Sarah Varick

F, b. 29 May 1720
FatherAbram Varick
MotherAnnatje Bertholf b. 27 Feb 1698, d. 1784
     Sarah Varick was baptized on 29 May 1720 at Hackensack, NJ. She married Jacob J. Zabriske, son of Jan (John) Zaborowski and Margrietje Durie, on 11 November 1743 at Hackensack, NJ.
     Married name: Zabriske.

Adam Varner

     Adam Varner married Eve.

Child of Adam Varner and Eve

John Varner

FatherAdam Varner
     John Varner married Sarah Moore. John Varner was born in 1750 at Germany.

Child of John Varner and Sarah Moore

Joseph Varner

M, b. circa 1810, d. 10 December 1882
FatherJohn Varner
MotherSarah Moore
     Joseph Varner married Lucy Andrews. Joseph Varner was born circa 1810. He died on 10 December 1882 at Center Point, IA.

Child of Joseph Varner and Lucy Andrews

Sarah Amela Varner

F, b. 11 May 1836, d. 27 June 1876
FatherJoseph Varner b. c 1810, d. 10 Dec 1882
MotherLucy Andrews b. c 1813, d. 17 Dec 1874
     Sarah Amela Varner married David Milton Baker, son of John A Baker and Susan Farley. Sarah Amela Varner was born on 11 May 1836. She died on 27 June 1876 at age 40.
     Married name: Baker.

Child of Sarah Amela Varner and David Milton Baker

Anne Varquellen

     Anne Varquellen married James Bollen.
     Married name: Bollen.

Child of Anne Varquellen and James Bollen

John Varrick

     John Varrick married Jane Dey, daughter of Dirck Dey and Jane Blanchard.
     Name variation: John Varick.

Child of John Varrick and Jane Dey

Maria Vasquez

     Maria Vasquez married Harold Thomas Mapes, son of Eugene Luzette Mapes and Mary Adaline Freeland.
     Married name: Mapes.

Annie Moore Vattier

     Annie Moore Vattier married Alva Paul Courtright MD, son of Jessie D Courtright and Sarah Stout.
     Married name: Courtright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Annie Moore Vattier and Alva Paul Courtright MD

Robert Vaughan


Albert Earl Vaughn

M, b. 20 March 1893, d. 31 December 1971
FatherSamuel McDonald Vaughn b. 27 Nov 1849, d. 7 Dec 1909
MotherJulia Rozella Grundy b. 4 Apr 1858, d. 8 Oct 1932
     Albert Earl Vaughn was born on 20 March 1893 at Nevada, MO. He married Anna Elizabeth Olson, daughter of Oscar Olsson and Ingrid Sophia Sandstrom, on 5 October 1921. Albert Earl Vaughn died on 31 December 1971 at Bartlesville, OK, at age 78.

Harriet Vaughn

     Harriet Vaughn married Abraham Polhemus Riker, son of Daniel Riker and Helen Polhemus.
     Married name: Riker.

Henry Vaughn

     Henry Vaughn married Hannah Galloway, daughter of James Galloway Jr. and Elizabeth Archer.

John Thomas Vaughn

M, b. 9 February 1814, d. 21 February 1863
     John Thomas Vaughn married Rebecca Payne Fanning. John Thomas Vaughn was born on 9 February 1814. He died on 21 February 1863 at age 49.

Child of John Thomas Vaughn and Rebecca Payne Fanning

Lawrence Vaughn

     Lawrence Vaughn married Myrtle Keithline, daughter of George Keithline and Ida Maude Loomis.

Child of Lawrence Vaughn and Myrtle Keithline

Mary Vaughn

F, b. 20 March 1809, d. 17 September 1875
     Mary Vaughn was born on 20 March 1809. She married James Northrup, son of Moses Northrup and Sarah DeWitt, on 29 April 1826. Mary Vaughn died on 17 September 1875 at age 66.
     Had 10 children. Married name: Northrup.

Samuel McDonald Vaughn

M, b. 27 November 1849, d. 7 December 1909
FatherJohn Thomas Vaughn b. 9 Feb 1814, d. 21 Feb 1863
MotherRebecca Payne Fanning b. 18 Aug 1820
     Samuel McDonald Vaughn married Julia Rozella Grundy, daughter of Philip Grundy and Julia DeClure. Samuel McDonald Vaughn was born on 27 November 1849 at Litchfield, IL. He died on 7 December 1909 at Nevada, MO, at age 60.

Child of Samuel McDonald Vaughn and Julia Rozella Grundy

Valoe Vaughn

FatherLawrence Vaughn
MotherMyrtle Keithline
     Valoe Vaughn married Robert Brink.
     Married name: Brink.

Peter Veale Knight of Charfield

FatherPeter Veale Knight of Charfield d. 1385
     Name variation: Sir.

Child of Peter Veale Knight of Charfield

Peter Veale Knight of Charfield

M, d. 1385
FatherSir Peter Veale Knight of Charfield
     Peter Veale Knight of Charfield died in 1385.
     Name variation: Sir.

Child of Peter Veale Knight of Charfield

Sir Peter Veale Knight of Charfield

FatherRobert Vele

Child of Sir Peter Veale Knight of Charfield

William Veazey

M, d. 16 June 1681
     William Veazey married Elinor. William Veazey died on 16 June 1681 at Braintree, MA.

Child of William Veazey and Elinor

  • Hannah Veazy+ b. c 1684/85, d. bt 31 Mar 1743 - 31 Mar 1753

Hannah Veazy

F, b. circa 1684/85, d. between 31 March 1743 and 31 March 1753
FatherWilliam Veazey d. 16 Jun 1681
     Hannah Veazy was born circa 1684/85 (probably in Braintree, MA but no b.r. found there). She was baptized on 21 January 1685 (probably in Braintree, MA but not found there). She married Nathan Brackett, son of James Brackett and Sarah Marsh, on 27 March 1707 at Braintree, MA. Hannah Veazy died between 31 March 1743 and 31 March 1753 probably in Braintree, MA (but no d.r. found there).
     Married name: Brackett. Name variation: Hannah Veasy.

Child of Hannah Veazy and Nathan Brackett

Adrian Vecchiola


Gerretje (or Geertruy) Vechte

FatherNicholas Vechte
     Gerretje (or Geertruy) Vechte married Folkert Duryea, son of Joost (Joosten) Duryea and Lena (or Helena).
     Married name: Duryea. Gerretje (or Geertruy) Vechte was a member of the Dutch Refom Church of NY on certificate from Brooklyn. on 20 November 1746.

Child of Gerretje (or Geertruy) Vechte and Folkert Duryea

Nicholas Vechte

     Nicholas Vechte lived at Gowanus.

Child of Nicholas Vechte

Jannetie Vechten

     Jannetie Vechten married Peter Dumond, son of Wallerandt Dumont and Margriet Hendricks.
     Married name: Dumond.

Hilletje Vecten

F, b. 9 May 1684
FatherHendrick Claesen Van Vecten
MotherGeertje Wizzel-penning
     Hilletje Vecten married Jeronimus Rapalje, son of Hieronimus Rapalje and Annetje De Nys. Hilletje Vecten was baptized on 9 May 1684.
     Married name: Rapalje.

Anna Maria Vedder

FatherHerman Vedder
     Anna Maria Vedder married Aaron Mynderse, son of Johannes Mynderse and Antje Vedder.
     Married name: Mynderse.

Child of Anna Maria Vedder and Aaron Mynderse

Antje Vedder

F, d. 9 March 1825
FatherSimon Vedder
     Antje Vedder married Johannes Mynderse, son of Myndert Mynderse and Maria Janse Wemp. Antje Vedder died on 9 March 1825.
     Married name: Mynderse. Name variation: Annatje Vedder.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Antje Vedder and Johannes Mynderse