Obadiah Smith

     Obadiah Smith married Elizabeth Coleman, daughter of Thomas Coleman and Mary Galloway.

Olive May Smith

F, b. 17 July 1885, d. 7 May 1887
FatherDaniel Gregory Smith b. 1844, d. 1909
MotherSarah Elizabeth Mapes b. 9 Sep 1847, d. 21 Aug 1887
     Olive May Smith was born on 17 July 1885. She died on 7 May 1887 at age 1.

Oliver Smith

M, b. 1817
     Oliver Smith married Jane Berry. Oliver Smith was born in 1817.

Child of Oliver Smith and Jane Berry

Oliver Perry Smith

     Oliver Perry Smith married Jane Vreeland, daughter of George Vreeland and Catherine Newkirk, on 26 November 1835 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.

Orlando Elsworth Smith

M, b. circa 1865
FatherAmzi Louis Smith b. 27 Sep 1818
MotherRachel Jennie Gray b. 5 May 1816, d. Dec 1895
     Orlando Elsworth Smith was born circa 1865. He married Effe J Hunter, daughter of Jackson Hunter and Hannah Halstead, circa 1890.

Paul Smith

     Paul Smith and E Eleanor Bailey were divorced. Paul Smith married E Eleanor Bailey, daughter of William Bailey and May Townsend.

Paxson Smith

M, b. 1815, d. 1862
FatherJonas Smith
MotherMiriam Paxson
     Paxson Smith was born in 1815 at Bucks County, PA. He married Mabel Peacock in 1839 at Boonville (on the Black River). Paxson Smith died in 1862 at Army Hospital, Corinth, WI, from dysentery or typhoid, leaving a wife and six children, the youngest only 4.
     In 1861 Paxson enlisted in the Union Army. He and Mabel Peacock were Type: Removed circa 1848 at Fon du Lac Co., WI.

Pearl Smith

     Pearl Smith married Bert Frederick, son of Jacob S Frederick and Mary Jane Smith.
     They lived in Westport, ND. Married name: Frederick.

Penniah Smith

F, b. 1818
FatherJohn E. Smith
     Penniah Smith married Jesse Abrams. Penniah Smith was born in 1818.
     Married name: Abrams.

Child of Penniah Smith and Jesse Abrams

Peter Smith

M, b. 1710, d. 16 January 1771
     Peter Smith was born in 1710. He died on 16 January 1771 at Hanover, NJ.

Peter Smith

M, b. 1843, d. 1919
FatherAlbert Smith b. c 2 Dec 1819, d. 27 Nov 1893
MotherSarah Jane Elleson b. 1815, d. 1902
     Peter Smith was buried at Community Cemetery, Monroe, NY. He was born in 1843. He died in 1919.

Peter Axford Smith

M, d. 1929
FatherJacob Smith
MotherCaroline Axford
     Peter Axford Smith was buried at Newark, NJ. He died in 1929.

Peter C Smith

M, b. 13 May 1759, d. 6 July 1841
     Peter C Smith married Jannetje DeBaun, daughter of Abraham DeBaun and Gerrebright Ackerman. Peter C Smith was born on 13 May 1759. He died on 6 July 1841 at age 82.

Peter Leander Smith

M, b. 17 January 1850
FatherAmzi Louis Smith b. 27 Sep 1818
MotherRachel Jennie Gray b. 5 May 1816, d. Dec 1895
     Peter Leander Smith married Nellie Gerhart. Peter Leander Smith was born on 17 January 1850.
     Jesse and Peter were twins.

Philip Smith

M, b. 27 June 1773, d. 18 December 1857
FatherJohannes Schmidt b. bt 8 Apr 1729 - 1730, d. 18 Apr 1813
MotherElizabeth Zepperlie b. 1740/41, d. 1804
     Philip Smith was born on 27 June 1773. He married Hannah Copperneal on 4 December 1796. Philip Smith died on 18 December 1857 at age 84.

Child of Philip Smith and Hannah Copperneal

Philip A Smith

M, b. 17 June 1812, d. 21 August 1895
FatherPhilip Smith b. 27 Jun 1773, d. 18 Dec 1857
MotherHannah Copperneal b. 26 Oct 1778, d. 17 Apr 1864
     Philip A Smith married Mary Fulton. Philip A Smith was born on 17 June 1812. He died on 21 August 1895 at age 83.

Child of Philip A Smith and Mary Fulton

Phillipa Smith

FatherHenry Smith

Child of Phillipa Smith and Edward (Edmund) Birdsey

Phineas Smith

     Phineas Smith married Jane Lummis, daughter of Edward Lummis and Mary Elmer.

Child of Phineas Smith and Jane Lummis

  • Jane Smith

Rachel Smith

     Rachel Smith married Jacob Banta.
     Married name: Banta.

Child of Rachel Smith and Jacob Banta

Rachel Smith

F, b. 1768
     Rachel Smith was born in 1768. She married Robert Armstrong, son of William Armstrong and Mary Carr, circa 1786.
     Married name: Armstrong.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Smith and Robert Armstrong

Rachel Smith

     Rachel Smith married Jacob A Banta, son of Abram Banta and Annaetjen Van Hooren.
     Married name: Banta.

Rachel Smith

F, b. 23 May 1760, d. 1820
FatherFrancis Smith
     Rachel Smith married James Rumsey, son of Phineas Rumsey and Mary Tooker, at First Presbyterian Church, Goshen, Orange County, NY. Rachel Smith was born on 23 May 1760. She married Joshua Miller circa 1779. Rachel Smith died in 1820.
     Rachel Smith was the widow of Joshua Miller, a Revolutionary patriot killed in the war by the Smith Gang. Married name: Miller. Married name: Rumsey.

Child of Rachel Smith and James Rumsey

Rachel Smith

F, b. 1768
     Rachel Smith was born in 1768. She married Robert Armstrong, son of William Armstrong and Keziah Allison, circa 1786.
     Married name: Armstrong.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Smith and Robert Armstrong

Rachel Anna Smith

F, b. 11 March 1829, d. 14 December 1916
FatherJacob A Smith d. 1870
MotherMargaret Van Blarcom d. 1872
     Rachel Anna Smith married Daniel Yeomans Jr., son of John Daniel Youmans and Rebecca Forshee. Rachel Anna Smith was baptized at Paramus Church. She was born on 11 March 1829. She died on 14 December 1916 at Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ, at age 87.
     Married name: Yeomans.

Child of Rachel Anna Smith and Daniel Yeomans Jr.

Ralph Smith

M, b. 21 May 1898, d. 30 October 1969
FatherAlbert William Smith b. 5 Jun 1876, d. 23 Aug 1946
MotherElla May Earl b. 15 Aug 1875, d. 27 Sep 1900
     Ralph Smith married Anita Gedney Dennis. Ralph Smith married Florence Thomas. Ralph Smith was born on 21 May 1898 at Monroe, Orange County, NY. He died on 30 October 1969 at age 71.

Rebecca Smith

FatherJoel Smith
MotherMildred Conoly
     Rebecca Smith married Charles David Lucas, son of William Henry Lucas.
     Married name: Lucas.

Child of Rebecca Smith and Charles David Lucas

Rebecca Smith

F, b. circa 1687
     Rebecca Smith was born circa 1687. She married John Gore on 14 May 1713 at Suffolk County, MA. Rebecca Smith married Nathaniel Hubbard, son of John Hubbard and Ann Leverett, on 2 January 1725 at Suffolk County, MA.
     Married name: Gore. Married name: Hubbard.

Rebecca A Smith

     Rebecca A Smith married Bernard Winter, son of Henry B Winter and Jane Post, in September 1869 at Ramsey, Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Winter.

Rebecha Smith

FatherJulius Smith d. b 18 Sep 1783
     Rebecha Smith married Brundage.
     Married name: Brundage.

Rensselaer C Smith

M, b. 10 May 1837, d. 7 July 1890
FatherDavid Smith IV b. 5 Mar 1805, d. 5 Mar 1878
MotherCharlotte Conklin b. 16 Dec 1807, d. 18 Nov 1842
     Rensselaer C Smith married Elmira Grew. Rensselaer C Smith was born on 10 May 1837. He died on 7 July 1890 at age 53.