Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas


     Thomas was born at Ontario City, NY. He married Rechel Courter, daughter of Antje Bensen.


     Thomas married Charles Lounsbury, son of Charles Lounsbury and Haviland.
     Married name: Lounsbury.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Thomas and Charles Lounsbury

Abigail G. Thomas

F, b. 4 July 1779
FatherJoseph Thomas
MotherTemperance Drew
     Abigail G. Thomas was born on 4 July 1779. She married George Edgerly, son of Samuel Edgerly and Olive Dame, on 5 July 1798.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Belconger Thomas

M, b. between 26 August 1617 and 1618
FatherJohn Belconger b. bt 1 Sep 1588 - 1589
     Belconger Thomas was christened between 26 August 1617 and 1618 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

Bethiah Thomas

     Bethiah Thomas married Jacob Chipman, son of Samuel Chipman and Sarah Cobb, in 1725.
     Married name: Chipman.

Carl A Thomas

     Carl A Thomas married Ruth Esther Davis, daughter of Frank George Davis and Emma Shoemaker.

Clara Ellen Thomas

     Clara Ellen Thomas married Austin Emerson Blodgett, son of Ephraim Blodgett and Louisa Kidder.
     Married name: Blodgett.

Dallas Ray Thomas

M, b. 12 October 1902
FatherRobert Clarence Thomas
MotherBertha Grace Shields
     Dallas Ray Thomas was born on 12 October 1902 at Tipton County, IN. He was baptized on 14 April 1957 at Alexandria, Tipton County, IN. He was baptized on 14 April 1957 at Alexandria, IN.

David Thomas

     David Thomas married Helena Van Buskirk, daughter of Andries Van Buskirk and Jannetje van der Linde, on 8 June 1728 at NY Lutheran Church, NY.

Child of David Thomas and Helena Van Buskirk

Dorothy Thomas

F, b. 20 December 1698
FatherGeorge Thomas
     Dorothy Thomas married Robert Jennison, son of Samuel Jennison and Judith Newcomb. Dorothy Thomas married Thomas Whittemore. Dorothy Thomas was born on 20 December 1698.
     Married name: Whittemore. Married name: Jennison.

Child of Dorothy Thomas and Thomas Whittemore

  • Thomas Whittemore

Elihu Hotchkiss Thomas

     Elihu Hotchkiss Thomas married Celia Daggett of Westmoreland at North Bennington or Brattleboro, VT.

Child of Elihu Hotchkiss Thomas and Celia Daggett of Westmoreland

Florence Thomas

F, d. 2 January 1959
     Florence Thomas married Ralph Smith, son of Albert William Smith and Ella May Earl. Florence Thomas was born at Bethlehem, NY. She died on 2 January 1959.
     Married name: Smith.

George Thomas

     George Thomas married Rebecca.

Child of George Thomas and Rebecca

Grietie Thomas

     Grietie Thomas married Jan Roelofszen.
     Married name: Roelofszen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Grietie Thomas and Jan Roelofszen

  • Lysbeth Roelofszen b. 1661
  • Lignum? Roelofszen b. 17 Sep 1662

Idris Thomas

     Idris Thomas married Jessie Hopkins, son of John Hopkins and Annie Brodie.
     Married name: Hopkins.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Idris Thomas and Jessie Hopkins

  • Carol Hopkins
  • Jane Hopkins
  • John Hopkins

James E Thomas

     James E Thomas married Emma Elizabeth Vreeland, daughter of Henry R Vreeland and Elizabeth Jane Musk.

James Edw. Thomas

     James Edw. Thomas married Melissa Seely, daughter of Francis Tuttle Tuthill Seely and Mary Durland.

Jannetje Thomas

     Jannetje Thomas married Claes Martensen van Roosevelt.
     Married name: van Roosevelt. Name variation: Jannetje Samuel.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetje Thomas and Claes Martensen van Roosevelt

John Thomas

     John Thomas married Fitje Vreeland, daughter of Elias Michielsen Vreeland and Grietje Jacobs Van Winkle, on 24 June 1689 at New York.
     John was from Elizabeth town where he and his wife were living in 1711.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Thomas and Fitje Vreeland

  • Edward Thomaszen
  • Margaret Thomaszen
  • David Thomaszen
  • Esther Thomaszen
  • Elyas Thomaszen b. 1694

John Thomas

     John Thomas married Lydia Parker.
     John Thomas lived at New Haven, CT.

Child of John Thomas and Lydia Parker

Joseph Thomas

     Joseph Thomas married Temperance Drew.
     Name variation: Capt.

Child of Joseph Thomas and Temperance Drew

Laurens Thomas

M, b. 9 May 1738
FatherDavid Thomas
MotherHelena Van Buskirk b. 23 Mar 1707
     Laurens Thomas was born on 9 May 1738. He was baptized on 30 May 1738 at his mother's house.

Leddie Thomas

     Leddie Thomas married Richard Morgan, son of John Morgan and Anne Lewis.
     Married name: Morgan.

Martha Jane Thomas

F, b. 8 August 1848, d. 22 January 1923
     Martha Jane Thomas was buried at Passumpsic Cemetery, Passumpsic, VT. She was born on 8 August 1848. She married Ephraim Alonzo Blodgett, son of Ephraim Blodgett and Louisa Kidder, on 28 November 1872. Martha Jane Thomas died on 22 January 1923 at Waterford, VT, at age 74.
     Married name: Blodgett.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Martha Jane Thomas and Ephraim Alonzo Blodgett

Mary Thomas

     Mary Thomas married George Pomeroy.
     Married name: Pomeroy.

Child of Mary Thomas and George Pomeroy

Mary Polly Thomas

F, b. circa 1796, d. after 1870
     Mary Polly Thomas was born circa 1796 at Virginia. She married Nicholis Nichols Decker, son of Joseph Decker and Florinda, on 27 July 1812 at Gibson County, IN. Mary Polly Thomas died after 1870 at Plaquemine Parish, LA.
     Married name: Decker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Polly Thomas and Nicholis Nichols Decker

Milo Thomas

     Milo Thomas married Clarissa Tompkins, daughter of John Tompkins and Maria Mariah Davis, on 5 October 1853 at Rockford, Winnebago County, IL.

Nina J Thomas

FatherElihu Hotchkiss Thomas
MotherCelia Daggett of Westmoreland
     Nina J Thomas married John C DeWitt on 18 May 1887.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Nina J Thomas and John C DeWitt

Pryor Thomas

M, b. 14 June
     Pryor Thomas was born on 14 June at New Hampshire.