Gertrude Smedes

     Gertrude Smedes married Lewis Bevier, son of Benjamin Bevier and Leah Roosa.
     Married name: Bevier.

Helena Smedes

F, b. 25 August 1728
FatherPetrus Smedes b. 7 Dec 1701, d. b Oct 1783
MotherCatherine Du Bois b. 24 Mar 1706
     Helena Smedes was baptized on 25 August 1728. She married Jonathan Elmendorf, son of Conradt Elmendorf and Blandina Kierstede, on 19 May 1749.
     Married name: Elmendorf.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helena Smedes and Jonathan Elmendorf

Petrus Smedes

M, b. 7 December 1701, d. before October 1783
FatherBenjamin Smedes
MotherMadeline Low
     Petrus Smedes was baptized on 7 December 1701 at Kingston, NY. He married Catherine Du Bois, daughter of Jacob Du Bois and Gertrude Gerritsen Van Newkirk, on 12 February 1724. Petrus Smedes died before October 1783. His estate was probated on 13 October 1783.
     He was a miller at Greenkill.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Petrus Smedes and Catherine Du Bois

Petrus Smedes Jr.

     Petrus Smedes Jr. married Elsie Hasbrouck, daughter of Daniel Hasbrouck and Wyntie Deyo.

Rachel Smedes

FatherBenjamin Smedes
MotherMadeline Low
     Rachel Smedes married Niclaes Bogardus, son of Everardus Bogart and Taatje Hoffman, on 20 December 1730 at Kingston, NY.
     Married name: Bogardus.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Smedes and Niclaes Bogardus

  • Magdalena Bogardus b. 1732
  • Nicolaus Bogardus b. 1734
  • Everhardus Bogardus b. 1738
  • Elizabeth Bogardus b. 1742
  • Benjamin Bogardus b. 1747

Ellen Smedley

F, b. circa 1540, d. between 17 August 1605 and 1606
     Ellen Smedley was born circa 1540 at Lenton Parish, Nottinghamshire, England. She married Jeffrey Phinney in 1560. Ellen Smedley died between 17 August 1605 and 1606 at Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England.
     Married name: Phinney.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ellen Smedley and Jeffrey Phinney

Kari Olavsdatter Smedsland

F, b. 1786, d. 1866
FatherOlav Sorensson Smedsland b. c 1753, d. 1830
MotherKatrine Olavsdatter b. c 1759
     Kari Olavsdatter Smedsland married Soren Knutsson Asland, son of Knut Sorensson Asland and Ingeborg Olavsdotter Asland. Kari Olavsdatter Smedsland was born in 1786. She died in 1866 at Norway.
     Married name: Asland.

Child of Kari Olavsdatter Smedsland and Soren Knutsson Asland

Olav Sorensson Smedsland

M, b. circa 1753, d. 1830
     Olav Sorensson Smedsland married Katrine Olavsdatter. Olav Sorensson Smedsland was born circa 1753. He died in 1830 at Norway.

Child of Olav Sorensson Smedsland and Katrine Olavsdatter

Herman Smeemans

     Herman Smeemans married Annetje Daniels in 1668.

Paul Smelser

M, d. 1808
FatherPeter?? Smelser
     Paul Smelser was born at County Limerick, Ireland. He married Elizabeth. Paul Smelser died in 1808 at Kilcooley, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Child of Paul Smelser and Elizabeth

Peter Smelser

     Peter Smelser emigrated in 1709 from Palatinate (to England. In 1715 he was a freeholder in Ballingrane, County Limerick, Ireland.).

Child of Peter Smelser

Peter?? Smelser

FatherPeter Smelser

Child of Peter?? Smelser

Chester A Smeltzer

M, b. 1886, d. 1970
FatherJohn Smeltzer b. 1852, d. 1937
MotherElizabeth Augusta Case b. 1856, d. 1937
     Chester A Smeltzer was buried at Ramsey, NJ. He was born in 1886 at Brooklyn, NY. He married Mary Elizabeth Winters, daughter of John William Winters and Anna Hopper, in 1906 at New York City, NY. Chester A Smeltzer died in 1970 at Suffern, NY.
     He was a vanilla importer and mayor of Ramsey, NJ.

Child of Chester A Smeltzer and Mary Elizabeth Winters

  • Marjorie Smeltzer

John Smeltzer

M, b. 1852, d. 1937
FatherJohn Smeltzer Sr. b. 1798, d. 1861
MotherSusan Finlay b. 1810, d. 1905
     John Smeltzer was buried at Ramsey, NJ. He married Elizabeth Augusta Case, daughter of William Case and Mary Jane Shea. John Smeltzer was born in 1852 at New York City, NY. He died in 1937 at Brooklyn, NY.
     He was a printer. Name variation: Rev.

Child of John Smeltzer and Elizabeth Augusta Case

John Smeltzer Sr.

M, b. 1798, d. 1861
FatherPhillip Smeltzer b. a 1766
MotherMary Ann Sutcliffe
     John Smeltzer Sr. married Susan Finlay, daughter of Robert Finlay and Georgiana Reilly. John Smeltzer Sr. was born in 1798 at Kilcooley Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland. He died in 1861 at New York City, NY.
     He immigrated in 1851.

Child of John Smeltzer Sr. and Susan Finlay

Phillip Smeltzer

M, b. after 1766
FatherPaul Smelser d. 1808
     Phillip Smeltzer died at County Tipperary, Ireland. He married Mary Ann Sutcliffe. Phillip Smeltzer was born after 1766 at Ireland.

Child of Phillip Smeltzer and Mary Ann Sutcliffe

Elizabeth Smet

     Elizabeth Smet married Gerrit Crencheyt on 6 March 1731.
     Married name: Crencheyt.

Child of Elizabeth Smet and Gerrit Crencheyt

  • Theunnius Crencheyt b. 28 Jun 1743

Arie Smidt

M, b. 25 September 1687, d. 9 February 1755
FatherLambert Ariansen Smith b. 30 Sep 1655
MotherMargreitje Blauvelt b. 25 Sep 1661, d. b 1724
     Arie Smidt was born on 25 September 1687. He married Jannetje Van Houten, daughter of Teunis Rolf Van Houten and Tryntie Claes Kuyper, on 11 January 1711 at Tappan, NY. Arie Smidt died on 9 February 1755 at age 67.

Lena Ariaens Smidt

     Lena Ariaens Smidt married Floris Williamsen Crum.
     Married name: Crum.

Child of Lena Ariaens Smidt and Floris Williamsen Crum

Marritiie Lamerse Smidt

FatherLambert Ariansen Smith b. 30 Sep 1655
MotherMargreitje Blauvelt b. 25 Sep 1661, d. b 1724
     Marritiie Lamerse Smidt married Hendick La Roe, son of Jacques La Roe and Wybrecht Helling, on 13 November 1715.
     Married name: La Roe.

Catryntie Lammerse Smit

F, b. 19 January 1697
FatherLambert Ariansen Smith b. 30 Sep 1655
     Catryntie Lammerse Smit was born on 19 January 1697. She married Samuel La Roe, son of Jacques La Roe and Wybrecht Helling, on 16 May 1719.
     Married name: La Roe.

Clas Classen Smit

M, b. circa 1629
     Clas Classen Smit was born circa 1629. He married Geertrud J Willekems, daughter of Jochem? Willekems, on 11 September 1653 at New Amsterdam.

Child of Clas Classen Smit and Geertrud J Willekems

Elias Smit

     Elias Smit married Cornelia Jacobs Wortendyke on 13 September 1702.
     Elias was from Middelburgh, Zeeland, Holland and was living at Acquackanonk. He and his wife settled at Little Falls.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elias Smit and Cornelia Jacobs Wortendyke

Lea Smit

FatherElias Smit
MotherCornelia Jacobs Wortendyke
     Lea Smit married Johannis Spier.
     Married name: Spier.

Neeltje Classen Smit

F, b. 21 March 1655, d. before 1698
FatherClas Classen Smit b. c 1629
MotherGeertrud J Willekems b. c 1631
     Neeltje Classen Smit married John Lake Jr., son of John Lake and Anne Spicer. Neeltje Classen Smit was baptized on 21 March 1655 at New Amsterdam. She died before 1698 at Gravesend, Long Island, NY.
     Married name: Lake. Name variation: Eleanor Smit. Name variation: Neeltje Claessen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Neeltje Classen Smit and John Lake Jr.

Thomas Smit

     Thomas Smit married Sarah Brouwer, daughter of Adam Brouwer and Magdalena Jacobs Verdon, on 23 September 1692.

Child of Thomas Smit and Sarah Brouwer

  • Eliz. Smit b. 23 May 1705


     Smith married Elizabeth Coleman, daughter of Timothy Coleman and Elizabeth De Witt.


     Smith married Viola Taylor, daughter of John Quincy Taylor and Mary Ann Axford.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Smith and Viola Taylor

  • Madeleine Smith
  • Thad Smith
  • Axford Smith


     Smith married Sarah Bush, daughter of Arie Bush and Helletia.


     Smith married Catharine Clinton, daughter of Spencer Clinton and Sarah Reilly.