Ellen Vreeland

F, b. 8 May 1832
FatherJohannis Jacob Vreeland b. 14 Feb 1797, d. 18 May 1835
MotherRachel Sigler b. c 1798, d. 23 May 1875
     Ellen Vreeland married Thomas Whittaker. Ellen Vreeland was born on 8 May 1832.
     Married name: Whittaker.

Ellen Vreeland

F, b. 4 October 1828
FatherCornelius C Vreeland
MotherEllen Van Blarcom
     Ellen Vreeland married Nicholas Folley. Ellen Vreeland was baptized on 13 January 1828 at Reformed Church, Totowa, NJ. She was born on 4 October 1828.
     Married name: Folley.

Ellen Vreeland

F, b. 1842, d. 1869
FatherStephen De Mot Vreeland b. 1808, d. 1859
MotherMary Westervelt
     Ellen Vreeland was born in 1842. She died in 1869.

Ellen Vreeland

F, d. 1874
FatherThomas Vreeland b. 1822, d. 1871
MotherElizabeth McNerney
     Ellen Vreeland died in 1874 broke through the ice and drowned in the Morris Canal with 2 siblings.

Ellen Vreeland

F, b. 26 November 1828, d. 1849
FatherCornelius C Vreeland b. 26 Nov 1800
MotherCatherine Outwater
     Ellen Vreeland was born on 26 November 1828. She died in 1849.

Ellen Vreeland

F, b. 24 September 1869
FatherJohn O Vreeland b. 27 Sep 1843
MotherMaria Cozine
     Ellen Vreeland was born on 24 September 1869. She was baptized on 23 November 1869 at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ.

Ellen Vreeland

FatherJohn Vreeland
     Ellen Vreeland married Abraham Ennis.
     Married name: Ennis.

Ellen Vreeland

F, b. 18 July 1851, d. 17 March 1916
FatherIsaac Vreeland b. 3 Oct 1826, d. 18 Jul 1904
MotherKate Davidson b. c 1823
     Ellen Vreeland was born on 18 July 1851 at Havelock, Quebec, Canada. She married William H. Cromp Sr., son of Anthony Cromp and Mary Marshall, on 11 October 1868 at Belmont, Franklin County, NY. Ellen Vreeland died on 17 March 1916 at Ellenburg Center, Clinton County, NY, at age 64.
     Married name: Cromp.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ellen Vreeland and William H. Cromp Sr.

Ellen Jane Vreeland

F, b. 1 September 1845, d. 12 January 1890
FatherCornelius Vreeland b. 21 Mar 1813
MotherAlice Christopher
     Ellen Jane Vreeland married Charles Thompson. Ellen Jane Vreeland was born on 1 September 1845. She died on 12 January 1890 at age 44.
     Married name: Thompson.

Ellen Jane Vreeland

F, b. 25 April 1851
FatherNicholas Vreeland b. 13 Aug 1815, d. 9 May 1885
MotherEllen Masker b. 23 Nov 1820, d. 13 May 1885
     Ellen Jane Vreeland was born on 25 April 1851. She married George Birley on 9 October 1870.
     Married name: Birley.

Ellen Louisa Vreeland

FatherJames Vreeland b. 1820
MotherEllen Maria Campbell
     Ellen Louisa Vreeland married Levi L Holmes.
     Married name: Holmes.

Elmer Vreeland

M, b. 4 July 1860, d. 16 September 1879
FatherElias A Vreeland b. 21 Dec 1828, d. 18 Aug 1880
MotherCharity Patterson d. 23 Aug 1871
     Elmer Vreeland was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ, (Sec 8, lot 360). He was born on 4 July 1860. He died on 16 September 1879 at age 19.
     He lived in 1879 at 117 Paterson Ave, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ.

Elmer Cornelius Vreeland

M, b. 17 November 1893, d. 11 January 1951
FatherWilliam Pennington Vreeland b. 9 Jul 1863, d. 10 Nov 1943
MotherAnnie Vreeland b. 23 Nov 1870, d. 6 Jun 1938
     Elmer Cornelius Vreeland was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, NJ, ((Sec 11 Lot 298)). He was born on 17 November 1893 at East Paterson, NJ. He married Dorothy Wheeler Bogert on 11 October 1922. Elmer Cornelius Vreeland died on 11 January 1951 at age 57.
     He lived in 1951 at 109 East Central Ave, Maywood, NJ.

Child of Elmer Cornelius Vreeland and Dorothy Wheeler Bogert

Elmer Cornelius Vreeland Jr.

M, b. 22 October 1925
FatherElmer Cornelius Vreeland b. 17 Nov 1893, d. 11 Jan 1951
MotherDorothy Wheeler Bogert b. 1898, d. 1963
     Elmer Cornelius Vreeland Jr. married Jane Marilyn Vreeland, daughter of Henry A. Vreeland and Harriet Boyle. Elmer Cornelius Vreeland Jr. was born on 22 October 1925.
     Name variation: Bud Vreeland.

Elmira Vreeland

F, b. 26 April 1892, d. 23 November 1910
FatherJohn Martin Vreeland b. 1 Jan 1870, d. 3 Jan 1915
MotherElizabeth Perry b. Jul 1872, d. 24 Oct 1950
     Elmira Vreeland was born on 26 April 1892. She died on 23 November 1910 at age 18.

Elsie Vreeland

F, b. circa 1906
FatherAlonzo Vreeland d. 20 Oct 1930
     Elsie Vreeland married Morris Tenor. Elsie Vreeland was born circa 1906.
     Married name: Tenor. She lived in 1930 at No. 10th St., Paterson, NJ.

Elsie Vreeland

FatherJohn L Vreeland b. 1874, d. 16 Apr 1923
     Elsie Vreeland lived in 1923 at Newark, Essex County, NJ.

Elsie Vreeland

FatherHartman Enochse Vreeland
MotherJannitje Van Norstrand
     Elsie Vreeland married Effringham Low.
     Married name: Low.

Elsje Vreeland

F, b. 12 November 1671, d. after 1722
FatherEnoch Michielsen Vreeland b. 20 Jan 1647, d. 17 Aug 1717
MotherDirckje Meyers d. 5 Oct 1688
     Elsje Vreeland was christened on 12 November 1671 at New York. She and Edward Earle Jr. obtained a marriage license on 29 January 1688 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. Elsje Vreeland married Edward Earle Jr., son of Edward Earle Sr. and Hannah Baylis, on 13 February 1688 at Bergen County, NJ. Elsje Vreeland married Hendrick Meyer on 24 June 1716. Elsje Vreeland died after 1722 at Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Meyer. Married name: Earle.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elsje Vreeland and Edward Earle Jr.

Elsje Vreeland

F, b. 1746
FatherHartman Klaes Vreeland b. 10 Mar 1698, d. 1760
MotherJannetje Jacobusse b. 1710
     Elsje Vreeland married Nef Cole. Elsje Vreeland was born in 1746.
     Married name: Cole.

Elvira Vreeland

F, b. circa 1849
FatherRichard Vreeland
     Elvira Vreeland married William Predmore. Elvira Vreeland was born circa 1849.
     Married name: Predmore. She lived in 1894 at Newfoundland, NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elvira Vreeland and William Predmore

  • Macus L Predmore b. c 1866
  • Theodore Predmore b. c 1869
  • Leo Predmore b. 1871
  • Allice Predmore b. 1871
  • Ida M Predmore b. c 1876

Elyas Jacob Vreeland

M, b. 23 August 1759, d. 30 May 1839
FatherJacob Elias Vreeland b. 24 Dec 1733, d. 7 Dec 1803
MotherAntje Post
     Elyas Jacob Vreeland was born on 23 August 1759. He married Margrietje Post, daughter of Adrian A Post and Geertje Vreeland, on 8 March 1787. Elyas Jacob Vreeland died on 30 May 1839 at (Acq.) at age 79.
     Name variation: Elias Jacob Vreeland. He lived at Acquackanonck, Passaic County, NJ. He lived at Stone House Plains. He left a will on 2 July 1839 at Passaic County, NJ. (#14444 A-1 Will 77 A INV 7D).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elyas Jacob Vreeland and Margrietje Post

Emily Vreeland

FatherMichael Henry Vreeland b. 6 Jan 1807, d. 29 Jul 1876
MotherMaria Lavina Romaine d. 23 Apr 1905
     Emily Vreeland married Frederick W Winterburn.
     Married name: Winterburn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Emily Vreeland and Frederick W Winterburn

Emily Vreeland

FatherJohn Elias Vreeland b. 8 Jul 1867, d. 6 Jun 1931
MotherAlice Van Order
     Emily Vreeland married John Perkins.
     Married name: Perkins.

Emma Vreeland

F, b. 24 October 1863
FatherDayton Vreeland b. 10 Jul 1835, d. c 7 Jul 1924
MotherSusan Sisco b. 1835, d. c 30 Jun 1905
     Emma Vreeland was born on 24 October 1863. She married George Ackerman on 16 May 1883.
     Married name: Ackerman.

Child of Emma Vreeland and George Ackerman

Emma Vreeland

F, b. 9 December 1839
FatherJohn Vreeland b. 28 Aug 1814, d. 1869
MotherCaroline Hall d. 31 Jul 1841
     Emma Vreeland married M J Swan. Emma Vreeland was born on 9 December 1839.
     Married name: Swan.

Child of Emma Vreeland and M J Swan

  • Edith Swan b. 1869

Emma Vreeland

FatherHenry Vreeland b. 15 Feb 1834, d. 25 Jul 1923
MotherPhebe Ann Jacobus b. c 1837, d. 6 Oct 1902
     Emma Vreeland married Thomas Van Osterbrigge.
     Married name: Van Osterbrigge.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Emma Vreeland and Thomas Van Osterbrigge

Emma Vreeland

F, b. circa 1884
FatherPeter Vander Voort Vreeland b. 20 Mar 1857, d. 28 Sep 1924
MotherElmira Budd b. 1859
     Emma Vreeland married John Harrocks. Emma Vreeland was born circa 1884.
     Married name: Harrocks. She lived in 1924 at Bayonne, NJ.

Emma Elizabeth Vreeland

F, b. 8 April 1857
FatherHenry R Vreeland b. 19 Oct 1822, d. 15 Jun 1882
MotherElizabeth Jane Musk b. 14 May 1835, d. 27 Apr 1919
     Emma Elizabeth Vreeland married James E Thomas. Emma Elizabeth Vreeland was born on 8 April 1857 at New Jersey.
     Married name: Thomas. Name variation: Bessie Vreeland.

Emma F Vreeland

F, b. 28 September 1865, d. 30 November 1881
FatherJames Peter Vreeland b. 12 Oct 1826, d. 16 Sep 1887
MotherHarriet Bush b. 30 Dec 1835, d. 14 Apr 1907
     Emma F Vreeland was buried at Montville Cemetery, NJ. She was born on 28 September 1865. She died on 30 November 1881 at age 16.