Henry A Strube

M, d. 1891
     Henry A Strube married Esther Alexander. Henry A Strube died in 1891.

Child of Henry A Strube and Esther Alexander

Sarah W Strube

F, b. 26 October 1839, d. April 1911
FatherHenry A Strube d. 1891
MotherEsther Alexander b. 1810, d. 1883
     Sarah W Strube was born on 26 October 1839 at New York City, NY. She married J Edwin Warric Miller, son of Jacob Miller and Harriet Caroline Wilcox, on 6 September 1858. Sarah W Strube died in April 1911 at New York City, NY, at age 71.
     Married name: Miller.

Child of Sarah W Strube and J Edwin Warric Miller

John Strubin

     John Strubin married Emma Post in 1897.

Child of John Strubin and Emma Post

Maude E Strubin

F, b. December 1896
FatherJohn Strubin
MotherEmma Post b. Apr 1855
     Maude E Strubin married Edwin Hall. Maude E Strubin was born in December 1896.
     Married name: Hall.

Ruth Strubing

F, b. 1905
     Ruth Strubing married J Howard Harris, son of Arthur Harris and Mary Waldron. Ruth Strubing was born in 1905.
     Married name: Harris.


     Struble married Evelyn Armstrong, daughter of Armstrong and Irene Vreeland.

Elizabeth Struble

F, b. 27 September 1802, d. 9 February 1885
     Elizabeth Struble was born on 27 September 1802 at New Jersey. She married Jacob Campbell, son of Roelof Campbell and Elizabeth Stewart, circa 1821. Elizabeth Struble died on 9 February 1885 at New Jersey at age 82.
     Married name: Campbell.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Struble and Jacob Campbell

  • Willliam Burton Campbell
  • Eliza Ann Campbell b. 18 Nov 1822
  • Sally Maria Campbell b. 25 Jul 1824
  • Ralph Campbell b. 6 Apr 1826
  • Jacob Campbell b. 10 Jan 1828
  • Danial Campbell b. 14 Aug 1830
  • Moses Johnson Campbell b. 29 Jan 1832
  • Joel George Campbell+ b. 16 Dec 1834, d. 23 Jan 1881
  • Catherine Campbell b. 26 Dec 1836
  • Charles H. Campbell b. 15 Jun 1838
  • Abraham T. Campbell b. 24 May 1840
  • Mary Jane Campbell b. 18 Feb 1848

Sarah Ann Struble

F, d. 14 April 1863
     Sarah Ann Struble married Peter Northrup, son of Moses Northrup and Sarah DeWitt. Sarah Ann Struble died on 14 April 1863.
     They had 10 children. Married name: Northrup.

Julia Katherine Strunk

     Julia Katherine Strunk married Otto Frank Kiel, son of William Kiel and Sophie, in 1919.
     Married name: Kiel.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Julia Katherine Strunk and Otto Frank Kiel

Joseph Struthers

     Joseph Struthers married Ann Galloway, daughter of John Coffey Galloway and Caroline Matilda Crissey, on 16 September 1850.

Altje Struycker

FatherJacobus Gerritsen Struycker
MotherIda Huybrechts
     Altje Struycker married Abraham Voorhees, son of Steven Coerte Van Voorhies and Willempie Roeloffse Seuberine.
     Married name: Voorhees.

Jacobus Gerritsen Struycker

     Jacobus Gerritsen Struycker married Ida Huybrechts.

Child of Jacobus Gerritsen Struycker and Ida Huybrechts

Gerrit Strycker


Child of Gerrit Strycker

Hendrick Strycker

     Hendrick Strycker married Catharina Kip, daughter of Hendrick Hendrickszen Kip and Anna De Sille, in 1687.

Jane Strycker

     Jane Strycker married Thomas Lake, son of John Lake Jr. and Neeltje Classen Smit.
     Married name: Lake.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane Strycker and Thomas Lake

  • Thomas Lake
  • Garret Lake
  • John Lake
  • Winifred Hull Lake
  • Sarah Bets Lake
  • Catharine Sutphen Lake
  • Ann Allen Lake
  • Ellen Lake

John Strycker

     John Strycker married Margaritie Schenck, daughter of Johannes Schenck.

Aeltie Stryker

FatherJan Gerritse Stryker b. 1615, d. c 1697
     Aeltie Stryker married Abraham Jorisz Brinkerhoff, son of Joris Dericksen Brinkerhoff and Susannah Dubbels.
     Married name: Brinkerhoff.

Child of Aeltie Stryker and Abraham Jorisz Brinkerhoff

Angenietje Stryker

FatherJan Gerritse Stryker b. 1615, d. c 1697
MotherLammertje Sebring b. c 1621, d. 30 Apr 1679
     Angenietje Stryker married Claes Tyson. Angenietje Stryker married Jan Cornelis Bogert, son of Cornelius Janse Bogert and Geesje Williamse, in 1660.
     Married name: Tyson. Married name: Bogert.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Angenietje Stryker and Jan Cornelis Bogert

Anna (or Hannah) Stryker

F, d. November 1841
     Anna (or Hannah) Stryker married Christian Duryea, son of Cornelius Duryea. Anna (or Hannah) Stryker died in November 1841.
     Married name: Duryea.

Child of Anna (or Hannah) Stryker and Christian Duryea

Catlina Stryker

     Catlina Stryker married Cornelius Low, son of Benjamin Lowe and Neeltje Van Nest.
     Married name: Low.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catlina Stryker and Cornelius Low

  • Cornelius Low b. 27 Mar 1774
  • Deneys Stryker Low b. 19 Oct 1777
  • Lena Low b. 28 Sep 1783
  • Catlina Low b. 2 Jul 1786
  • Barent Low b. 27 Aug 1795

Christopher Stryker

     Christopher Stryker married Judith Low, daughter of Gerrit Low and Rachel.

Jan Gerritse Stryker

M, b. 1615, d. circa 1697
FatherGerrit Strycker
     Jan Gerritse Stryker married Lammertje Sebring, daughter of Roelof Sebring. Jan Gerritse Stryker was born in 1615 at Ruinen, Drenthe, The Netherlands. He died circa 1697 at Flatbush, Long Island, NY.
     Name variation: Jan Stryker. Name variation: Gerritse Strycker. He emigrated in 1651/52.

Child of Jan Gerritse Stryker

Child of Jan Gerritse Stryker and Lammertje Sebring

Lottie E Stryker

F, b. 7 April 1847, d. 29 July 1944
     Lottie E Stryker was born on 7 April 1847. She married Peter E Keesler, son of Charles D Keesler and Sarah Keesler. Lottie E Stryker died on 29 July 1944 at age 97.
     Married name: Keesler.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lottie E Stryker and Peter E Keesler

  • Grace Keesler
  • Maggie Keesler

Maria Stryker

     Maria Stryker married Johannes Low, son of John Low and Catharina Emmons.
     Married name: Low.

Maria Stryker

F, d. 1778
     Maria Stryker married Henry Banta. Maria Stryker died in 1778 by a falling tree.
     Married name: Banta.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maria Stryker and Henry Banta

Mary Ann Stryker

     Mary Ann Stryker married William Henry Vreeland, son of Henry J Vreeland and Margaret Vreeland.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Peter Stryker

     Peter Stryker married Sarah Low, daughter of Dirck Low and Rebecca Emmons.

Albion Wesley Stuart


Child of Albion Wesley Stuart

David Christopher Stuart

M, b. 1858
     David Christopher Stuart married Abbie Kezia Valleau, daughter of William Valleau and Maria Wanamaker. David Christopher Stuart was born in 1858.

Children (not necessarily in order) of David Christopher Stuart and Abbie Kezia Valleau

  • Floyd Stuart b. 1882, d. 1886
  • Mary Ann Stuart b. 1884
  • Lela Clair Stuart b. 1886

Emma Brett Stuart

FatherAlbion Wesley Stuart
     Emma Brett Stuart married George Chambers Edgerly, son of John Woods Edgerly and Maria Louisa Chambers.
     Married name: Edgerly.