William Alexander Smith

M, b. 18 July 1874, d. 14 January 1963
FatherDaniel Gregory Smith b. 1844, d. 1909
MotherSarah Elizabeth Mapes b. 9 Sep 1847, d. 21 Aug 1887
     William Alexander Smith was born on 18 July 1874. He married Mary Ann Mackenzie on 2 June 1915. William Alexander Smith died on 14 January 1963 at South Africa at age 88. He was buried at Wallkill, Orange County, NY.
     He and Mary Ann Mackenzie lived at Grahamstown, South Africa.

William H Smith

     William H Smith married Eliza Vreeland, daughter of John Elias Vreeland and Rachel A Lutkins.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William H Smith and Eliza Vreeland

William Jasper Smith

M, b. 30 December 1838, d. 15 March 1893
FatherWilliam Jasper Smith b. 22 Apr 1810, d. 12 Mar 1856
MotherElizabeth Hedrick b. 15 Nov 1806
     William Jasper Smith was born on 30 December 1838 at Cooper, MO. He married Margaret Jane Steele, daughter of Joseph Young Steele and Martha Ann Cordry, on 15 December 1864 at Cooper, MO. William Jasper Smith died on 15 March 1893 at Barry, MO, at age 54.

Child of William Jasper Smith and Margaret Jane Steele

William Jasper Smith

M, b. 22 April 1810, d. 12 March 1856
     William Jasper Smith was born on 22 April 1810 at Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Hedrick, daughter of Joseph Hedrick and Sarah, on 20 November 1831 at Howard, MO. William Jasper Smith died on 12 March 1856 at Cooper County, MO, at age 45 (Will recorded).

Child of William Jasper Smith and Elizabeth Hedrick

William Knight Smith

M, b. 26 August 1829, d. 16 November 1892
FatherDavid Smith IV b. 5 Mar 1805, d. 5 Mar 1878
MotherCharlotte Conklin b. 16 Dec 1807, d. 18 Nov 1842
     William Knight Smith married Rachel Ann Stansbury. William Knight Smith was born on 26 August 1829. He died on 16 November 1892 at age 63.

William L Smith

FatherBenjamin Smith
MotherEliza Leonard
     William L Smith married Marie Cole, daughter of Cornelius Cool Jr. and Catharine Peck.

Child of William L Smith and Marie Cole

William Smith of Cromwell's army

     William Smith of Cromwell's army married Hill.
     Name variation: Capt.

Child of William Smith of Cromwell's army and Hill

William Orval Smith

     William Orval Smith married Rhoda Hough.

Child of William Orval Smith and Rhoda Hough

William Valleau Smith

M, b. 1849, d. 1886
FatherDaniel P Smith
MotherCatherine Ann Valleau b. 1831
     William Valleau Smith was born in 1849. He died in 1886.

Winchester Dorr Smith

M, b. 7 October 1912, d. 1967
     Winchester Dorr Smith was born on 7 October 1912. He died in 1967.

Winfield E Smith

M, b. 6 April 1847, d. 3 July 1847
FatherDavid Smith IV b. 5 Mar 1805, d. 5 Mar 1878
MotherCornelia Hunter Conklin b. 15 Feb 1818, d. 21 May 1901
     Winfield E Smith was born on 6 April 1847. He died on 3 July 1847.

Winifred Jackson Smith

F, b. 1884
     Winifred Jackson Smith was born in 1884. She married Israel DeWitt Waterbury, son of Cjarles A Waterbury and Mary Van B. DeWitt, in 1905.
     Married name: Home. Married name: Waterbury.

Child of Winifred Jackson Smith and Israel DeWitt Waterbury

Zephaniah Smith

     Zephaniah Smith married Lydia Chipman, daughter of John Chipman and Mary Skiff, in 1722.

Dirk Barentsen Smitt

M, d. before 1661
     Dirk Barentsen Smitt married Anneke Meynderts. Dirk Barentsen Smitt died before 1661.

Christina Smock

F, b. 3 April 1801
FatherJohn Smock b. 7 Oct 1779
MotherCatherine Carnine
     Christina Smock married Adam Pence. Christina Smock was born on 3 April 1801 at Kentucky.
     Married name: Pence.

Child of Christina Smock and Adam Pence

Jacob Smock

M, b. 20 May 1744
FatherJan Smock b. c 1703
MotherLeah Fontaine
     Jacob Smock married Tryntje Demaree, daughter of Samuel Demarest and Lea Demarest. Jacob Smock was born on 20 May 1744 at Piscataway, NJ.

Child of Jacob Smock and Tryntje Demaree

Jan Smock

M, b. circa 1703
FatherMathys Hendricksen Smack
MotherElizabeth Koning Stevens b. 11 Oct 1676
     Jan Smock married Leah Fontaine, daughter of Charles Fontaine. Jan Smock was born circa 1703.

Child of Jan Smock and Leah Fontaine

John Smock

M, b. 7 October 1779
FatherJacob Smock b. 20 May 1744
MotherTryntje Demaree b. 25 May 1748
     John Smock married Catherine Carnine, daughter of Peter Carnine and Christine Sebring. John Smock was born on 7 October 1779 at Virginia.

Child of John Smock and Catherine Carnine

Leonard Smook

     Leonard Smook married Sara DeWitt, daughter of Barent DeWitt and Sara Van Tassel, before 19 January 1728.
     Name variation: Leonard Smock.

Sally Smoot

     Sally Smoot married Ladd Ray Hall, son of Ray Mccord Hall and Lafond Pope.
     Married name: Hall.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sally Smoot and Ladd Ray Hall

  • Ashley Hall
  • Lynsee Hall
  • Emily Hall
  • Heather Hall

Robert Kenneth Smyth

     Robert Kenneth Smyth married Sally Shuman.

Wilfred Harold Snape

M, b. 28 February 1909, d. 20 August 1970
     Wilfred Harold Snape was born on 28 February 1909. He married Alice Mabel Goodman, daughter of John G. Goodman and Elizabeth Hawkes, on 24 December 1927. Wilfred Harold Snape died on 20 August 1970 at Ryther cum Ozendyke, Yorkshire, England, at age 61.

Child of Wilfred Harold Snape and Alice Mabel Goodman

  • Frank Harold John Snape b. 9 Mar 1931, d. 12 Nov 1986

Anna Snedecker

FatherJan Snedecker d. 1679
MotherAnnetje Buys
     Anna Snedecker died Y unmarried?

Elsie Snedecker

     Elsie Snedecker married Harmanus Coerten, son of Harme Coerten and Trintie, at New York (File gives marriage date as 1 Jan 1716, the year before the birth date given for the husband..).
     Married name: Coerten.

Child of Elsie Snedecker and Harmanus Coerten

Jan Snedecker

M, d. 1679
     Jan Snedecker married Annetje Buys. Jan Snedecker married Egbertji Jans. Jan Snedecker died in 1679.
     He was a shoemaker and tavern keeper at New Amsterdam. He was Type: Source Bergen. p. 266. He immigrated circa 1642. He was between 1659 and 1664 a magistrate.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jan Snedecker and Annetje Buys

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jan Snedecker

Jannetje Snedecker

FatherJan Snedecker d. 1679
     Jannetje Snedecker married Reiner Wizzel-penning. Jannetje Snedecker was born at Flatbush, NY. She married Pieter Cornelise Luyster.
     Married name: Wizzel-penning. Married name: Luyster.

Neeltje Snedecker

     Neeltje Snedecker married David Brouer, son of Abraham Brouwer and Elizabeth Ackerman, on 23 November 1761.
     Married name: Brouer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Neeltje Snedecker and David Brouer

Tryntje Snedecker

F, b. 23 February 1642
FatherJan Snedecker d. 1679
     Tryntje Snedecker married Steven Eckker. Tryntje Snedecker was baptized on 23 February 1642 at New Amsterdam.
     Married name: Eckker.

Child of Tryntje Snedecker and Steven Eckker

Catherine Snedecor

F, b. 1856, d. 1856
FatherGeorge Snedecor
MotherCharlotte Amelia Valleau b. 1834
     Catherine Snedecor died in 1856. She was born in 1856.

George Snedecor

     George Snedecor married Charlotte Amelia Valleau, daughter of William Valleau and Jane O'Brien.

Children (not necessarily in order) of George Snedecor and Charlotte Amelia Valleau