Irving David Smith died on 2 April 1920 at St. Petersburg, FL, at age 69.

Child of Irving David Smith and Margaret Elizabeth Cronon

Isaac Smith

M, b. 7 February 1803, d. 19 April 1838
     Isaac Smith was buried at Presbyterian Church, West Milford, NJ. He married Caty Maria. Isaac Smith was born on 7 February 1803 ((calculated)). He died on 19 April 1838 at age 35.
     Name variation: Capt.

Child of Isaac Smith and Caty Maria

Isaac Smith

     Isaac Smith married Elizabeth Chambers.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Isaac Smith and Elizabeth Chambers

  • Elizabeth Smith b. 14 Sep 1760
  • Anna Smith b. 26 Oct 1765

Isaac Smith

     Isaac Smith married Katherine Marie Smith, daughter of James Smith and Phebe Newberry, circa 1828.

Isaac Smith of Ulster County


Child of Isaac Smith of Ulster County

Isabel Smith

F, b. 1 August 1899, d. 16 May 1958
FatherJohn W Smith b. 9 Feb 1859, d. 26 Mar 1927
MotherSarah Emma Neely b. 4 May 1857, d. 30 May 1924
     Isabel Smith was born on 1 August 1899. She died on 16 May 1958 at age 58.
     Isabel never married.

Israel Smith

M, b. 8 December 1748, d. 3 January 1791
     Israel Smith was born on 8 December 1748 at Jamaica, Long Island, NY. He married Mary Hasbrouck, daughter of Jonathan Hasbrouck and Tryntje Catherine Dubois, on 5 March 1782 at New Windsor, Orange County, NY. Israel Smith died on 3 January 1791 at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY, at age 42.
     Name variation: Capt.

J. Frank Smith

     J. Frank Smith married Marg Emma Ross, daughter of Chauncy Ross and Mary Abigail Hawkins, on 20 December 1881. J. Frank Smith married Ada Brown Ross, daughter of Chauncy Ross and Mary Abigail Hawkins, on 5 November 1891.

Jacob Smith

     Jacob Smith married Caroline Axford, daughter of John Axford IV and Sarah De Cue.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacob Smith and Caroline Axford

Jacob Smith

     Jacob Smith married Elisabeth Brouwer, daughter of Uldrick Brouwer and Hester De Vouw, in 1739.

Jacob Smith

     Jacob Smith married Roby Sherman.

Child of Jacob Smith and Roby Sherman

Jacob Smith

M, b. 14 September 1855, d. 22 September 1937
     Jacob Smith married Catherine Smith. Jacob Smith was born on 14 September 1855 at The Netherlands. He died on 22 September 1937 at 112 Irving Street, Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ, at age 82. He was buried on 25 September 1937 at Wyckoff Cemetery, Wyckoff, Bergen County, NJ.
     Gelders Archief
Gemeente: Oldebroek
Soort akte: Huwelijksakte
Aktenummer: 6
Datum: 19-04-1845
Bruidegom: Albert Smit
Leeftijd: 38
Geboorteplaats: (Doornspijk)
BruidJennigje Noordman
Leeftijd: 16
Geboorteplaats: Kamperveen
Vader bruidegomAalt Klaazen Smit
Moeder bruidegomHendrikje Eijmberts Braake
Vader bruidJan Noordman
Moeder bruidAaltje Jacobs Kooijman
bdg. weduwnaar van Gerritje van den Brink; voogd van de bruid Andries Kooijman; toeziend voogd van de bruid Berend Rotman; grootouders bruid vermeld. He was a carpenter for a while, but for many years he ran the dairy in Irving Street, Midland Park, Bergen County, NJ at Irving Street, Midland Park, Bergen County, NJ. Albert and Gertrude Lucas are nephew/niece of Jacob and Jennie Smith. Their parents were Dutch. So they are the children of a sibling of Jacob, as Jennie was born in NJ, so her sibling would presumably also be. He lived at Midland Park, Bergen County, NJ, for 72 years. Surviving, in addition to his wife, are two daughters: Jean and Elizabeth, and two brothers and two sisters. 1880 census: Franklin Township, Bergen County, NJ. T9 Roll: 771 Page: 273A. He is 24, and single.
1900 census: Jacob Smith (44), with wife Jennie (39, b. NJ of Dutch parents) and niece Gertrude Lucas (13, b. NJ of Dutch parents). Next door is Maria Smith (40) with her husband Gerrit ?Klofman? (42), 4 children and her mother Jane Smith (73), adults born in Holland. Next to that: Albert Smith (29), with wife Bertha (24), both b. Holland. Next door Tunis Smith (40) with wife Minnie (38), 3 children, and a boarder Albert Lucas (23, b. NJ of Dutch parents). Jacob (b. Sep 1855) is a carpenter. All the Smith's immigrated in 1871 (T623 Roll: 955 Page: 47-48, ED 17). Other Smith in Midland Park: Amos (46) imm 1871 (T623 Roll: 955 Page: 49, ED 17), In Ridgewood: John (50) imm 1871 (T623 Roll: 956 Page: 128, ED 36), Oatt (54) imm 1871 (T623 Roll: 956 Page: 129, ED 36)
1910 census: Jacob Zuer (51) and Catherine (Hopper, with her father and mother, b. NJ) at Paterson Ave in Midland Park. Occupation is unreadable (T624 Roll: 868 Page: 161, ED 18).

Jacob A Smith

M, d. 1870
     Jacob A Smith was buried at Paramus Plains Cemetery (Lot #21). He married Margaret Van Blarcom. Jacob A Smith died in 1870.

Child of Jacob A Smith and Margaret Van Blarcom

James Smith

     James Smith married Lillian Vreeland, daughter of Peter Vander Voort Vreeland and Elmira Budd.
     James Smith lived in 1924 at 198 16th Ave., Paterson, NJ.