David Thaxter

M, b. 6 April 1672, d. 14 June 1760
FatherSamuel Thaxter
MotherAbigail Church
     David Thaxter was born on 6 April 1672. He married Alice Chubbuck, daughter of John Chubbuck and Martha Beal, on 24 June 1695. David Thaxter died on 14 June 1760 at age 88.

Samuel Thaxter

     Samuel Thaxter married Abigail Church.

Child of Samuel Thaxter and Abigail Church


     Thayer married Anna Holden, daughter of Henry Holden and Eliza Plum.

Daniel Thayer

     Daniel Thayer married Minnie DeWitt, daughter of John DeWitt and Harriet Collier.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Daniel Thayer and Minnie DeWitt

  • (?) Thayer
  • (?) Thayer
  • (?) Thayer

Darna Thayer

     Darna Thayer married William Scarborough.
     Married name: Scarborough.

Child of Darna Thayer and William Scarborough

Elmer Francis Thayer

FatherNoah Blanehart Thayer
MotherLucy Marilla Newcomb
     Elmer Francis Thayer married Anna Maria Edgerly, daughter of James Bartlett Edgerly and Maria Jane Fernald, on 28 June 1905.

Jane Thayer

F, b. 1821, d. 1846
     Jane Thayer was born in 1821. She married Joseph Dewitt, son of John DeWitt and Sarah Hartman, on 2 June 1843. Jane Thayer died in 1846.
     Married name: Dewitt. Name variation: Mary Jane Thayer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane Thayer and Joseph Dewitt

Noah Blanehart Thayer

     Noah Blanehart Thayer married Lucy Marilla Newcomb.

Child of Noah Blanehart Thayer and Lucy Marilla Newcomb

Stephen H Thayer

     Stephen H Thayer married Harriet Sophia Holden, daughter of Horace Holden and Bathsheba Sanford.

Hendrick the Boor

M, d. before 1640
     Hendrick the Boor married Phoebe Felix. Hendrick the Boor died before 1640.

Charles Theale

M, b. circa 1735, d. 1814
     Charles Theale was born circa 1735 at North River, Long Island, NY. He married Milicent before 1773 at New York. Charles Theale died in 1814 at Westfield, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Child of Charles Theale and Milicent

Mary Theale

F, b. 22 August 1773
FatherCharles Theale b. c 1735, d. 1814
MotherMilicent b. c 1750, d. a 1814
     Mary Theale was born on 22 August 1773 at New York. She married Charles Hamm, son of Andrew Hamm and Barbara Berrier, on 1 December 1803 at St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.
     Married name: Hamm.

Child of Mary Theale and Charles Hamm

Maria Themout

     Maria Themout married Matthew Martens Van Duyne.
     Married name: Van Duyne.

Child of Maria Themout and Matthew Martens Van Duyne

John Theobades?

     John Theobades? married Aelfje Van Hoorn, daughter of Jan Cornellison Van Hoorn and Hillegonde Joris.
     John Theobades? and Aelfje Van Hoorn were Type: Children no.

Jannetje Theunis

F, d. before 18 December 1658
     Jannetje Theunis was born at Amsterdam. She married Dirck Dey on 28 December 1641. Jannetje Theunis died before 18 December 1658.
     Married name: Dey.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetje Theunis and Dirck Dey

Magdaleentje Theunis

F, b. circa 1632, d. 4 September 1711
     Magdaleentje Theunis was born circa 1632 at Huisen (Voorsthuysen?), Gooiland District, The Netherlands. She married Jan Lubbertse Van Blarcom, son of Lubbert Gysbertsen Van Blarcom and Divertje Cornelis, on 7 June 1659 at Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam. Magdaleentje Theunis died on 4 September 1711 at Bergen, NJ. She was buried on 6 September 1711 at Bergen, NJ.
     Married name: Van Blarcom.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Magdaleentje Theunis and Jan Lubbertse Van Blarcom

Maria Johannes Theunis

     Maria Johannes Theunis married Johannes Casperszen Springsteen.
     Married name: Springsteen.

Child of Maria Johannes Theunis and Johannes Casperszen Springsteen

Sara Theunis

     Sara Theunis was born at Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She married Jan Dirckszen Van Aernum on 28 June 1644. Marriage banns for Sara Theunis and Jan Dirckszen Van Aernum were published on 28 June 1664 at Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam.
     Married name: Aernum.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sara Theunis and Jan Dirckszen Van Aernum

Wyntjie Theunis

F, b. 23 July 1628, d. before 18 July 1699
FatherTeunis Thomaszen Quick
MotherBelitgen Jacobs
     Wyntjie Theunis was born on 23 July 1628 at Naarden, The Netherlands. She married Herck Sybouts on 16 November 1642 at Dutch Reformed Church, New York City, NY. Wyntjie Theunis died before 18 July 1699.
     Married name: Sybouts. Name variation: Wyntie Theunis de Key. Name variation: Wyntie Teunis Quick.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Wyntjie Theunis and Herck Sybouts

Dirckje Theunisse

F, b. 1624, d. 1703
     Dirckje Theunisse married Douwe Tallman. Dirckje Theunisse was born in 1624 at Friesland, The Netherlands. She died in 1703 at Nyack, NY.
     Married name: Tallman. Name variation: Dirckje Theunis. She immigrated in June 1658 to New Amsterdam, New Netherlands, on ship Bruinfrisch (Porpoise). He later removed to Bergen, NJ and then to Tappan, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Dirckje Theunisse and Douwe Tallman

Herman Theuniszen

     Herman Theuniszen married Margeietje Cosyes, daughter of Cozyn Gerritszen and Vrouwtie Gerritse, in 1654.
     Herman Theuniszen lived at Zell, Munsterland, Germany.

Child of Herman Theuniszen and Margeietje Cosyes

  • Theuniszen b. 1658

Tobias Theuniszen

     Tobias Theuniszen married Jannetje Claes Bo.

Mary Thibou

F, b. 1736, d. 1811
     Mary Thibou was born in 1736. She married William Young, son of Young. Mary Thibou died in 1811. She was buried at Old Hackensack Churchyard.
     Married name: Young. Name variation: Mary Thibaut.

Child of Mary Thibou and William Young

Marytie Thibout

F, b. 6 March 1736, d. 22 November 1806
FatherPeter Thibout
MotherMargaret Rogers
     Marytie Thibout was baptized on 6 March 1736 at Hackensack, NJ. She married Jacob De Baun, son of Jacobus DeBaun and Anna Canniff, in 1747. Marytie Thibout died on 22 November 1806 at age 70.
     Married name: De Baun. Name variation: Marytie DeBow.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Marytie Thibout and Jacob De Baun

Peter Thibout

FatherAndries DeBow
MotherMarie DeGrave
     Peter Thibout married Margaret Rogers. Peter Thibout married Margrietje Ryerson on 3 March 1716.
     Name variation: Pieter DeBow.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peter Thibout and Margaret Rogers

Mary Gertrude Thiemann

F, b. 14 February 1830, d. 6 November 1907
     Mary Gertrude Thiemann was born on 14 February 1830. She married Herman Ridder on 12 May 1850 at New York City, NY. Mary Gertrude Thiemann died on 6 November 1907 at age 77.
     Married name: Ridder.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Gertrude Thiemann and Herman Ridder

Christina Thiese

     Christina Thiese married Elias Vreeland, son of Michiel Vreeland and Marietje Joris van Elslandt, on 22 May 1730.
     It is not certain that Christina was the wife of Elias. Married name: Vreeland.


     Thiess married Maude Rosamond Bliven, daughter of Charles Franklin Bliven and Lilla Cordelia Ormsby.

Fanny Thiff

     Fanny Thiff married Leonard Chambers.
     Married name: Chambers. Name variation: Fanny Kief.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Fanny Thiff and Leonard Chambers

  • Lourens Chambers b. 28 Jul 1778
  • Mary Chambers b. 18 Oct 1781

Maryken Thom

     Maryken Thom married Claes Wols. Maryken Thom married Jacobus Calyer, son of Jochem Colyer and Magdalena Waele, on 16 November 1699 at New York City, NY.
     Married name: Wols. Married name: Calyer.