Lucy Elizabeth Williams

F, b. 18 April 1833, d. 12 July 1862
     Lucy Elizabeth Williams married Roswell Burrows Ashbey, son of Benjamin Ashbey and Hannah Fish. Lucy Elizabeth Williams was born on 18 April 1833 at Groton, New London County, CT. She died on 12 July 1862 at Shanghai, China, at age 29.
     Taken from secondary source citation from:
Charles Fish Williams, Genealogical Notes of the Williams and Gallup Families, Especially Relating to the Children of Caleb M. and Sabra Gallup Williams of Roxbury, and Capt. John Gollop, Sr. of Boston, Mass (Hartford, Conn.: The Press of The Case, Lookwood & Brainard Co., 1897). Name variation: Lucy Elizabeth Ashbey.

Margarita Williams

     Margarita Williams married Abraham Williamse Van Westervelt, son of William Lubbertsen Van Westervelt and Dirkje Roelofse.
     Married name: Van Westervelt.

Maria Williams

     Maria Williams married Dirck Janse Shepmoes, son of Jan Jansen Shepmoes and Sarah Pietersen.
     Married name: Shepmoes. Name variation: Maria Willems.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maria Williams and Dirck Janse Shepmoes

Martha Williams

F, b. 21 November 1830, d. 3 April 1900
     Martha Williams was born on 21 November 1830. She married Richard H Shuck, son of John Shuck and Priscilla Young. Martha Williams died on 3 April 1900 at age 69. She was buried at Pleasureville Cemetery.
     Married name: Shuck. Name variation: Mattie Williams. She lived at Henry County, KY.

Mary Williams

     Mary Williams married Cornelius DeWitt, son of John DeWitt and Elizabeth Cape.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Mary Williams and Cornelius DeWitt

N B Williams

     N B Williams married Nathan Whiting, son of William Bradford Whiting and Annie Lathrop.
     Married name: Whiting. Name variation: Mrs.

Nathaniel Williams

     Nathaniel Williams married Sarah Corey, daughter of John Corey and Ann Salmon.

Phoebe Williams

     Phoebe Williams married William Schultz.
     Phoebe Williams lived at Bronx, NY. Married name: Schultz. Name variation: Phoebe Wilhelm.

Child of Phoebe Williams and William Schultz

Phoebe T (Brown) Williams

F, d. 1847
     Phoebe T (Brown) Williams married Isaac Bogert, son of Helmus Bogert and Sarah Walters, on 8 July 1834 at Cincinatti, OH. Phoebe T (Brown) Williams died in 1847.
     Married name: Bogert.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Phoebe T (Brown) Williams and Isaac Bogert

Rachel Williams

     Rachel Williams married Johannes Van Etten, son of Jacob Van Etten and Antje Westbrook.
     Married name: Van Etten.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Williams and Johannes Van Etten

  • Daniel Van Etten
  • Solomon Van Etten
  • Cornelius Van Etten
  • Dorothy Van Etten

Robert Williams

     Robert Williams married Maritje York.

Child of Robert Williams and Maritje York

Russell Williams


Samuel Williams

     Samuel Williams married Lydia Cortright, daughter of Arien Jansen Cortright and Elizabeth Cool, on 20 April 1769.

Silvanus Williams

     Silvanus Williams married Margaret Ann Lewis, daughter of William Lewis and Mary Barrett.

Solomon Williams

     Solomon Williams married Betsey Lydia Vreeland, daughter of Aaron Vreeland and Phebe Stansbury.

Susanna Williams

F, d. 1 March 1824
     Susanna Williams married Elias Coerten, son of Johannis Coerten and Tryntie Smith, on 11 January 1797 at Caldwell, NJ. Susanna Williams died on 1 March 1824 at Caldwell, NJ.
     Married name: Coerten.

Child of Susanna Williams and Elias Coerten

Susanna Williams

F, b. 23 April 1723
FatherCornelius Willemse
MotherMaria Storms b. 1700
     Susanna Williams was baptized on 23 April 1723. She married William Van Tassel, son of Jacob Van Tassel and Alida Storm, on 1 November 1746.
     Married name: Van Tassel.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Susanna Williams and William Van Tassel

Sylvia Williams

     Sylvia Williams married Michael Allen Armstrong, son of Charles Ray Armstrong and Wynona Hendley.
     Married name: Armstrong.

Thomas A Williams

M, b. 24 May 1852, d. 9 July 1932
FatherWilliam Williams
MotherJane E Bennett b. 15 Apr 1828
     Thomas A Williams married Estella A Harris. Thomas A Williams was born on 24 May 1852. He died on 9 July 1932 at age 80.
     He was a champion skater for the United States.

W. W. Williams

     W. W. Williams married Charlotte G Ford.
     Name variation: Rev.

Child of W. W. Williams and Charlotte G Ford

Walter Williams

     Walter Williams married Margaret Antonette Lorch, daughter of John Henry Lorch and Mary Cecelia Herrmann, at New York.

William Williams

     William Williams married Jane E Bennett, daughter of Adam Bennett and Mary Polly Galloway, on 10 April 1848.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Williams and Jane E Bennett

Zachariah Williams


Geesje Williamse

F, d. 1683
     Geesje Williamse married Cornelius Janse Bogert. Geesje Williamse was born at The Netherlands. She died in 1683.
     Married name: Bogert. Name variation: Gessie Williamse. Name variation: Geesje Willemse.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Geesje Williamse and Cornelius Janse Bogert

Caleb Williamson Lt.

M, b. circa 1640/41, d. between 24 December 1737 and 1738
     Caleb Williamson Lt. was buried at Center Church, Hartford. He was born circa 1640/41. He married Mary Cobb, daughter of James Cobb and Sarah Lewis, between 3 May 1686 and 1687 at Barnstable, MA. Caleb Williamson Lt. died between 24 December 1737 and 1738.

Harmen Williamson

M, b. 29 May 1729
FatherCornelius Willemse
MotherMaria Storms b. 1700
     Harmen Williamson was baptized on 29 May 1729. He married Maritie Van Tassel, daughter of Hendrick Van Tassel and Beeltje Buys, on 13 April 1754.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Harmen Williamson and Maritie Van Tassel

  • Lena Williamson b. 1755
  • Antie Williamson b. 3 Nov 1756

Jenie Williamson

F, b. 25 December 1849
     Jenie Williamson married George Curtis Youngs, son of Melvin Lincoln Youngs and Charity Strong. Jenie Williamson was born on 25 December 1849.
     Married name: Youngs.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jenie Williamson and George Curtis Youngs

  • Charles O Youngs
  • Melvin P Youngs b. 22 Jul 1872
  • Wilson C Youngs b. 16 May 1875
  • Merwyn W Youngs b. 3 Jun 1879

Mary Williamson

     Mary Williamson married John Osterhout circa 1792.
     Married name: Osterhout.

Stephen H. Williamson

     Stephen H. Williamson married Sarah Ann Duryea, daughter of Peter Duryea and Maria Wyckoff.

William Williamson

     William Williamson married Helena Terhune, daughter of Albert Terhune and Marya, on 13 June 1784.