Thomas V. W. Warner

M, b. 16 February 1804, d. 12 February 1883
FatherDaniel Warner d. c 1830
MotherEmma Snyder
     Thomas V. W. Warner was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack, Rockland County, NY. He married Mary. Thomas V. W. Warner was born on 16 February 1804. He died on 12 February 1883 at Nyack, Rockland County, NY, at age 78.
     Thomas V. W. Warner, father of Emma B. Warner (wife of William KIRKPATRICK) left her property in a deed dated 1881. He was also listed with her and William KIRKPATRICK in the 1880 Federal Census as father-in-law, age 78.

His death 12 Feb 1882 lists him as Thomas T. V. WARNER, Sr. age 78 years, 11 months and 26 days, putting his birth as approximately 16 Feb 1803. His parents were listed as J. WARNER born in Rockland County, and Emma Warner born in New York.(See addition below re: Daniel Warner) The 1850 Federal Census of Orangetown, Rockland county lists Thomas V. W. Warner, age 45, as a miller with $3000 worth of real estate. Wife is Mary age 43 Emily S., age 17; Thomas VW, Jr. age 9 and Charles H. age 6. the 1860 census lists Thomas as 56 and a chairmaker; Mary, 53; Thomas, 20 a cooper; Charles 16 a clerk. The 1870 lists him as 66, a chairmaker; Mary 62; and Mary E. Kirkpatrick, age 10. The 1880 Census lists him as living with his daughter Emma KIRKPATTRICK.

A listing in the Nyack Public Library gives his birth as 1804. he is listed as being in the Nyack (this his son?) GAR as Vice Commander and Chaplain, also a keeper at Sing Sing in 1867. An attempt at getting military records only found his son, in the Civil War. His stone is listed in the book 'So that all may be remembered' the listing of stones in the cemetaries. He was given the date of birth as 16 Feb 1804 and died Feb 12, 1883 at age 78 yrs, 11 mos 28 days. Wife Mary is listed as being born 1807, died 3 Dec 1872 in her 65th year.

While in the Courthouse in New City, I located an affadavit 'Chilfren of Daniel

(dated 15 Dec 1830) Warner'. This listed the deseased children as Emeline Warner, Sarah Ann Warner and Thomas V. W. Warner. Possibly the death certificate listing J Warner as father was in error.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas V. W. Warner and Mary

Thomas V. W. Warner Jr.

M, b. circa 1839
FatherThomas V. W. Warner b. 16 Feb 1804, d. 12 Feb 1883
MotherMary b. 1807, d. 3 Dec 1872
     Thomas V. W. Warner Jr. was born circa 1839 at New York City, NY.

Willard Fillmore Warner

M, b. 15 October 1848, d. 29 August 1908
     Willard Fillmore Warner was born on 15 October 1848. He married Mabel Gray DeWitt, daughter of James DeWitt and Rachel B Brands, on 5 January 1876 at Harmony, NJ. Willard Fillmore Warner died on 29 August 1908 at Cleveland, OH, at age 59.
     Hist. of Warren County p. 427, 428; Newcomb Gen. 788; Andrew Warren Gen. p. 196. He was a Methodist minister. Willard left the pastorate. Name variation: Dr.

Child of Willard Fillmore Warner and Mabel Gray DeWitt

William Warner

     William Warner married Adele Clinton Roosa, daughter of Hiram Roosa and Lamira Elizabeth DeWitt, on 4 November 1881.

Child of William Warner and Adele Clinton Roosa

Lisa Ann Warnick

     Lisa Ann Warnick married Steven Vaun Harrison, son of Vaun Eldon Harrison and Darlene Udy.
     Married name: Harrison.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lisa Ann Warnick and Steven Vaun Harrison

  • Kaley Harrison
  • Tawnie Harrison
  • Cami Harrison

Susan Warnick

F, b. 25 February 1958, d. 19 January 1990
     Susan Warnick married Randy Lynn Harrison, son of Vaun Eldon Harrison and Darlene Udy. Susan Warnick was born on 25 February 1958 at American Fork, Utah County, UT. She died on 19 January 1990 at Seattle, King, WA, at age 31.
     Married name: Harrison.

Child of Susan Warnick and Randy Lynn Harrison

  • Emily Ann Harrison

Frank D Warren

     Frank D Warren married Laura Youngs, daughter of Dwight Ellis Youngs and Emily Denny, on 1 January 1879.

Hannah Warren

F, b. 31 March 1707, d. 24 June 1769
FatherJoseph Warren
     Hannah Warren was born on 31 March 1707. She married John Chipman, son of Samuel Chipman and Sarah Cobb, on 20 November 1751. Hannah Warren died on 24 June 1769 at age 62.
     Married name: Chipman.

Hannah Warren

     Hannah Warren married Joseph Byington.
     Married name: Byington.

Child of Hannah Warren and Joseph Byington

John Warren Jr.

     John Warren Jr. married Michal Jennison, daughter of Robert Jennison and Grace, on 11 July 1667.
     Name variation: Capt.

Joseph Warren

     Joseph Warren was born at Roxbury.

Child of Joseph Warren

Lindon Franklin Warren

     Lindon Franklin Warren married Marion Josie Deppert, daughter of Harry Albert Deppert and Bertie Kopp, on 12 October 1928.

Margaret Warren

FatherThomas Warren d. Mar 1641
     Margaret Warren married Joseph Youngs, son of Christopher Youngs and Margaret Elwin, on 5 February 1632 at Southwold, England.
     Married name: Youngs. Name variation: Margaret Warren.

Child of Margaret Warren and Joseph Youngs

Martha A Warren

F, b. 1815
     Martha A Warren married Asa Davis. Martha A Warren was born in 1815 at New York.
     Married name: Davis.

Child of Martha A Warren and Asa Davis

Mary Warren

     Mary Warren married C Alonzo Smith, son of Amzi Louis Smith and Rachel Jennie Gray.
     Married name: Smith.

Olive Warren

F, b. 16 August 1752
     Olive Warren married Samuel Byington, son of Daniel Byington and Sarah. Olive Warren was born on 16 August 1752.
     Married name: Byington.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Olive Warren and Samuel Byington

  • Abraham Byington b. 19 Jul 1789
  • Adnah Byington b. 27 Nov 1791

Oscar Warren

M, b. 15 November 1839, d. 27 December 1912
     Oscar Warren was born on 15 November 1839. He married Martha Ellen McIntire, daughter of Alexander McIntire and Jane Mars DeWitt, on 1 November 1866 at Raisenville, MI. Oscar Warren died on 27 December 1912 at age 73.
     They had six children. He was missionaries at India.

Thomas Warren

M, d. March 1641
     Thomas Warren married an unknown person. He was born at Southwold, Suffolk, England. He died in March 1641 at Southwold, Suffolk, England.

Child of Thomas Warren

Sara Maria Wart

F, b. 11 February 1844, d. 11 May 1914
FatherSeth Wart
MotherMaria Winslow
     Sara Maria Wart was born on 11 February 1844 at London, MI. She married Thomas Amasa McIntire, son of Alexander McIntire and Jane Mars DeWitt, on 6 September 1865 at London, MI. Sara Maria Wart died on 11 May 1914 at age 70.
     Married name: McIntire.

Child of Sara Maria Wart and Thomas Amasa McIntire

Seth Wart

     Seth Wart married Maria Winslow.

Child of Seth Wart and Maria Winslow

Barnabas Wartman

     Barnabas Wartman married Hannah Day, daughter of Barnabas Day and Mary Berdet, at Ontario, Canada.



Children (not necessarily in order) of Washburn

Artemus Washburn

     Artemus Washburn married Minnie Louise Vogt.

Deborah Washburn

F, b. 9 November 1777
     Deborah Washburn married Jesse Wood, son of Jonathan Wood and Mary Durland. Deborah Washburn was born on 9 November 1777.
     Married name: Wood.

Ernest Alton Washburn

M, b. 25 January 1874
FatherGeorge Horace Washburn
MotherAlice Cora Churchill
     Ernest Alton Washburn was born on 25 January 1874 at Middleboro, MA. He married Laura Beatrice DeWitt on 30 September 1896 at Boston, MA.
     Shuntleff(?) Gen. p. 478, 479.

George Horace Washburn

     George Horace Washburn married Alice Cora Churchill.

Child of George Horace Washburn and Alice Cora Churchill

Huldah Washburn

     Huldah Washburn married Homer Hendee.
     Huldah's descendants went west to Milwaukee and Egin, IL. Married name: Hendee.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Huldah Washburn and Homer Hendee

Isaac Morris Washburn

     Isaac Morris Washburn married Jane White, daughter of Eli White and Elizabeth Collins.
     Name variation: I M Washburn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Isaac Morris Washburn and Jane White

  • Elizabeth Ann Washburn
  • Helen Secor Washburn
  • Morris Eli Washburn
  • Mary A Washburn

Martha Washburn

     Martha Washburn married Edmund Titus.
     Married name: Titus.

Child of Martha Washburn and Edmund Titus

Olive Washburn

     Olive Washburn married Homer Hendee.
     Olive's descendants remained in the Buffalo area. Married name: Hendee.