Sylvanus Snow


Child of Sylvanus Snow

Tabitha Snow

FatherSylvanus Snow
     Tabitha Snow married Isaiah Holbrook. Tabitha Snow married Peres? Chipman, son of Ebenezer Chipman and Mary Adams, in 1766.
     Married name: Holbrook. Married name: Chipman.

Elizabeth Snowden

     Elizabeth Snowden married Joseph Webb DeWitt, son of John G DeWitt and Elizabeth Boss.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Ruth Lott Snowden

F, b. circa 1762, d. 1828
     Ruth Lott Snowden married Andrew King, son of Richard King and Margaret Barkley. Ruth Lott Snowden was born circa 1762. She died in 1828 at Montgomery, Orange County, NY.
     Married name: King.

Child of Ruth Lott Snowden and Andrew King

Mary Anna Snyder (?)

F, b. circa 1830, d. 3 December 1899
     Mary Anna Snyder (?) married Christian August Gundlah. Mary Anna Snyder (?) was buried at Old Spring Valley Burial Ground, Paramus, Bergen County, NJ. She was born circa 1830 at Prussia, Germany. She died on 3 December 1899 at Ridgewood, NJ.
     Married name: Gundlah.

Child of Mary Anna Snyder (?) and Christian August Gundlah


     Snyder married Mary E Bogert, daughter of George H Bogert and Elizabeth Corley.

Abbie Snyder

     Abbie Snyder married Cassius Crisman, son of Morris Crisman and Elizabeth Howell.
     Married name: Crisman.

Adam Snyder


Child of Adam Snyder

Adam Snyder

     Adam Snyder married Hannah Rose Terhune, daughter of Jacob R Terhune and Margery Stansfield, circa 1856.

Andrew A Snyder

     Andrew A Snyder married Selina Catherine Yeomen, daughter of Samuel D Yeomen and Catherine Maria Hopper, in 1865.

Andries Snyder

     Andries Snyder married Rachel Ackerman.

Child of Andries Snyder and Rachel Ackerman

Anna Snyder

F, d. 9 October 1801
     Anna Snyder married Jan DeBaun, son of Abraham DeBaun and Gerrebright Ackerman, on 13 April 1799 at West New Hempstead, NY. Anna Snyder died on 9 October 1801.
     Married name: DeBaun.

Annatje Snyder

     Annatje Snyder married Paul Sacks. Annatje Snyder married Petrus DeWitt, son of Evert DeWitt and Gertrude Persen, on 4 December 1804 at Dutch Reformed Church, Saugerties, NY.
     Married name: Sacks. Married name: DeWitt. Name variation: Hannah Snyder.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Annatje Snyder and Petrus DeWitt

Annatje Snyder

     Annatje Snyder married Johannes DeWitt on 27 October 1781 at Dutch Reformed Church, Saugerties, NY.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Byron Snyder

M, b. 1897
     Byron Snyder married Lillian Allen, daughter of George Allen and Edith Townsend. Byron Snyder was born in 1897.

Child of Byron Snyder and Lillian Allen

Catherine Snyder

     Catherine Snyder married Abram Courtright, son of John Courtright and Elizabeth Grubb.
     Married name: Courtright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catherine Snyder and Abram Courtright

Catherine Snyder

     Catherine Snyder married George Goetchius, son of Hendrick Goetchius and Sarah Vanbussum.
     Married name: Goetchius.

Catherine Snyder

F, b. 1782, d. 1867
     Catherine Snyder was born in 1782. She married John Marlin Stults, son of John Marlin Stults and Mary Elizabeth Higbee, in 1803. Catherine Snyder died in 1867.
     Married name: Stults.

Charity Ellen Snyder

F, b. 1845, d. 1908
FatherGarret G Snyder b. Dec 1815, d. 4 Jul 1897
MotherAnn b. 1822, d. 13 Jul 1896
     Charity Ellen Snyder married James Terwilliger. Charity Ellen Snyder was born in 1845. She died in 1908.
     Married name: Terwilliger.

Child of Charity Ellen Snyder and James Terwilliger

Charles A Snyder

M, b. 9 September 1852
FatherPeter Snyder
MotherSarah Osterhoudt
     Charles A Snyder was born on 9 September 1852. He married Louisa Burhans, daughter of Edward Burhans and Grietje Newkirk Van Keuren, on 14 May 1884.

Cornelia Snyder

FatherJohannes Snyder
MotherRachel Sevan?
     Cornelia Snyder married Ephraim DePuy.
     Married name: DePuy.

Child of Cornelia Snyder and Ephraim DePuy

Cornelia Annie Snyder

F, b. 1854, d. 1925
FatherPeter Snyder
MotherSarah Osterhoudt
     Cornelia Annie Snyder was born in 1854. She married Henry Wynkoop Schoonmaker, son of Tjerck Schoonmaker and Sarah DeWitt, on 19 October 1875. Cornelia Annie Snyder died in 1925.
     Married name: Schoonmaker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelia Annie Snyder and Henry Wynkoop Schoonmaker

  • Sarah Grace Schoonmaker b. 11 Dec 1876
  • John DeWitt Schoonmaker b. 16 Apr 1878

Dolly Snyder

F, b. circa 1767, d. 20 January 1830
     Dolly Snyder married Albert Alyea, son of Albert Alyea and Maritie Westervelt. Dolly Snyder was buried at Alyea Cemetery on old Ackerman farm, Franklin Lakes, Bergen County, NJ. She was born circa 1767. She died on 20 January 1830.
     Married name: Alyea.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Dolly Snyder and Albert Alyea

Dolly Snyder

F, b. 7 October 1792, d. 3 February 1850
FatherAndries Snyder
MotherRachel Ackerman
     Dolly Snyder was born on 7 October 1792. She was baptized on 11 November 1792 (Totowa records, p. 92). She married Michael C Vreeland, son of Cornelius Vreeland and Elizabeth Vreeland, on 3 October 1811 at Paramus Church (Paramus Church record). Dolly Snyder died on 3 February 1850 at age 57.
     Married name: Vreeland. Adelia Snyder was always familiarly called Dolly. She was christened Doortte, and I am of the opinion that it should be translated as Dorothy, rather than Adelia. Her grandmother's name was Doortje Herzeele, and in the records of the Ramapo Lutheran Church, is the christening, May 26, 1776, of Janathe, the daughter of Adam Sneider and Dorethe.' Why the name was changed to Adelia I do not know. Several of her descendants have been named Adelia. Name variation: Adelia Snyder. Name variation: Doortte Snyder.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Dolly Snyder and Michael C Vreeland

Edward Pratt Snyder

     Edward Pratt Snyder married Cornelia Elizabeth Longyear.

Child of Edward Pratt Snyder and Cornelia Elizabeth Longyear

Elmira Snyder

F, b. 18 October 1849, d. 30 October 1922
FatherJacob Snyder
MotherEliza Kinney
     Elmira Snyder was born on 18 October 1849. She married Samuel Axford Ramsey, son of De Witt Ramsey and Caroline Eveland, on 5 September 1871. Elmira Snyder died on 30 October 1922 at age 73.
     Married name: Ramsey.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elmira Snyder and Samuel Axford Ramsey

Emma Snyder

     Emma Snyder married Daniel Warner.
     Married name: Warner.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Emma Snyder and Daniel Warner

Garret Snyder

     Garret Snyder married Eliza Mowerson.
     Garret Snyder lived at Midland Park, NJ.

Child of Garret Snyder and Eliza Mowerson

Garret G Snyder

M, b. December 1815, d. 4 July 1897
     Garret G Snyder married Ann. Garret G Snyder was born in December 1815. He died on 4 July 1897 at age 81.

Child of Garret G Snyder and Ann

George Snyder

     George Snyder married an unknown person. He was born at Monroe County, VA.

Child of George Snyder