Mary Stevens

     Mary Stevens married Enoch Ham, son of Ham.
     Married name: Ham.

Child of Mary Stevens and Enoch Ham

Melvina Denslow Stevens

F, b. 7 January 1853, d. 26 November 1926
FatherCalvin Jonathan Stevens
MotherMelvina Sophia Denslow
     Melvina Denslow Stevens was born on 7 January 1853 at Brownville, NY. She married Frank DeWitt in February 1876 at Oakland, CA. Melvina Denslow Stevens and Frank DeWitt were divorced before 1890. Melvina Denslow Stevens died on 26 November 1926 at Santa Monica, CA, at age 73.
     Married name: DeWitt. She was a poet who wrote and published several volumes of verse and prose.

Child of Melvina Denslow Stevens and Frank DeWitt

  • Winfred Calvin DeWitt

Orlando Stevens

M, b. 2 May 1840, d. 8 December 1912
FatherHenry Westcott Stevens b. 30 Sep 1798, d. bt 2 Aug 1870 - 1881
MotherRuth Ann Galloway b. 21 Jun 1798, d. 14 Aug 1875
     Orlando Stevens married Josephine Cole. Orlando Stevens was born on 2 May 1840 at Warwick, Orange County, NY. He died on 8 December 1912 at age 72.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Orlando Stevens and Josephine Cole

Orlando Stevens

     Orlando Stevens married Martha Jane Smith, daughter of Amzi Louis Smith and Rachel Jennie Gray, circa 1860.

Ray Stevens

M, b. 3 March 1894, d. 5 January 1972
FatherDavid Buck Stevens
MotherEsther Robinson
     Ray Stevens was buried at Patten, Aroostook County, ME. He was born on 3 March 1894 at Ashland, ME. He married Agnes M. Warman, daughter of George Frederick Warman and Sarah Jane Green, on 27 April 1922 at Houlton, Aroostook County, ME. Ray Stevens died on 5 January 1972 at Island Falls at age 77.

Child of Ray Stevens and Agnes M. Warman

Robert Fulton Stevens

M, b. circa 1825, d. 10 September 1890
FatherHenry Westcott Stevens b. 30 Sep 1798, d. bt 2 Aug 1870 - 1881
MotherRuth Ann Galloway b. 21 Jun 1798, d. 14 Aug 1875
     Robert Fulton Stevens was born circa 1825 at Warwick, Orange County, NY. He died on 10 September 1890 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY.

Ruth Ann Stevens

F, b. 1828, d. 1905
FatherHenry Westcott Stevens b. 30 Sep 1798, d. bt 2 Aug 1870 - 1881
MotherRuth Ann Galloway b. 21 Jun 1798, d. 14 Aug 1875
     Ruth Ann Stevens was born in 1828 at Warwick, Orange County, NY. She died in 1905.

Ruth C Stevens

F, b. June 1866
     Ruth C Stevens was born in June 1866 at Ohio. She married Cyrus William Tuers, son of Walter Tuers and Julia Esther Stevens, on 15 January 1899 at Farnsworth, SD.
     Mattheson, MI is home given in Marriage Record. Name variation: Ruth C Tuers.

Rutherford Stevens

M, b. 1 December 1882, d. 23 August 1974
FatherOrlando Stevens b. 2 May 1840, d. 8 Dec 1912
MotherJosephine Cole
     Rutherford Stevens was born on 1 December 1882. He married Myrtle Predmore in 1911. Rutherford Stevens died on 23 August 1974 at age 91.
     Rutherford was the youngest of 7 children.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rutherford Stevens and Myrtle Predmore

Shubael Stevens

M, b. 3 April 1777, d. 2 February 1869
FatherShubael Stevens b. bt 1751 - 1753, d. bt 25 Jan 1825 - 1826
MotherMartha How b. 1761, d. 5 Sep 1840
     Shubael Stevens was born on 3 April 1777 at Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Merritt, daughter of Robert Merritt and Unknown, on 10 November 1806 at St. John, St. John County, New Brunswick, Canada. Shubael Stevens died on 2 February 1869 at St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, at age 91.

Child of Shubael Stevens and Elizabeth Merritt

Shubael Stevens

M, b. between 1751 and 1753, d. between 25 January 1825 and 1826
FatherEliphalet Stevens b. 24 Jan 1716/17
MotherElizabeth Clinton
     Shubael Stevens was born between 1751 and 1753 at New Haven, New Haven County, CT. He married Martha How before 1777 at Connecticut. Shubael Stevens died between 25 January 1825 and 1826 at Grand Bay, Westfield, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Child of Shubael Stevens and Martha How

Susanna Stevens

     Susanna Stevens married Barent Demarest.
     Married name: Demarest.

Child of Susanna Stevens and Barent Demarest

William Stevens

     William Stevens married Katherine Whittemore, daughter of Joseph Whittemore and Katherine Shed, on 22 October 1778 at Boston, MA.

William Parks Stevens Jr.

M, b. 2 June 1892
     William Parks Stevens Jr. was born on 2 June 1892 at Macon, GA. He married Mildred Taylor, daughter of Robert Jenks Taylor and Kathleen DeWitt, on 9 November 1921.


     Stevensdr married Hughe Jacobs (Barthout0 van Wassenaer, son of Jacob Barthoutsz.

Jan Stevenson

M, d. before 1708
     Jan Stevenson married Deborah Berry, daughter of Jacobus Berry and Lysbeth Lucas. Jan Stevenson died before 1708.

Jane B Stevenson

     Jane B Stevenson married Aaron Vreeland, son of Aaron Vreeland and Phebe Stansbury.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Jane B Stevenson and Aaron Vreeland

Jim Stevenson

     Jim Stevenson married Jane Warman, daughter of Richard Warman and Annie Johnstone.

Laura Stevenson

F, b. 1888, d. 1979
     Laura Stevenson married Alden Warman, son of William Warman and Ellen Carlyle. Laura Stevenson was born in 1888. She died in 1979.
     Married name: Warman.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Laura Stevenson and Alden Warman

Margaret Stevenson

     Margaret Stevenson married Christian Meyers, son of Johan Michael Meyers and Maria Eva Greim.
     Married name: Meyers.

Mary W Stevenson

F, b. 17 April 1896, d. 16 July 1945
     Mary W Stevenson was born on 17 April 1896 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. She married Thomas Clifford Coe, son of Norman Leslie Coe and Adaline E Kiley, on 13 June 1908 at Manhattan, (Kings), NY, (Source: Archivist 38 #4:pg 10, 2011. NOTE: Not sure if Kings is the Church; it cannot be the county, unless Manhattan is wrong). Mary W Stevenson died on 16 July 1945 at Cold Spring, Putnam County, NY, at age 49.

Child of Mary W Stevenson and Thomas Clifford Coe

Jacob Stevensz

M, b. circa 1555, d. 30 January 1643
FatherSteven Claesz b. c 1523, d. 23 Feb 1612
MotherJanniekje Lourensdr
     Jacob Stevensz was born circa 1555. He married Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz, daughter of Arrien Simonsz and Trijntje Waling. Jacob Stevensz died on 30 January 1643.
     They had 6 children.

Child of Jacob Stevensz and Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz

James Steward

     James Steward married Margaret Yeomans, daughter of Lewis D Yeomans and Margaret Willis, in 1842.
     Name variation: James Stuart. Name variation: James Stewart.


     Stewart married Marie Bogert, daughter of John Bogert and Ella Blauvelt.

Alexander Stewart

     Alexander Stewart married Gertrude Hortense Hunter, daughter of Jesse Hunter and Symantha E Hazen.

Charles Stewart

FatherWilliam R Stewart
MotherNancy Grondyke
     Charles Stewart married an unknown person (sine prole).

Cornelia Anne Stewart

F, b. 2 August 1827, d. 12 August 1912
     Cornelia Anne Stewart was born on 2 August 1827. She married Isaac Bogert, son of Helmus Bogert and Sarah Walters, on 6 January 1853. Cornelia Anne Stewart died on 12 August 1912 at age 85.
     Married name: Bogert.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelia Anne Stewart and Isaac Bogert

David Stewart

     David Stewart died at Rosyth Castle.
     Name variation: Sir.

Child of David Stewart and Unknown

Elizabeth Stewart

FatherDavid Stewart

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Stewart and John Bruce

Elizabeth Stewart

F, b. 31 August 1780, d. 1 August 1870
     Elizabeth Stewart was born on 31 August 1780 at New Jersey. She married Roelof Campbell, son of Jacob Campbell and Aelteje Westervelt, circa 1798. Elizabeth Stewart died on 1 August 1870 at Pennsylvania at age 89.
     Married name: Campbell.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Stewart and Roelof Campbell

  • Jacob Campbell+ b. 11 Feb 1800, d. 15 Mar 1881
  • Maria Campbell b. 2 Nov 1801
  • John Campbell b. 11 Dec 1803
  • William Campbell b. 13 Apr 1806
  • Roelof Campbell b. 29 Sep 1813
  • Abraham Campbell b. 19 Sep 1816
  • Ellen Campbell b. 13 Feb 1821